The FaZe Situation & the Banks Situation

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  • Why does faze Gabe look like the little short kid in the animated grinch movie

    Colton HallColton Hall2 dni temu
  • Do faze baby vid

    Chaes BussaChaes Bussa7 dni temu
  • What happened to the trickshot faze clan those were the good old days 😪😪

    Lazy killz03Lazy killz038 dni temu
  • FaZe Is Going To Turn Into Chronic

    R2 Z1ngzR2 Z1ngz10 dni temu
  • When u starting to cross your eyes just a little bit, apex looks like Drake...😂

    hell is lit afhell is lit af14 dni temu
  • I dont understand is he gay

    laughgodlaughgod15 dni temu
  • Smh I remember wen faze was about trickshots and fun not about money or clout why cant we just go back to 2010

    GlizzykcinGlizzykcin16 dni temu
  • I feel bad for bank

    Reyna RodriguezReyna Rodriguez16 dni temu
  • Minecraft 10 years later fortnite

    JA KidJA Kid18 dni temu
  • can i join faze

    FaZe NiteFaZe Nite19 dni temu
  • FaZe sucks boooooooooooooooooooooooo Boooooooooooo

  • remember when the only people Faze had beef with was Optic

    G.R.T OfficialG.R.T Official19 dni temu
  • Fucking wish the old faze was here before all the clowns like rain adapt banks and everyone on faze rn

  • I have lost my trust in faze

    Meme god PeekMeme god Peek20 dni temu
  • what really is wack that this all started playing cod for fun as friends

    x Zykrox Zykro20 dni temu
  • It will get better FaZe Up

    Noefair GamingNoefair Gaming20 dni temu
  • I love you man

    MegatronMegatron21 dzień temu
  • U could’ve kept this u ain’t really saying SHIT!!!

    Young WOOOOORRDDYoung WOOOOORRDD21 dzień temu
  • Just found ur channel! RockOnFazeApex! 🎮💙

    Polska UnderdogGamerPolska UnderdogGamer22 dni temu
    • How did u know? LoL

      Polska UnderdogGamerPolska UnderdogGamer16 dni temu
    • Were you living under a rock?

      Ihsaan SyedIhsaan Syed16 dni temu
  • I am going to be honest i think tfue is better than banks so im on his side but still love banks and his old videos from like 2-3 years ago

    kamo thebeastkamo thebeast22 dni temu
  • Mannnnnn u r trying to make tfue look bad but if his contract was bad and u said u would fix he would agree n banks mannnn the contract was leaked and u take so much of the contract so rlly it’s your fault

    Brainless 1021Brainless 102122 dni temu
  • Lol did Faze Rug get in the clan cause hes good at being your brother?

    Carlos CharoCarlos Charo22 dni temu
  • I love tfue

    BidbadbedBidbadbed22 dni temu
  • I'm with you guys

    Leo CastroLeo Castro22 dni temu
  • Faze the fuck up for life bro all the way

    Galaxy WolfGalaxy Wolf22 dni temu
  • Is rug still in Faze

    Kevin MartinezKevin Martinez22 dni temu
  • faze: we will release the contract faze: releases video with screenshots that are 80% blurred. banks lied and faze is super suspect

    Rich Homie SeanRich Homie Sean22 dni temu
  • Shut up FaZe down

    isaiah garciaisaiah garcia23 dni temu
  • I believe you somewhat but the one thing I don’t understand is if you all care as much as you say and say you haven’t taken money from him. Then what was the point even of the contract being so bad and uneven? Like if you care and don’t wanna do him wrong then what the reason for that 80/20 split? I always wait to here both sides but something seems fishy to me from both sides.

    Robbie RichardRobbie Richard23 dni temu
  • What else thought that faze clan written in Apex's was some ancient writing?

    Ashton StewartAshton Stewart23 dni temu
  • Yeah bullshit look at Banks rage vids and then say he's a calm cool business manger and honest?

    James Patrick PatrickJames Patrick Patrick23 dni temu
  • how to get views in 2019.

    P_latinumP_latinum23 dni temu
  • If tfue was to show us proof that FaZe clan took 80% people would believe him but he’s like trump in a way he won’t show it because he knows he’s lying

    gavin meesegavin meese23 dni temu
  • Moley moley moley moley moley moley

    Ahee VideoAhee Video23 dni temu
  • Anddddd....... still #teamtfue

    Mystix MythMystix Myth23 dni temu
  • I would be crushed to if I found out I was making you're brand a fuck tone of money, and only making 20% of it. Yea I'm sorry, Tfue has every right. No question there, can't argue, saw the facts and numbers. The only thing you guys did was, get him started, that was it.

    10FaceTwitter0110FaceTwitter0123 dni temu
  • I was shocked when I saw tfues recent streams. He is raging and insulting and being sarcastic non stop. I really enjoyed watching him, but he doesnt take responsibility for all the young people watching him. He should be banned from twitch.

    XxMr1XxXXxMr1XxX23 dni temu
  • Tfue should have never sued you FaZe.

    JakiJaki23 dni temu
  • Why people saying tfue the biggest faze members when we got faze rug

    Archie CAMPBELLArchie CAMPBELL23 dni temu
  • Who’s getting ready for fortnite guy too react too this😂

    DeviceDevice23 dni temu
  • This shit with tfue is deep but like don’t bite the hand that feeds you init

    Manny0nTheMapManny0nTheMap23 dni temu
  • Why are you still lemon squeezing the situation?

    PrizmaClazPrizmaClaz23 dni temu
  • Ahh shut tha fu

    Meddy taytMeddy tayt23 dni temu
  • I just think Faze is shady because of the contract. Yes they haven't taken anything from Tfue... but they can whenever they want. Tfue would have blown up regardless because he is talented asf. I think faze and Tfue should just cut ties before it gets worse and worse. I'm not saying T is 100% right but fazes contract again is super fucked fix that and then bam people should harp less. Oh plus the fact that true notified Faze about him wanting to break off back in September of 2018....

    Vince ThompsonVince Thompson23 dni temu
  • I don't never get into any drama but uploads on this the. Situation 🤣

    Lol LolLol Lol23 dni temu
  • Yeoooooo little guy !!!

    Zeno SamaZeno Sama23 dni temu
  • People need to realise tfue jumped into a contract obviously without any legal advice without anyone who understood the contract fully its no ones fault but his own when these kids gonna learn stop flexing on ig with chains and cars sort put your legal team and invest your money in real stuff like property stocks etc

    Josh CundiffJosh Cundiff23 dni temu
  • and so tfue left and started an org

    Joeyb ThemanJoeyb Theman23 dni temu
  • FaZe past its glory days these niggas getting booty tickled over someone wanting out bunch of pussies

    FreeTay K-47FreeTay K-4723 dni temu
  • shouldnt be monitised smh

    Jacob QueeryJacob Queery23 dni temu

    TxplicitTxplicit23 dni temu
  • Think about being in Tfue’s shoes. Why would he tell anyone in the org that he’s leaving the org in the first place? I get it, they’re friends now but at the end of the day it was all business. What other way could he have gone about it? Settling for another bullshit contract? I think not. He got out of there, like anyone in their right mind would

    Cameron AugustiCameron Augusti23 dni temu
  • Why hasn’t faze or banks or you or anyone denied the leaked contract. No one has said it’s fake so that’s fishy hmm😂 and I swear all the faze members that are in the higher ups are keeping the same story while cloak is thinking of leaving this shit org anyways. Stream yourself people or you’ll only make 20% earnings

    Tyler JonesTyler Jones23 dni temu
  • Save the earth movement ideas, join mr beast and do the biggest trash clean up with your subscribers 🌍

    PUBG MobilePUBG Mobile23 dni temu
  • Sounds like your lack of relationship with tfue is your fault. If you team is such a family it would seem to me that y’all shoulda been more receptive to the members needs. Which tfue was a member. Stop dick suckin banks like he’s so right all the time. Y’all collude more than trump ya shady fucks 😂

    Insta_Rage_Gamer 313Insta_Rage_Gamer 31323 dni temu
  • Faze apex lookin like drake with that beard lol

    OhhDroppaOhhDroppa23 dni temu
  • Pretty much said nothing for 6 minutes with a bunch of cuts and edits cause you crackt

    J MullyJ Mully23 dni temu
  • No offence Apex, But I am pretty sure this is the most relevance you have been given for like 2 years now LOL

    Adeel HAdeel H23 dni temu
    • Not relevant but still have hundreds of thousands of views each videos

      FireKing_NolieFireKing_Nolie17 dni temu
  • Damn i wasn't around for a few days and this is one of the top videos on my home page as soon as i open PL-vision. This shit sounds crazy so I'm off to Banks vid to fill in the gap. Man what the actual f@#k?!

    Nick BeaupreNick Beaupre24 dni temu
  • Banks is the realist motherfucker out there and tfue is a snake. U don’t do your boys like that

    XstatiicXstatiic24 dni temu
  • You know what’s dumb... faze rug ain’t even a faze member he just does vlogs about dumb cringe shit, kick him out..

    Matthew McmathMatthew Mcmath24 dni temu
  • Good job on sucking banks dick and гy’all are a bunch of fuckin liars we’ve already seen the contract y’all are scam artists

    Riley BibbRiley Bibb24 dni temu
  • Apex do the “Bobby bitch” dance w the b23rs again

    510 Tutto510 Tutto24 dni temu
  • Wish FaZe would've helped me.

    geneticzzgeneticzz24 dni temu
  • If only Banks handled it as humble as you did. Respect.

    x310x310xx310x310x24 dni temu
  • How tall is apex

    cory zhangcory zhang24 dni temu
  • I was never fake, was never a Faze fan. Knew about Tfue before he was on Faze. As for Banks, this dude! For a guy who says he doesn't want to take credit, he sure took a lot of credit, for a guy who was clearly on the rise. It would have taken longer without Faze, but he would have got there. And this is to the point exactly why I never respected Faze as an organization. Yeah, it was founded by kids doing kid things. Now, it's owned by adults that still do kid things. Motherfuckers never grow up to take responsibility. These kids just hire people to do all the business side. That's why I've never had respect for the org. I respect there pro players, cause they actually put in work. Love Cizzors met him in Anaheim, love talking with him, and loved meeting Tempr. Look these are all nice dudes, but they clearly don't know what they are doing, and it could be the end of them.

    TheFab1013TheFab101324 dni temu
  • Slurp slurp slurp

    Mobley McflyMobley Mcfly24 dni temu
  • 2:18 and 5:20 contradict

    stac daedstac daed24 dni temu
  • Technically subs wise rugs bigger

    Bayley CiccaroneBayley Ciccarone24 dni temu
  • Apex is a fag

    Samuel BlomquistSamuel Blomquist24 dni temu
  • Yeah there’s two sides to every story. Every single thing tfue said in his video was str8 bs. He was told to say every single thing. Never watched tfue, never going to watch him. No one deserves to get sued, especially faze.

    Wreckless/Faded LvWreckless/Faded Lv24 dni temu
  • Faze be sleeping on turner yeah his views went up n shit but tfue would still be at the top with or without faze, tfue didn’t even want this to be this public, simply business.

    Nathan OrtizNathan Ortiz24 dni temu
  • View farming video

    flynnm09flynnm0924 dni temu
  • Respect for making this video 6mins addressing the issues and not making it 20mins repeating the situation

    stars will fallstars will fall24 dni temu
  • Your audio is garbage

    AntnysvlogsAntnysvlogs24 dni temu
  • Apex is OG

    David LyDavid Ly24 dni temu
  • Remember when banks went crazy in Germany and bleached his hair

    StockStock24 dni temu
  • When you’re irrelevant of it and you want to get involved in drama to get Relevant

  • Y'all are taking millions from tfue...tfue loosing more money than gaining

    On God TrayyyOn God Trayyy24 dni temu
  • Bro what is this shit? I been watching faze because of the clan’s trickshotting days from cod like the montages. Now faze uploads this bs. Upload about the new cod that’s coming out. Modern warfare

    Loc VisionszLoc Visionsz24 dni temu
  • Shit statement

    Raivo ERaivo E24 dni temu
  • wait banks is banned from twitch??

    JMoney SnDJMoney SnD24 dni temu
  • Mans not even apart of the story 😂😂

    HarmzJrHarmzJr24 dni temu
  • Fuck Faze Fuck faze apex and fuck whoever is gonna join faze.

    Mohamed AceMohamed Ace24 dni temu
  • you are soo smart i love you

    Wavy IvanWavy Ivan24 dni temu
  • Come on this is not about emotions, it’s about faze taking advantage of the ignorance of youngsters, your contracts that you pass of are scummy as fuck. You signed a 11 yr old ffs, thankfully it’ll be sorted in court and I genuinely believe karma is a thing, so I can’t wait for faze to get what’s coming to them Enjoy. 😉😉

    Trump Sucks-ballsTrump Sucks-balls24 dni temu
  • Yall offered Tfue more than one contract that would include a 7 FIGURE BONUS? That's stupid amounts of money to play video games

    Frank ListFrank List24 dni temu
  • LOL CUNT who are you

    TokenpokeTokenpoke24 dni temu
  • Why am I still subbed to this faze isn’t good anymore

    SuicidalNerdSuicidalNerd24 dni temu
  • Fuck faze

    spade petersonspade peterson24 dni temu
  • Your heads up came a year ago with the warning of the case. That was warning. If he declined counter offers, it should have been clear that he just wanted out at that point. Since he has so many complaints that are legal issues, letting him go would have been a better choice as far a business goes. You cant sign people under 18, you cant support underage drinking, and you cant mess with peoples money. Taking 80% of someones sponsorships is a little snakey. And refusing them certain sponorships because it conflicts with YOUR interest is no better. Turner is huge as it is, but he could have been much bigger. Whether or not you chose to take what the contract claims is beside the point. At the time of writing it up, nobody was guessing he was gonna blow to the #1 spot. He was also "young and dumb", or naive. Most of us wouldnt have read the contract period because the hype of signing with such a group is too much to comprehend right away. But once you're signed, you're stuck. Drop the drama, let him go, stay on good terms, and all will be the better for it.

    Joey VedackJoey Vedack24 dni temu
  • It's business even with Tfue, it's not personal to Banks.

    flippin_sonflippin_son24 dni temu
  • The situation is that you’re shorter than a leprechaun

    ShY BendYShY BendY24 dni temu
  • Tfood is betterer then fazey

    The Real MartinezThe Real Martinez24 dni temu
  • Faze apex is becoming saint with that beard Truth

    karma tamkarma tam24 dni temu
  • If the clause that Tfue can’t play video games professionally for 6 months if he leaves faze is true... then faze messed up big time.

    Optic FanOptic Fan24 dni temu
  • I like you apex but I’m leaning on tfue side on this one

    RetroRetro24 dni temu
  • The contract was shit. FAZE is the one who offerd it... does not matter if he signed it...... what company would write that contract? A company trying to have levrage over the client.... he cant play professionally for 6months of he was fired?? What a load of dog shit that contract was. It dosent matter how much you guys took. Your able to take up to 50% of his earnings at anytime youd like....

    Yucki MusicYucki Music24 dni temu
  • At the end of the day this started from a damn video game 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Ethann LorenzoEthann Lorenzo24 dni temu
    • Ethann Lorenzo 🤦🏼‍♂️

      Meme god PeekMeme god Peek20 dni temu
The FaZe Situation & the Banks Situation