Trying Blossom’s Fake Food Life Hacks

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This month I tried....
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i put blossom's ridiculous "is your food fake or real?" life hacks to the test. the results _may_ surprise you, but probably not.
herbal tea by Artificial.Music
Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported- CC BY 3.0

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  • 5:31 - My lighter died, so my roommate happens to have HER DAB TORCH HANDY we can use hahahah

    Trikie DikTrikie Dik45 minut temu
  • Did anyone else see how to cook that roast Blossom

    Isabel WeldIsabel WeldGodzinę temu
  • I have never became a hoodie crab

    AlphaswordYTAlphaswordYTGodzinę temu
  • the cheese one is low fat cheese that might also lack sodium citrate

    Calder WhiteCalder White2 godzin temu
  • Watch this video. It’s by an actual food scientist who debunked all the thugs in the video

    ThesugarbowlThesugarbowl4 godzin temu
  • Calcium isn't even magnetic lol

    spectral spectraspectral spectra4 godzin temu
  • does this man have braces???

    Gavin BrianGavin Brian4 godzin temu
  • Someone else found out that some of them are true that u seid is fake

    cooper scoopscooper scoops4 godzin temu
  • With cheese, how well it meltes or burns will depend on the fat content. The higher the fat content, the better it melts. Low fat cheese is harder to melt and burns easier.

    Andus McabuAndus Mcabu5 godzin temu
  • America: -Processed -Artificial -OrAnGe!

    Dylan and James GamingDylan and James Gaming5 godzin temu
  • The rice thing was totally something that happened in china

    AgaettisAgaettis5 godzin temu
  • Blossom: *KNOW. THE FOOD. YOU EAT.* Jarvis: Know the food I eat? *You clearly don't.* Best fucking comeback ever...

    Eniel GladiatorEniel Gladiator7 godzin temu

    Stephen WidgerStephen Widger7 godzin temu
  • Honestly the wax one is the one that strangely annoys me the most. It's not a secret in fact they tell you to wash of the wax. The wax is edible though either way but it's just to keep it fresher during flight/travel. It's common fucking knowledge

    twenty one cries for helptwenty one cries for help7 godzin temu
  • Your lisp is beautiful and as a fellow lisper, I'm here for it.

    funstuff81girlfunstuff81girl7 godzin temu
  • Adds salt to sandwich. Everyone: Blossom: they are adding poisonous sodium chloride to our food, watch our videos to see how to stop it!

    8 eyed guy8 eyed guy8 godzin temu
  • Do you miss Ironman, Jarvis?

    Sarah SlayzzzSarah Slayzzz9 godzin temu
  • Wait, wait, wait......... ALEXANDER HAMILTON!

    NTron LSepticeyeNTron LSepticeye9 godzin temu
  • If only kids had to use a separate (heavily monitored) internet, all these clowns / channels wouldn't exist. So many people who manipulate and deceive children and exploiting their lack of critical thinking.

    HansyHansy10 godzin temu
  • I love how he put so much effort into the coffee bit, but still managed to get it completely wrong

    Nick HannamNick Hannam11 godzin temu
  • love that grindr sound effect.

    SPeterJamesNSPeterJamesN12 godzin temu
  • Wtf they made the rice wrong you NEED WATER so it wouldn’t like eating tiny pieces of edible rock

    reverse ASIAN Still Billy BOBreverse ASIAN Still Billy BOB13 godzin temu
  • Just found the channel and have yet to sub but got to give this a like 1 min in just for that advert. Always love to see a creator having fun and adding a skit in with their paid promotion. On a side note, companies that pay for these should take note of that and encourage it as much as possible. From everything I've seen, both as a fan of something and seen of other fans, we like to see our PL-vision creator enjoying their work. EDIT: Just in case it could be misconstrued, extra work should never be forced.

    Vaullu sVaullu s13 godzin temu
  • Chinese food might be fake. But US and EU have stricter regulations. 08:40 eating iron like that doesn't do much the stomach just oxidates it and it passes throught them guts. But for you to absorb it, it must be bound in an other molecule.

    M.L. CHM.L. CH13 godzin temu
  • To extend the cheese thing: the “processed” cheese is actually just lower fat. The “natural” cheese is a higher fat. Fat melts, so the “natural” cheese is gonna be more drippy while the “processed” cheese is just gonna burn. Also with the vitamins, uh, melting points are a thing??? For different materials???

    SapphireCyborgSapphireCyborg14 godzin temu
  • You look like kanye

    JordanJordan15 godzin temu
  • You CAN'T be mad at that sponsor though.

    Midnut StorMidnut Stor15 godzin temu
  • how do u have better blueface than aladdin

    Rin ChoRin Cho15 godzin temu
  • The braincells of the content creators of blossom must be in the negatives.

    Derp lolololDerp lololol18 godzin temu
  • Why do people keep talking about PewDiePie? I've never had that pie flavor. How does it taste?

    SansFan210SansFan21020 godzin temu
  • So many great things came from this. Imma just watch this over and over...Beans roasted in MARCH!!! Hah!

    Introsomnilad fríѕkєrdσσdlєIntrosomnilad fríѕkєrdσσdlє20 godzin temu
  • Oh god I got pranked twice, I'm such and idiot

    FonchCakesFonchCakes21 godzinę temu
  • I want to know the 4k 9 year olds who disliked you exposing shitty YT content😂

    AKAK22 godzin temu
  • If you put your cat in the oven; it explodes. Cats=Chemicals

  • does he have a Hamilton playbill

    trashlol yeettrashlol yeet23 godzin temu
  • Delicious, finally some good fu**ing food.

    TitanfailTitanfail23 godzin temu
  • 8:23 Okay okay okay. Are these magnetic rocks? Cause not all rocks/metals are magnetic. Or, did they just crunch up some magnets to scare brainless people into thinking baby food is bad for their children?

    TheCharbeeClubTheCharbeeClubDzień temu
  • Low fat cheese dose not melt higher fat cheese dose blossom spreading false information.

    Slimebojr 1Slimebojr 1Dzień temu
  • Whole milk isn't milk with 96% fat removed.... It just means the total amount of fat vs milk is 96:4.... Which is how much fat a cow produces in it's milk to begin with, hence whole. Else you wouldn't be milking a cow, you'd be desliming it.

    Looking In With Victor BLooking In With Victor BDzień temu
  • The peas being bad would make sense if you went back to the late 1800s, early 1900s because some unscrupulous manufacturers would put copper sulphate in with peas when bottled to make them look more fresh and more green, but copper sulphate can be lethal. The process to preserve them in bottles stripped them of their natural colour and could make them look a lot less appetising. There were many court cases where companies were fined for endangering people. More recently in 2015, there were crackdowns after it was found that some market stall holders in Hyderabad, India had been using copper sulphate to dye the green vegetables so they'd look greener, contravening the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act.

    Alexa FaieAlexa FaieDzień temu
  • I never sub on the first video but the food/feed joke

    TranzlucentTranzlucentDzień temu
  • Who puts wax on vegetables anyway? That's not even really a thing. At least not here.

    Alexa FaieAlexa FaieDzień temu
  • Bro if my milk isn’t 100% fat, I ain’t eating it.

    Joe KingJoe KingDzień temu
  • Most salt has anti caking additives which help prevent the salt rocks from sticking together any whiteness from salt in water is from those additives

    Luna MarieLuna MarieDzień temu
    • Shogin Yan does he say it in the video I’m confused

      Luna MarieLuna MarieDzień temu
    • Where did you hear that from ( he says even though he is 70% he knows)

      Shogin YanShogin YanDzień temu
  • Idk who you are but I love you 😆

    Kellyann TaylorKellyann TaylorDzień temu
  • Turns out that my cranberry juice isn't cranberry, it's a melted bowling ball. Thanks Internet Also, Roasted In March

    MeowstixMeowstixDzień temu
  • Plot twist it is March

    R MarshR MarshDzień temu
  • 3:08 Ok, be honest. We have all wanted to do that once of twice

    C & C MillerC & C MillerDzień temu
  • Fun fact the wax is actually natural

    R MarshR MarshDzień temu
  • *you know you’re safe when you have a freaking flamethrower*

    really ordinary piece of waterreally ordinary piece of waterDzień temu
  • Little known fact. The only way you can find out if your chicken nuggets are real unless you put them in hydrochloric acid. If they melt, they’re real. Too bad ya cant eat disintegrated nuggets. Hey blossom- this isn’t real. It’s a J O K E.

    Karl H.Karl H.Dzień temu
  • "How to cook that" assesses the validity of blossoms BS and explains with different points using baking science :)

    Sarah McCordSarah McCordDzień temu
    • I watched it last night was pretty cool especially when she mixes all the meats together with the meat glue

      GRIFFITHS VlogsGRIFFITHS Vlogs4 godzin temu
  • I want my 10 kites back! Fkng moron.

    Mildred CorderoMildred CorderoDzień temu
  • 7:57 You CAN eat rice raw. But it might get stuck on your teeth. -P-

    Samantha KilkerSamantha KilkerDzień temu
    • You can. But is it good

      Shogin YanShogin YanDzień temu
  • Everyone's just going to ignore that Thersa has a frickin' FLAMETHROWER!!!!

    Weirdo LonerWeirdo LonerDzień temu
  • Umm... Actually, I'm *a fu***** *moron* and believe that this guy, is false.

    IsuxAtDrawingIsuxAtDrawingDzień temu
  • I was born in March :(

  • Poor Channel just looking for somethin to roast but ur way to dumb for it

    CreaxyGHGCreaxyGHGDzień temu
    • ?

      That One PersonThat One PersonDzień temu
  • I got a much better fact than this trash: if u keep vegetables out of the fridge they’ll rot

    Endgame spoilersEndgame spoilersDzień temu
  • 10:34 "they dont explain why the things they do happens" Audience watching the hacks from blossom: *GASP* You say this claim is true? I shall never question you even though u probably made this up

    Little Miss DaydreamLittle Miss DaydreamDzień temu
  • Jajo’s bizarre adventures

    Евгений КармановскийЕвгений КармановскийDzień temu
  • Pure salt won't make the water cloudy but salt we topically buy has an anti-caking agent wich makes the water cloudy not chalk.

    Mighty masMighty masDzień temu
  • lolled at the part where you ate rice and now ive got to clean my keyboard Note am eating while watching

    Henning van wykHenning van wykDzień temu
  • Why a flame thrower!?! A freaking flame thrower!?!

    Father MotherFather MotherDzień temu
  • This was pretty funny not gunna lie

    Super Doggo 64Super Doggo 64Dzień temu
  • I subbed

    Lil DeftLil DeftDzień temu
  • In fairness you can turn milk blue with the correct seaweeds, but its only because there is blue pigment in it, lol, found this out when making ramen and soups lol

    Ray1624Ray1624Dzień temu
  • Blossom used instant coffee and coffee grind. Like I drink coffee more than three times a day, I can tell the difference.

    Burning EmberBurning EmberDzień temu
    • @Shogin Yan no shit.

      Burning EmberBurning Ember10 godzin temu
    • Burning Ember you know you need water to.

      Shogin YanShogin Yan12 godzin temu
    • @Shogin Yan coffee. Is like the only thing that I drink in the morning. I love tea but I need a massive caffeine intake to help with morning drowsiness brought on by chronic issues.

      Burning EmberBurning Ember19 godzin temu
    • Burning Ember yeah. Coffee. I don’t drink a sip of it.

      Shogin YanShogin Yan21 godzinę temu
    • @Shogin Yan coffee.

      Burning EmberBurning Ember22 godzin temu
  • The “processed” cheese is has a lower fat content than “natural” cheese, which is why it burns instead of melts, not because of “chemicals”, everything is made of chemicals ya ding dongs

    GiGiGiGiDzień temu
  • Plastic rice is real but definitely not something to worry about thou as no matter how they know the way to produce it cheaper there is no way its going to be cheaper that standard normal rice, and its smell bad and taste bad no way you will not know. All this video they just combine half truth and half lies then hyperbolic the whole statement to another dimension.

    gl4regl4reDzień temu
Trying Blossom’s Fake Food Life Hacks