We Need To Talk About SKIN BLEACHING... | Jackie Aina

Hey guys...I filmed this video about a week ago when the topic was super heavy on my heart. It's frustrating to have to even keep addressing this as a problem but I felt like a keep it real girl talk was needed. Let me know your thoughts but please keep it respectful. Thank you xx
BBC documentary on skin bleaching and what you NEED to know about it: pl-vision.com/detail/wideo-UBhQus4yr5Q.html

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  • Bruh youtube in south africa just advertised a skin lightening treatment to me... on this video... 👏BITCH👏WHAT👏THE👏FUCK👏

    Brendon Van NiekerkBrendon Van Niekerk59 minut temu
  • It effects ASIANS A LOT

    Andrew LingAndrew Ling16 godzin temu
  • you look soo pretty

    Ines NduwayoInes NduwayoDzień temu
  • Protesting bleaching while contouring your nose. Lmao classic

    Andrea HalleAndrea HalleDzień temu
    • Except I didn’t actually contour my nose and I’m CONSTANTLY talking about how I refuse to do so. and even if I did, I don’t think the two compare because bleaching has actual dangers and implications on your health. But ok girl!! If you say so

      Jackie AinaJackie AinaDzień temu
  • blac chyna more like whit chyna

    Anonymous ___Anonymous ___2 dni temu
  • Spice never actually bleached

    sheena fergusonsheena ferguson2 dni temu
  • Don’t get me wrong I am dark skinned but companies are selling bleaching creams while I’m here trying to get even darker

    Saira AhmadSaira Ahmad2 dni temu
  • The thumbnail had some Indian fairness creams and hence I had to watch this video.. the campaign of this fairness cream is downright insulting (fair and lovely).. India has the widest shade range when it comes to skin colour. And yet fairness creams are doing so well, trust me, they have no effect. Most Indian women wont find their foundation shade in India (we are not all brown). Even popular companies like the body shop dont have all shades available in India.. thank you for talking about this.. you are beautiful more strength to you

    Surabhi VardamSurabhi Vardam3 dni temu
  • Being dark skin can be hard at the time we’re not elevated enough we don’t have enough people like you elevating us thank you 🙏

    bebie clergebebie clerge4 dni temu
  • Black China is all about her coins hunny, she doesn't car if she is promoting the devil's pitch fork, as long as she is getting paid. No shame, no morale. I don't know why black women are still bleaching their skin, brown skin is sooooo beautiful. Ppl self hate without even knowing, so sad😔

    CoCO JinxCoCO Jinx4 dni temu
  • proud to say I’ve never wanted to be any other color than I am. I love *everything* about being black 🖤

    dolie doliedolie dolie5 dni temu
  • Personally Im confused because I didnt know you were considered "dark skinned". Lol *shrug*. In addition Im so tired of us being called dark or black. No one is black. Everyone is a shade of brown in the black culture, even in the lightest shade. I prefer the terms light, medium, deep. But anyways....I dont find a problem in using skin lightening in terms of correcting scars for example but not for bleaching your entire skin. I also think of skin bleaching comparable to wearing weaves...furthermore weaves which are of white hair textures. The african community needs a spiritual makeover to understand our beauty, to not become frustrated with our body types, hair textures, and complexions, and to really know our regal aura.

    Queen Yemayah The CreatorQueen Yemayah The Creator5 dni temu
    • @Jackie Aina In reality though, no matter the terminology used, all the terms whether the ones I prefer or the ones you prefer are all "personal preferences". The actual facts are what Im referring to though. No one's skin is "black". Even the darkest brown is dark brown, not black. Furthermore Im not projecting anything negative associated with the terms dark onto anyone. The choice to not use the term dark is a **personal preference*** based on where the term came from. Dark means little light, dull, etc. Deep means intense. So, thats why I prefer to use the term deep. I am aware that many Africans i.e. African Americans do not think deeply on terminology and how it can affect people. Think deeper. This is coming from a Creole Ghanaian. In West Africa we dont use the terms African Americans do. We also praise our hues and think on an in depth perspective about them. All i can say is perhaps be more mindful as to how you approach peoples opinions on perspectives...it isnt the most professional way to reply and "tell" someone what they're doing. We all have prerogatives. But again effective communication, and open minds, as well as deeper thoughts are something many African american minds just don't get into today. *shrug*

      Queen Yemayah The CreatorQueen Yemayah The Creator4 dni temu
    • there’s nothing wrong with being called dark. that’s your own personal thing you’re projecting onto others. yes, my complexion is dark. it may not be the darkest shade of brown but the color brown is still a dark color.

      Jackie AinaJackie Aina5 dni temu
  • 6:56 DAYum! GET HER Jackie!!!

    digthewarmthdigthewarmth6 dni temu

    Khalia Go!Khalia Go!6 dni temu
  • THANK YOU for doing this video! thank you for using your platform to be bold and courageous about us! PS. where do you get these nude/brown hair scarves!? i need!

    Chan Tei DuRantChan Tei DuRant6 dni temu
  • So I just read up on skin bleaching products and some are so harsh they can cause kidney and liver damage, which makes sense because your skin absorbs sunlight to produce vitamin d in your liver. They can cause skin cancer. Scarring and thinning of skin. It can damage your skin! It can make it work. I looked on the whitenicious site to see if they post the ingredients, but they don't, they just say that they don't use the illegal products Hydroquinone and Mercury, and they use natural fruit extracts. Then I scrolled down and it says how soon can you see results and it says as little as 3 days.... Um it takes 28 days for your skin to go through a full cycle. If I see results in 3 days that means it's burning my skin off!

    Lauren MatalLauren Matal6 dni temu
  • As a human, I respect and appreciate that you stated your platform is to empower women of color, as a white woman, I appreciate that your platform is also a place that I can be educated on different cultures than mine own, specially with the nation so racially divided right now, and as a woman, you are empowering to all women and inspirational for having solid integrity and delivering your message in a positive and hilarious manner. I truly admire you

    Lauren MatalLauren Matal6 dni temu
  • I see your point Ms. Jackie but me as multiracial women and Carmel/ light skin women with loose texture hair. Blacks tell me I’m not black enough but I’m not black. I’m White, Nigerian, Brazilian and Jewish. Telling me I’m not enough so not just dark skin women are being put down

    • well your not black your mixed and that's okay!

      mara mmamara mma4 dni temu
  • Oh my I just came across this video, and this speaks to me. I live in The Gulf ( I’m as white as white can be so not pretending I know what it is like being a woman of colour), and skin bleaching products are widely advertised among the Asian community. It is really an awful ‘souvenir’ from colonialism. AKA white= success. It’s awful and I hate it. I get so many comments about my white skin in salons and shops, and I just wish women of all colour would be encouraged to be confident and happy with who they are and the skin colour GOD gave them! It’s easy for me to say of course but I always hammer on about it to the girls I work with. White does NOT equal more worth, and I am aware that for many people it does and that it happens in the same place I live. Anyway rant over, but I really hope all women and all men one day will be successful because of their intelligence, ability and what they contribute. And not their skin colour.

    Marijke FoxMarijke Fox8 dni temu
  • Nothing is ever satisfactory for our society. If you have dark skin they want you to bleach it. If you have light skin, you’re pushed to tan. It’s never good enough. No matter what you do, someone will try to make you feel insecure. It’s disgusting. The diversity in skin is so stunning and beautiful. How can you even see diversity as anything other than miraculous

    Jessica HubbardJessica Hubbard8 dni temu
  • I'm a ginger and my skin is literally paper white. I'm against people thinking their skin color isn't beautiful. I honestly think people shouldn't bleach or tan their skin, it's harmful. Honestly darker skin is really beautiful and attractive and I always wanted to have dark skin, eyes, and hair.

    PizzaBoyPepePizzaBoyPepe9 dni temu
  • I love this video im a olive skin toned (half Italian) girl and ALL of my brothers have the prettiest porcelain skin with lots of gorgeous freckles and all my life I've been SOOO jealous and considered skin bleaching for a LONG time. this changed my mind thank you so much mwah lots of love 💕💕💕💕

    Ainsley MarieAinsley Marie9 dni temu
  • Does anyone else hear a British accent when she says, "welcome back to my channel?"

    Lioness BeautyLioness Beauty9 dni temu
  • Your beautiful Jackie inside out mentally and physically, love you girl... I appreciate you 💕💋 We need to hear real talk

    Marycate MasilelaMarycate Masilela9 dni temu
  • Wow a ponds fairness ad in between your talk !! Seriously PL-vision???!!!!!

    She LShe L9 dni temu
  • I’m a light skinned Indian-Malay girl and here in multiracial Singapore 🇸🇬, colorism is RAMPANT. Light skinned Malays (and sometimes the Chinese join in too?!) simply LOVE making fun of dark skinned Malays. Don’t even get me started on the Indians, they have it worst. The “jokes” are vile like it’s nighttime and they’re like “hey where did _____ go?” FUCK I GET SO MAD

    shikshinkishikshinki10 dni temu
  • Gorgeous!

    Aysha BegumAysha Begum10 dni temu
  • wow jackie speak on it !!!!your so right i hope the world gets the schooling you just gave us .your channel is life don't stop ,your reaching people !!!!!! i just found this video will be telling others to watch it to .thank for being a strong beautiful black gifted delight, shinning in this world so brightly.

    Merlot VinesMerlot Vines10 dni temu
  • You serious need a movie role, how can they not see it. You're such a Talent

    ICKON BeautyICKON Beauty10 dni temu
  • One voice can change the world!! P.s. Loved your sister

    JenniferJennifer10 dni temu
  • Or your pretty for a ginger, can people just be nice.

    Deb KellyDeb Kelly10 dni temu
  • Jackie is talking about bleaching but her concealer is like 6 shades lighter lol...

    Ghana MafiaGhana Mafia11 dni temu
    • @Lamika Eubanks So lightening your underEyes 3 shades makes you look refreshed? Lol....lies....you don't have to use a much lighter shade to conceal dark circles.

      Ghana MafiaGhana Mafia5 dni temu
    • To brighten and concle under eye bags 🙄. Nobody wants to look sleep deprived.

      Lamika EubanksLamika Eubanks10 dni temu
    • Ghana Mafia you are missing the point

      Sharie MosleySharie Mosley10 dni temu
  • I think everyone deservse the same

    Marlene LuiseMarlene Luise11 dni temu
  • 16:15 to 16:19 how did u get the lipstick to go from glossy to matte?

  • Aw man I wanted to see you put the lashes on 🥴

  • I am a white woman and I love watching your videos because you do give a different perspective than mine. You are hysterical, insanely talented with makeup and best of all, you have a great heart and you aren't afraid to speak up for what you believe is right. That is a rare thing these days, especially with the people on PL-vision. Thank you for being you.

    sbriggswilton1sbriggswilton111 dni temu
  • I had a friend she’s black. Like her mom and her dad are both black, however she’s a really bad koreaboo, if you don’t know what that is she basically wants to be Korean and has a “Korean kink” as she called it. She bleaches her skin every FRIDAY!! And her mom is okay with it cuz it’s what her daughter wants to be. What the actual duck? I stopped talking to her when she started telling my little sister (who was only 10 as well as is half black) to do it too because “white is beautiful” I got in a fight with her cuz I said she looked good just the way she was, her answer to me was that I don’t understand just cuz I’m white... this video reminded me of her so there’s that. Thanks for reading my ted talk

    JungSHOOK ETHJungSHOOK ETH11 dni temu
  • Girl when you said a bowl of clam chowder I lost it 😂😭

    Cristinn LondonCristinn London11 dni temu
  • Deep dark skin is so beautiful, as a pasty ass, sun hating ass, ghoul ass white girl I've always been jealous of girls blessed with gorgeous chocolate skin. You are so eloquent and passionate it was really great to hear your opinion on this issue, as an outsider looking in.

    Celty TompkinsCelty Tompkins12 dni temu
  • “Thass on Arizona’s and Hot Cheetos” lmao I love that😂

    Angelica RamirezAngelica Ramirez13 dni temu
  • Yes, Ms. Jackie

    Regina MossRegina Moss14 dni temu
  • You are looking like a diva ❤️

    Aalemeen HasamAalemeen Hasam15 dni temu
  • That’s so cute

    Zadshire DupuisZadshire Dupuis16 dni temu
  • This makes me love you more then words can express we are all who we are people are people ....😘

    Kimberly Crazed!Kimberly Crazed!19 dni temu
    • I went and watched the video that is terrifying I can’t imagine ...my heart just broke all i wanted to hug them and say your you is perfection

      Kimberly Crazed!Kimberly Crazed!16 dni temu
  • I am Mexican-American and us Latinos also deal with this nonsense. Family members expect us to have light skinned children and find a light skinned husband/wife when they themselves are quite brown. We're also constantly told that we're "too brown" and "¿porque eres tán prieto?" Te worst insults come from your own people. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Tanya OcampoTanya Ocampo19 dni temu
  • Hi Jackie, I am a fan from Saudi Arabia, I have a tanned skin and I was bullied my whole life for it because I am the only one in the family who is tanned, this video really had a positive effect on me, thank you so much for your amazing words and influence. Love you 💕

    R_yR_y19 dni temu
  • I am not black and I can never know how it is like to be black, but when I hear you telling about it I can understand it is not always nice and me as a white girl just want to treat everyone no matter what like they are good enough to enjoy life as everyone. And I think that is really important, because if we want things to get better everyone needs to do their part.

    Laurie WarmerdamLaurie Warmerdam19 dni temu
  • If you go to ANY beauty store in Pakistan, you can find so many bleaching products

    Areeba HAreeba H19 dni temu
  • They say a human is never happy there're correct When your brown or black you want to be fair but when your fair(white) you wannabe tan and get fake tans The society needs to love themselves and they should also let others love themselves and stop with the artificial Whiting and tanning products

    Another A.M.R.YAnother A.M.R.Y19 dni temu
  • Great Video! So happy that someone from the public is finally speaking out about Colorism! You are SO UPLIFTING! Your talk is NOT POINTLESS!👏🏼👏🏼

    Sidrah SyedSidrah Syed19 dni temu
  • I don't mean to hate on my own race but White ain't always right and more women of color need to embrace what genetics gave them and not alter it in any way shape or form ever and skin bleaching damages your skins sun protective barrier and you need that barrier in order to not get skin cancer or other skin related issues that skin bleaching causes . Being light skinned or white is over rated and to promote it in any way shape or form as okay is fucking WRONG . BTW miss hunny look so dare I say seeeeexy !!!!!!!

    Nicholas PooleNicholas Poole19 dni temu
  • Clam Chowder...LOL!!!

    Nina Johnson - ThomasNina Johnson - Thomas19 dni temu
  • I haven’t met a black woman who is absolutely beautiful

    Frankie SamuelsFrankie Samuels20 dni temu
    • Frankie Samuels boohoo

      dolie doliedolie dolie5 dni temu

    e gracee grace20 dni temu
  • “So you basically just admitted your product is harmful GOT IT”

  • Not related to the video but Jackie is SOOO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t understand hating ppl for the amount of darkness in there skin there hair and the language they speak it’s just stupid i honestly think every skin tone is beautiful generally and I don’t understand why ppl care about what race I date

    Who are you ???Who are you ???20 dni temu
  • I know my comment is not related to the topic, but that one strand of hair on her forehead is really bothering me 😂😂😂

    DrenyDreny20 dni temu
  • Now I wonder how many people bleach their skin 🤔🤔 I never thought of it before and now I’m very interested in this topic. I don’t agree with it at all but i wanna know more... like how do they do it?

    Leeza PecheLeeza Peche21 dzień temu
  • Meanwhile I’m watching this video && trying to get a tan😒😒 what the heck. People are just crazy

    Leeza PecheLeeza Peche21 dzień temu
  • im about to say "thats on my cheetos and arizonas" now

    layla glayla g21 dzień temu
  • Your sister’s nail shhhpopppiiiinnnn i loooveeeee😍

    Thelma KapswaraThelma Kapswara21 dzień temu
  • That concealer is drying up on you, hon

    paulina 13paulina 1321 dzień temu
  • Do you or does anyone know if Jackie microblades?

    bolu adebekunbolu adebekun21 dzień temu
  • Now...no one use fair and lovely in India...it's so 2000

    15 teen15 teen21 dzień temu
  • I completely forgot who that was. I was like who tf is Black China? What kind of name is that? Then I remembered that Rob used to be married

    jan methnerjan methner21 dzień temu
  • I watched this video on Instagram a few days ago (it originated from PL-vision), it was a teenage girl going around her school asking people their opinion on dark skinned women. She went up to this dark skinned black boy and asked which is better, black women or light skinned women. Then he went on to say that dark skinned women were ugly and light skinned women were "more appealing to the eye." It was so gross and frustrating

    Basic HannahBasic Hannah22 dni temu
  • YESSSS forever killing it auntie!! Loving the content. Xoxo 🧡

    Jasx AignerJasx Aigner22 dni temu
  • Jackie you're so pretty and have the whitest teeth, just sayin! But I absolutely love your makeup tips, beauty tips, and chats while doing so. You rock my friend.

    DaisyMae ShybuDaisyMae Shybu22 dni temu
  • Miss Jackie made sure to hit us with that good shoulder pop... the nerve!

    bonbon2225bonbon222522 dni temu
We Need To Talk About SKIN BLEACHING... | Jackie Aina