Toronto Raptors NBA Champions & Life (Ft. Jeremy Lin) - Off the Pill Podcast #21

Ryan, Will, and special guest, Jeremy Lin, discuss Lin's recent championship win with the Toronto Raptors and his process before, during, and after his basketball games. Lin dives deep into his goals, faith, and passion, and after the break, he reverses the questions on Ryan.
Guest: Jeremy Lin
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  • @Ryan Higa ! you should bring on Andrew Yang 2020 for a talk! Such an interesting guy!

    Gee ThorGee ThorDzień temu
  • asian gang

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  • Love ur channel and I love ur laugh and ur the best

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  • Why doesn’t he play?

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  • If this blue you love nigahiga (Higa TV) 👇(Im gifting my next 10 loyal subscribers🤩)

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  • Jeremy Lin is a devote Christian!

    Kaleb Hebron GoodwinKaleb Hebron Goodwin4 dni temu
  • J Lin Finally got a Ring!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr4 dni temu
  • Remember when he used to be the goat...he still is inside me.

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  • I hope Ryan is happy but I wish he would go back to making regular videos

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  • surprised that there are not more warrior fans disliking this video

    Isaac SchonbergerIsaac Schonberger6 dni temu
  • Lin is the best 😊

    White TigerWhite Tiger6 dni temu
  • Just to have a spot on an NBA roster is a feat within itself! The Raptors front office wanted Jeremy Lin to fill that spot. He had a solid year in ATL before he arrived in Toronto. Of course he deserved it!

    Tom HenningTom Henning7 dni temu
  • Niner FAM!

    William VangWilliam Vang7 dni temu
  • So glad you guys made this video. Covers so many things that we don’t really get to see normally on tv or even socials.

    LuLu LewLuLu Lew7 dni temu
  • Dude talks about how he played against the Warriors while Ryan is wearing a San Francisco hat

    Ask Bruce.Ask Bruce.7 dni temu
  • Unironically wearing a Lin jersey from when he was in Houston. It makes me sad that he felt the way that he did when he was with the Rockets. Personally I was hyped for him but saddens me because it seems from what he said that the team wasn’t that welcoming and challenged unfairly him rather than building a championship team. So much respect for him. He deserves the championship and so did Canada. Hope he can get to the place he wants to be at.

    Nicole IlagNicole Ilag7 dni temu
  • Can you invite Andrew Yang to your podcast?

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  • This video is great an inspiring! Love it!

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  • 800k views in 3 weeks THAT MEANS 20.2million people didn’t click this SHITTY video

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    • epicly killer dude he is still going to do his old videos but it takes a long time to make it so that’s why he uploads podcasts. And he genuinely enjoys it if u don’t want to watch it don’t

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    • PS4 gaming Haji It's been great growing up with Ryan 👍🏼 but he's still Ryan. Same genius, same humor, same thoughts. He's still humble, thoughtful but of course he has new ideas !

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  • - Please go over to my grandmother and go back and forth, please take a few dollars to your ATM accountTK 19033371584011 techcombank spends fast on VietNam

    TạpPhẩm TVTạpPhẩm TV10 dni temu
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Toronto Raptors NBA Champions & Life (Ft. Jeremy Lin) - Off the Pill Podcast #21