The Runaway Car Aftermath...

Trying to undo the mess made by the runaway car... Ugh
Signed Skif Knives
Terrible Endings Shirt!
All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!
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  • Its a 76mm cannon training round

    Chris AnglenChris Anglen15 godzin temu
  • Well darn I'm so late on watching this video! Would of loved one of your signed Skif knives! Guess I'm going to have to keep up😂 thanks for all of the great videos, and I will definitely be carrying Skif!

    Cody BroadfootCody Broadfoot15 godzin temu
  • Matt, I've been watching your vids since you joined PL-vision and you have 3 of my favourite channels on PL-vision. Just keep doing what you do bro

    Thomas BreytenbachThomas BreytenbachDzień temu
  • Full of terrible endings... especially if the other side has no NVG

    justin bukerjustin buker6 dni temu
  • We name our cars after the prior owner in our family lol

    Mr. NecroMr. Necro9 dni temu
  • How about crisis the Chrysler

    TTV.KappadeechiTTV.Kappadeechi11 dni temu
  • Tried to grab a knife but they sold out quick. Was gonna get it for my brother in law and he passed a week after this video was posted. Both part of demolitia. Love the content.

    CutsmanDFCutsmanDF11 dni temu
  • How is Mark doing?

    Outdoor DadOutdoor Dad11 dni temu
  • Name it the shitmobile and rip off the shotgun side front door

    Professional GarbageProfessional Garbage11 dni temu
  • Name it "Irene", so when youre asked why, you respond "Cause I rene from that car so fast!"

    Joshthe CapGuyJoshthe CapGuy13 dni temu
  • Damn, 2 weeks late on my viewing and I would of totally ordered that shirt!!! Argh.....

    chayos00chayos0014 dni temu
  • I really hope you try to run down that gas pump again. That would actually be really cool!

    Ben FredricksonBen Fredrickson15 dni temu
  • I have one of those bullets

    kyle garrisonkyle garrison15 dni temu
  • What helmet is Lunkers wearing at 13:53?

    JuanSouth2010JuanSouth201015 dni temu
  • you should just get a custom stamp that has your signature on it itll save you big time + more signed boxes for us

  • 👍👍

    Jimmy ReeseJimmy Reese16 dni temu
  • Cars name mad-onna

    Tania Nigel WadeTania Nigel Wade17 dni temu
  • Have a stamp made with your signature then you can just stamp it on there

    Aaron's LawncareAaron's Lawncare17 dni temu
  • When I watch your videos the first thing I do is hit the thumbs up

    hdtvcamera1hdtvcamera118 dni temu
  • It would be nice if i could have a free skiff

    play station gamesplay station games19 dni temu
  • Shoot a car battery with a 50 bmg

    Fatpat 1213Fatpat 121319 dni temu
  • “Rooster painted black”😂 black cock

    Just BeamedJust Beamed19 dni temu
  • Should call it big booty Betty

    Fracus69Fracus6919 dni temu
  • It's the Greenwood from GTA

    TheEndPyroTheEndPyro19 dni temu
  • Demolition branch

    elijah leodanskielijah leodanski20 dni temu
  • Look into mgm targets

    Tanner HarkinsTanner Harkins21 dzień temu
  • I dub thee...Filth Avenue!

    Chris AdamsChris Adams21 dzień temu
  • These videos are wholesome, you gotta put out more

    Robin SibiyaRobin Sibiya21 dzień temu
  • 2:40 look at how serious his facial expression got one Matt said it was going 30 miles an hour 😂😂 it’s priceless

    Alex FragosoAlex Fragoso21 dzień temu
  • The name is fancy frank

    Will TimmermanWill Timmerman21 dzień temu
  • Cooter was seen in town driving her. He said "Dorthy" runs great, and he loves Matt for letting him use her.

    103m95g103m95g22 dni temu
  • Got my knife in today, pretty awesome

    Ryan IsenbergRyan Isenberg22 dni temu
  • PSA: Old Mopar starters just sound like that, it's the easiest way to identify one in a crowd

    Josh MossJosh Moss23 dni temu
  • 😀😁😂🤣

    Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղSnowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ23 dni temu
  • Name: Jesus Chrysler. Because it drove again.

    BlackHowIingBlackHowIing23 dni temu
  • Doctors have bad handwriting.

    knrubz2knrubz224 dni temu
  • That car is why people buy Toyotas.

    m1t2a1m1t2a124 dni temu
  • He brought u a bbc bro???😂😂😂😭😭😭 Yall funny af!

    Rell Bitch!!Rell Bitch!!25 dni temu
  • Poor car. I love those classic clunkers. They'd be solid classics if people would maintain them and not beat the poo out of them......'Muricans.

    GreatNorthernDadGreatNorthernDad25 dni temu
  • Should make one that says "full of targets"

    Zach DankoZach Danko25 dni temu
  • The starter continuing to spin is just an old Christler thing, my 83's starter does the same thing

    RaGe KaboomRaGe Kaboom25 dni temu
  • hmm I´m thinking about the skif knife...It is available to send it to Germany? I know here are really tough rules of knives -.-

    Peter ReichertPeter Reichert25 dni temu
  • Oh my god

    rwbar pie Pierwbar pie Pie25 dni temu
  • I'd have to downgrade it to a Chrysler 3 1/2 Avenue

    Patrick SnyderPatrick Snyder25 dni temu

    superironsteelzsuperironsteelz25 dni temu
  • I'm in a recovery house and let me tell you this off the ranch and Demolition Ranch keeps me sober and keeps my mind occupied I just think you should know this I've had a very hard life and it's very satisfying to watch your Channel thank you so much hopefully I can meet you one day I've had some rough circumstances and I need some good circumstances to happen

    Joseph BlumJoseph Blum25 dni temu
  • Anyone know the name of the song he uses at 8:40 ?

    ZerthosZerthos25 dni temu
    • No i wish would.

      Mauritius AkmanMauritius Akman25 dni temu
  • That's the name of the car. Old Frank. lol

    G MurphyG Murphy25 dni temu
  • Does anyone know the name of the song he uses for his intro? Please?

    Gunnar ManGunnar Man26 dni temu
    • komputrkid thank you! Appreciate it!

      Gunnar ManGunnar Man26 dni temu
    • Trading In My Sun by Michael Flory

      komputrkidkomputrkid26 dni temu
  • Shoot the piece of junk with your weapons Matt

    Doc Will JoeDoc Will Joe26 dni temu
  • Shoot the trunk open ! 🤷‍♂️

    ryan macryan mac26 dni temu
  • 11:23 he got you a BBC lol

    tokenride04tokenride0426 dni temu
  • Saw the video on Instagram

    Oliver AbbottOliver Abbott26 dni temu
  • Honestly thought there were going to be more comments about the black ceramic chicken ; )

    NoahNoah26 dni temu
  • We called our car The Agent. I dont know why to this day but that's what it was. It was gold inside 😂

    thisusedfanthisusedfan26 dni temu
  • Should name it Harlem special

    Corey CrableCorey Crable26 dni temu
  • When he said "aaaiiight" 😂😂😂

    Pan ZobaoPan Zobao26 dni temu
  • I can’t believe he thought a tow strap was gonna stop that car lmao

    Hawaiian Sea TurtleHawaiian Sea Turtle26 dni temu
  • U can open the trunk by going through the back seats

    Andy HandyAndy Handy26 dni temu
  • Are you on demo ranch in off the ranch.

    Crazy Games Hobeoo88Crazy Games Hobeoo8827 dni temu
  • Do you want to sell it for real

    Akya JohnsonAkya Johnson27 dni temu
  • Do you have a puerto rico flag ?

    Vincent SierraVincent Sierra27 dni temu
  • Hey Matt just wondering if you've heard anything or got any interest in the .300 black-out.

    Richard PierreRichard Pierre27 dni temu
  • Name the car bad luck Betty

    Gage KornegayGage Kornegay27 dni temu
  • You and lockers make a really good team nice to see you guys working together!

    eugene snelleugene snell27 dni temu
  • Was going on

    Shane MccrayShane Mccray27 dni temu
  • Strange how this is breaking my heart. My Mom drove a Chrysler 5th Avenue. They bought it new in 1985, she was so proud of that car. She died a few years ago from Alzheimer's.

    GoogleSuxx BallsGoogleSuxx Balls27 dni temu
  • its a 3" 50 training round

    mi6customfabmi6customfab27 dni temu
  • Off the ranch - goes to the ranch

    RezenRezen27 dni temu
  • Spoiler- full auto uzi

    KillnDeath43KillnDeath4327 dni temu
  • 4 days late, but still got a signed knife

    KillnDeath43KillnDeath4327 dni temu
  • We need Demo ranch gun slings at the bunker

    Michael StierMichael Stier27 dni temu
  • My dad has one of these for parts

    MH GhostreaperMH Ghostreaper27 dni temu
  • Dude I want a knife they are already sold out

    Ark TVArk TV27 dni temu
  • I wounder who got the sorry I was laughing box

    Shade PlaysShade Plays27 dni temu
  • And late 70's early 80's Chrysler's had gear driven starters, thats why they sound that way when turning over! I'm an 81 model lol I have had a few that were gear driven so i figured i;d teach you at least one thing! :)

    mingo johnsonmingo johnson27 dni temu
  • Matt hasn't posted a video in almost a week. None of his channels. I hope everything is okay. Not like him.

    • Mere just posted on Instagram and everything seems fine. It is really weird though. Hope everything is alright

      Colton SawyerColton Sawyer27 dni temu
  • Name her Holly Golightly, it was Audrey Hepburn’s name in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

    Julie ReisJulie Reis27 dni temu
  • Hell I'll buy it! How much?

    Joseph StraughnJoseph Straughn27 dni temu
  • I really love seeing mark and his dad on the channel #familyforever

    mr crock2095mr crock209527 dni temu
  • Harry Potter car

    Tara StiehlTara Stiehl27 dni temu
  • Call it Hilary! 😂😂😂😂😂

    HraZusGrlHraZusGrl27 dni temu
  • 14:30 has me crying i cant even

    ~Lynnie~~Lynnie~27 dni temu
  • Cootermobile

    honest redneckhonest redneck28 dni temu
  • What to do with a wooden artillery shell? Get a really long drill bit amd a make your own lamp it from Home Depot or Lowes.

    David MyrickDavid Myrick28 dni temu
  • Awesome to see Mark doing well

    Marcos S  RojasMarcos S Rojas28 dni temu
  • Having gone through a few tow straps in my life, there was zero chance that single strap was going to work. On the other hand it made for a great video. Seeing you do this on OTR makes me laugh all over again. Oh....and you write like a Dr.

    T.J. MillsT.J. Mills28 dni temu
  • Name her Veronica

    MattieMattie28 dni temu
  • “85 year of our Lord” I’m laughing way harder than I should be. I may start saying that now.

    Reid JacksonReid Jackson28 dni temu
  • Open the trunk demo ranch style

    Nicholas CzajaNicholas Czaja28 dni temu
  • 7:00 never do that again

    HarrenClubdogHarrenClubdog28 dni temu
  • How is Dozer doing?

    Heather WalkerHeather Walker28 dni temu
    • @Floppy Disc thank you for letting me know.

      Heather WalkerHeather Walker27 dni temu
    • Heather Walker Dozer passed away. Check his insta for Dozer memorial pics

      Floppy DiscFloppy Disc27 dni temu
  • That's just patina

    Kendall PhillipsKendall Phillips28 dni temu
  • Im an 84 model. Had my Grandfather's 84 New Yorker 5th avenue 318 4bbl.. that Chrysler Starter is Music to My Ears.. burned Manny Tires on that poor car

    bansheemaniabansheemania28 dni temu
  • Your dad is standing in the background unfazed as you boys drag a roached out hooptie out of the woods. Definitely not his first rodeo!

    Marc CaldeiraMarc Caldeira28 dni temu
  • The Filth Avenew

    WBCSaintWBCSaint28 dni temu
  • do your knifes keep an edge and do they hand sharpen easy?

    james brisendinejames brisendine28 dni temu
  • Gertrude 🤣🤣

    Jonathan MoncadaJonathan Moncada28 dni temu
  • Love the outro... "SHUT UP! DON'T TELL MERE!

    Kevin WiseKevin Wise28 dni temu
  • when mark said that the chrysler "wasnt that heavy" i just had a real good chuckle.

    Pan_GottiPan_Gotti28 dni temu
The Runaway Car Aftermath...