The Time Zack Morris Sabotaged Screech’s One Chance With Kelly

Remember the 'Saved by the Bell' when Zack Morris sabotaged Screech's one chance with Kelly? Zack Morris is trash.
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Actor/ Writer/ Editor: Dashiell Driscoll
Intro Singer: Jason Flowers
Post Supervisor: Kia Reghabi
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  • “perfectly symmetrical head around this.” LMFAO I CANNOT

    VirginsuicdeVirginsuicde2 dni temu
  • The number of times he should have been born😂😂

    Derek Gerard FanDerek Gerard Fan2 dni temu
  • You know, how do these kids stay in such good shape if they drink milkshakes all the time?

    Charles PeraloCharles Peralo3 dni temu
  • Ac Slater and Kelly are trash

    Silver JaguarSilver Jaguar4 dni temu
  • YT hasnt popped one of these in my inbox for AWHILE...I NEEDED this~

    Blemished NicelyBlemished Nicely5 dni temu
  • Zach Morris is responsible for more suicides than the entire US Military

    Email SchmemailEmail Schmemail5 dni temu
  • So everybody we never see again probably killed themselves??!! O_0

    Sim ?Sim ?6 dni temu
  • Creamy suck town. The one you can show on tv

    Aku From the futureAku From the future6 dni temu
  • I mean...this isn't even funny anymore. Zack really was a piece of shit and I feel stupid for rooting for the guy as a kid.

    Manu Ginobilis Bald SpotManu Ginobilis Bald Spot6 dni temu
  • George Michael isn't mentioned in any other episode - there's no indication that Zack is a fan of his - he wanted to go the concert with Kelly to spend time with her - he likely wouldn't have cared who was singing there. Screech isn't mature or selfless. He wanted to gain positive attention from Lisa by helping her friend Kelly. Zack didn't ruin Screech's chance with Kelly. Screech didn't have a chance with her. Screech bizarrely isn't attracted to her. Her brief infatuation with him is confined to this episode & ended because he isn't a fan of a singer whom she's a fan of. This channel is rooted in a premise that it's deconstructing Zack's image as a good guy & hero. However, he is clearly nothing of the sort. He's a typical narcissist; his habitual, selfish, manipulative behaviour is very clear to the vast majority of viewers.

    Andrew SmithAndrew Smith6 dni temu
  • Damn Screech dump 🤦🏿‍♂️ he dumpster Kelly for Zack to Pickup the pieces.

    Cedric SoulCedric Soul6 dni temu
  • Zack Morris had 91 accounts

    Kerri WolftonKerri Wolfton6 dni temu
  • And to think, Kelly married him! ( Zack)

    Shops ShireShops Shire7 dni temu
  • “Kelly who gets treated like soggy meatloaf by Zach...” I can’t. I’m 😂

    Dashiell LehrmanDashiell Lehrman7 dni temu
  • This is way better than actually having to watch "Saved By The Bell". It's like a condensed version of the B.S. that they sold in the 1980's only better with an explanation. It was really hard to keep up with the deep plot & stimulating dialogue of this show, ha, ha!!!!!!

    King Scottish1194King Scottish11947 dni temu
  • Zack morris is actually a real fucking prick jfc

  • "creamy suck town" LMAO!!

    Maria ArreolaMaria Arreola8 dni temu
  • The fact that the narrator loves Kelly fucking KILLS me I love it

    E BE B8 dni temu
  • Wow man just wow. Zack just wants a piece of ass and screetch cares for her and wants her do good in life but zack just had to be a douch

    CD BallerCD Baller8 dni temu
  • Wait wait wait, scheech turned down Kelly for the no chance he'll get with Lisa?

    Christian EvansChristian Evans8 dni temu
  • Kelly needs time to think. Zack: “Times up!” Zack Morris: founder of the Times Up movement

    ShakespeareanWannabeShakespeareanWannabe9 dni temu
  • Funny or die is trash

    Viktoria's PetsViktoria's Pets9 dni temu
  • That was a weak one

    Dwight HollisDwight Hollis9 dni temu

    Terrence LaMont BellowsTerrence LaMont Bellows10 dni temu
  • This season, the Screech season, should be nominated for a Webby

    AlexAlex11 dni temu
  • "Here's a hint: it's the same number of times you should have been born" AHHHHHH

    meredyth with a ymeredyth with a y12 dni temu
  • LOL, I vaguely remember this episode. I'm not the biggest fan of the late George Michael, either, but I would easily have put up with going to go see him in concert it to be with Kelly Kapowski. However, that was a commendable thing for Screech to do. It's such a shame that the writers made him into an idiot for the other SBTB characters to abuse and make themselves look good. Great video.

    Loader2K1Loader2K112 dni temu
  • 😂😭😂... these are gold

    Tony CamachoTony Camacho12 dni temu
  • REBOUND lololol

    B-Rad Jeezy from MalibuB-Rad Jeezy from Malibu13 dni temu
  • but that’s how they made the character....

    kaylakayla16 dni temu
  • Kelly got George Michael concert tickets? What is this poor girl being punished for?

    lokisgodhilokisgodhi18 dni temu
  • Best episode yet!!! Could you please do a special episode on 7th heaven on the episode where one of the kids start smoking weed??

    Lordy 1ordy421Lordy 1ordy42120 dni temu
  • That poor teacher.

    Scott JohnsonScott Johnson22 dni temu
  • It's a show I liked saved by the Bell

    Victor ClabaughVictor Clabaugh22 dni temu
  • Not to exonerate Zack, but it looks like the only thing that kept Screech and Kelly apart was Screech's dislike for George Michael's music.

    Captain Freddy SturguessCaptain Freddy Sturguess23 dni temu
    • Not for a lack of trying on Zack’s part.

      Devastator 4403Devastator 440322 dni temu
  • Kelly didnt even go to the George Michael concert?

    Sarah CherrySarah Cherry24 dni temu
  • This is the first video I have seen from this channel. I watched the entire saved by the bell original series but had long forgotten what the series was all about. Now, this video has helped me remember what saved by the bell was all about. A kid who can freeze time and ruins people's lives. /s

    Nari KPNari KP24 dni temu
  • now i need The Time Zack made fun of Slaters Latin Heritage.

    Shiesty!Records!Shiesty!Records!25 dni temu
    • He doesn't - her's merely surprised when Slater tells him that he's of Mexican descent.

      Andrew SmithAndrew Smith6 dni temu
  • *zack hopefully dies Zack unfortunately does not die

    Super saiyan MichaelSuper saiyan Michael25 dni temu
  • Extreme trash

    Super saiyan MichaelSuper saiyan Michael25 dni temu
  • 1:27

    NobienifyNobienify25 dni temu
  • Please do the one College Years episode where Screech gets the girl from Zack.

    Maximus PrimeMaximus Prime25 dni temu
  • This was every Nerds Wet Dream Episode back in the day...Including Me...:)

    mannymmvmannymmv25 dni temu
  • Lisa > kelly

    damian martinezdamian martinez25 dni temu
  • Zack.. hopefully dies?

    KitariKitsuneKitariKitsune25 dni temu
  • And Screech has a HORSE COCK! Kelly should be with screech!

    Kelly JoKelly Jo26 dni temu
  • o hay look it Shiloh Buff :B

    Eve ill AndersonEve ill Anderson26 dni temu
  • Dang Screech TURNED DOWN Kelly?!? Lucky she didnt try and stalk him throughout hs lol.

    Akihito007Akihito00726 dni temu
  • Lol

    Jose LuizJose Luiz26 dni temu
  • I'm starting to think the moral.of this show is that evil can come in a nice package, too.

    That GuyThat Guy26 dni temu
  • “Here’s a hint. It is the same number of times you should have been born” which is zero 😂😂😂 you are so savage but quite wise as well.

    blackstarafro2blackstarafro227 dni temu
  • The continuing adventures of Zack Hubris

    Boss AnovaBoss Anova27 dni temu
  • I have never actually seen this show. Are we, the audience, expected to root for this Zack guy?

    martijn van weelemartijn van weele27 dni temu
  • Zack Morris is trash

    Lupe NunezLupe Nunez27 dni temu
  • Dashiell killin it wit these, funniest stuff on the channel nowadays

    Ded Berd LBDed Berd LB27 dni temu
  • Zack Morris is such a terrible made-up human being that it makes me hate Mark Paul Gosselaar. And Mark Paul Gosselaar didn't do anything wrong. When I was a kid, Saved By The Bell made me think that this behavior is acceptable in high school. But thank god I didn't turn out to be an asshole like Zack Morris.

    ChrisChris27 dni temu
  • So Zack and AC go to to George Michael concert and....the rest is Ru Paul history

    bikeatl77bikeatl7727 dni temu
  • When I was in highschool I thought Zach was the coolest now I see him for the POS he really was

    mroracalmroracal27 dni temu
  • How about the time Zack roped Screech into making fake ID's for everyone?

    Paul ThomasPaul Thomas27 dni temu
  • The time zack morrass sucked cawK

    the videos 123123the videos 12312327 dni temu
  • Screech is a bum-creep

    Xavier DracoXavier Draco28 dni temu
  • Zach cheated and STILL DIDNT pass 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ... Zach Morris is trash!

    Nitty AndradeNitty Andrade28 dni temu
  • I remember watching reruns of this on nick in the 2000s during my childhood. I do NOT remember him being such an ass. 😂

    Fleurs SvFleurs Sv28 dni temu
  • Ahhhh yes, this is the "WHO YOU CALLING A CANTALOUPE YOU MELLON-HEAD" episode. I remember it fondly during the strangest times. Never forget, 'cause I never will.

    Deborah DownerDeborah Downer28 dni temu
  • I would love to have Jesse straddle my face and smother it with her ass.

    Sam LoomisSam Loomis28 dni temu
  • The same number of times you should have been born. omfg love it

    SoughSough28 dni temu
  • Lisa, Jessie, and Slater were not saints here... And in some other occasions too. They pretty much let Zach take advantage, abuse, and belittle Screech. It was clear what was going on, but they were either amused by this shit or they outright never gave a single fuck.

    Francisco MariñoFrancisco Mariño28 dni temu
  • Screech turned down a shot with Kelly for Lisa who would never like him. That type of love should be a crime. Powerful. I need to watch this episode.

    The KING of ANDROSICAThe KING of ANDROSICA28 dni temu
  • I don't remember this episode.

    J. C.J. C.28 dni temu
  • I wish Zack can just go fuck himself

    L99KL99K28 dni temu
  • I forgot how much I enjoyed Samuel "Screech" Powers as a character when he had depth

    PropProp28 dni temu
  • The Kelly is miss trash cause she married him. Zach was jealous and didn't want to lose the love of his life I'm sorry but I would have done the same thing alls fair in love and war

    ruben canasruben canas28 dni temu
  • That’s back when George Michael was semi cool. These kids only like him because they were listening to their parents horrible gay music.

    Vincent MartinVincent Martin29 dni temu
  • “How many times did my name come up” “Hint- it’s the same number of times you should’ve been born” 😂😂 brilliant

    TomBrennan -TomBrennan -29 dni temu
  • "He probably fucking killed himself"

    Brandon BBrandon B29 dni temu
  • Cut out the best part "screech you can't elope " "who you calling a cantaloupe you melon head"

    ALPHAFERT _ALPHAFERT _29 dni temu
  • Zach really was terrible to screech he really didn’t deserve him or any of his friends.

    Dream QueenDream Queen29 dni temu
  • Honestly Slater was almost as bad in this episode lol

    TashiSoCaliTashiSoCali29 dni temu
  • Due to years of abuse by Zack, Screech stabs man in Wisconsin bar

    Shawn SheehanShawn Sheehan29 dni temu
  • Zack morris is trash lol i love these videos

    Maker WulfMaker Wulf29 dni temu
  • Zack Morris is the real Scranton Strangler (or he paid Toby to do it saying it would impress Pam)

    mhoran21mhoran2129 dni temu
  • What an odd coincidence that in real life Mark Paul Gosselaar is actually a classy guy and Dustin Diamond is a total piece of crap. But yeah, the character Zack Morris is total garbage.

    Darth MalakDarth Malak29 dni temu
  • I think Screech really liked Kelly, he only broke it off with her because he knew Zack still had feelings for her. Otherwise, they could have made it work, because they did have a lot in common, certainly more than Screech and Lisa had in common.

    Nancy HeyNancy Hey29 dni temu
  • Wow totally forgot this episode

    vik sagguvik saggu29 dni temu
  • Creamy suck town hahahahahahahahahahaha

    JFK35 517JFK35 51729 dni temu
  • I liked the video after “creamy sucktown”

    Daniel BarnesDaniel Barnes29 dni temu
  • Zach, a raging narcissist...😂

    Val RVal R29 dni temu
  • Creamy suck town. Well done.🤣

    Madam MaidenMadam Maiden29 dni temu
  • Dustin Diamonds net worth is $50,000

    Brian SmithBrian Smith29 dni temu
  • I wonder if Mark-Paul Gosselaar has ever seen any of these videos. I mean the ones here on PL-vision not the actual show that was on TV.

    Kyle GiffordKyle Gifford29 dni temu
  • “Zack hopefully dies?” Me too, man. Me too.

    Herman CardenasHerman CardenasMiesiąc temu
  • Creamy Sucktown.

    PeopleAreDumbPeopleAreDumbMiesiąc temu
  • *Zack Morris is trash actually the whole show is trash!*

    Jacob64 GiygasSA1dx4LifeJacob64 GiygasSA1dx4LifeMiesiąc temu
  • I liked these when they stretched or oversimplified the synopsis but this one was dead on what happened without hyperbole and it kinda makes me think... Zack Morris Is Trash

    C BC BMiesiąc temu
  • Kelly can get my thing

    Grand DadGrand DadMiesiąc temu
  • 😂

    kikoikikoiMiesiąc temu
  • The suicide rate of bayside is very high...

    Brian WBrian WMiesiąc temu
  • Zack Morris wanted to go to the George Michael concert and he manifested it. Genius!

    cap2981cap2981Miesiąc temu
  • As a kid watching this show never notice how much Zack is a terrible person

    Jose NavarroJose NavarroMiesiąc temu
  • I'm telling my girlfriend to come to succ town

    ariana ghandiariana ghandiMiesiąc temu
The Time Zack Morris Sabotaged Screech’s One Chance With Kelly