Steven Universe UPDATE: Season 6's Arc for Steven Revealed?

Steven Universe season 6 update! Zach Callison recently touched on the future of Steven's arc in the show, which paves way for the changes and challenges Steven may face.
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  • Just a reminder, if you're going through a hard time: You matter

    The RoundtableThe Roundtable14 dni temu
    • +The World Season 6 Jasper And Pearl Fusion

      Elvin GarciaElvin Garcia5 dni temu
    • +The World Steven Universe Season 6 Tomorrow

      Elvin GarciaElvin Garcia8 dni temu
    • Thank you.😊

      The WorldThe World8 dni temu
  • Roll models for me? Star and Marco. 100%

    ExtremeAcorn324ExtremeAcorn324Dzień temu
  • Can’t wait for Fall 2019 for the Movie and the upcoming New Episodes ⭐️🛸✨🎸💯

    Savage LionSavage LionDzień temu
  • I wasnt sure if thIs was the last episode so i just looked up season six

    nickz1llanickz1llaDzień temu
  • I wanna see mystery woman again

    Kayla HillKayla Hill2 dni temu
  • In what episode does Stevonnie fight corrupted Jasper??!!?!!??!?

    Megan FMegan F4 dni temu
  • Is this anybody else's first time watching the Roundtable since the finale of Steven Universe

    king kbking kb4 dni temu
  • Steven Universe needs a character like Zahir from Legend of Korra if they're going to do a good mental health

    king kbking kb4 dni temu
  • I've type 2 comments on what type of villain I'm looking for if this is about Mental Health and I realize who comes to mind Steven Universe needs a Villain Like Zahir from Legend of Korra

    king kbking kb4 dni temu
  • I would love for us to have a actual villain that isn't strong or intimidating just one let's maybe not even that bad just gets in a person's head it makes them think I wouldn't even care if three episodes after they revealed their taken out because what makes those types of bad guys good is how the characters respond

    king kbking kb4 dni temu
  • Okay so if they were to make a bad guy I feel like the bad guy should be completely bad or fee is it's just one of those bad guys that's like look at what you created this peaceful Wonderland but why did you did you do it I can see as more of a antagonist that questions everything Steven did or just have someone that is Ye Olde gem and just keep on saying that thanks for completing Pink's mission and it just bugs after that everything he did wasn't him this wasn't his big plan everyone takes as pinks

    king kbking kb4 dni temu
  • To quote Big Worm- Playing with this show is like playing with our emotions there's principalities up in this

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty Shackleford4 dni temu
  • HEY ROUNDTABLE WHAT IF in that chest in Lion's mane are letters to the diamonds and/or all the gems and people in her life from while she was in hiding? If that was so it would not have been open because .... Plot.... But now if it opens it could both resolve and create problems we might face in the future! I mean she must have known the secret would get out eventually.

    Nate SworhNate Sworh5 dni temu
  • Zach's hairrrrr

    ReachSkylaReachSkyla5 dni temu
  • Important equals awesome! Yassss

    Sofia MillerSofia Miller5 dni temu
  • Wow I was not expecting that at all, your kind words literally made me tear up a bit, you matter

    LinkLink5 dni temu
  • I love his hair

    Alexis HIAlexis HI5 dni temu
  • I am really glad for bringing up mental health and really hope that they do tell a story about the aftermath and/or recurring issues that people struggle with.

    nrick24nrick245 dni temu
  • Steven Universe has a future? I thought the show was finished.

    Shillip DeFraudoShillip DeFraudo5 dni temu
  • My grandmother pointed a gun at me

    ThePurple Diamond1596ThePurple Diamond15966 dni temu
  • Okay like it just started but I am *here for Zach's hair!*

    Ember RainEmber Rain6 dni temu
  • Honestly, since Steven has never been to school and the Earth is safe from the Diamonds, what is he going to feel when Connie begins working more towards an adult future and planning a career?

    Aidan BensonAidan Benson6 dni temu
  • You actually brought me to tears with the bit where you address everyone. It uh. Made me rethink a lot and all I have to say is thank you. I know you probably won't see this because its and older video and I'm only one of over a thousand people but if you do see this. Know you've at least touched me in a very meaningful way and for that I say thank you. Thank you so much.

    Pink QuagsirePink Quagsire6 dni temu
  • omg ur awesome! I love ur energy and thanks for cheering people up

    Matheus PretoMatheus Preto6 dni temu
  • I've seen your vids a couple of time, hadn't subbed yet. No particular reason why. Then you got me with you awesome mental health speech and pep talk. Thank you.

    Hanne Marie MaegaardHanne Marie Maegaard6 dni temu
  • Come on! season 5 ended REALLY well. It doesn’t have to continue on past this movie

    Brian SilvaBrian Silva6 dni temu
  • I'm so glad to hear Zach is doing better. I'm glad he took the time to look after himself.

    RavangeRavange6 dni temu
  • Wait, what is he recovering from? Zach I mean

    Sailor MarsSailor Mars6 dni temu
    • He was having problems with his mental health

      Savanna L.Savanna L.6 dni temu

    Luna MikinLuna Mikin7 dni temu
  • Why is he always say statements?

    RaspiyRaspiy7 dni temu
  • Season 6: Steven goes to therapy.

    Andrew LindseyAndrew Lindsey7 dni temu
  • Zach's and Steven's arc have become one? Is Zach his own mom???

    Nout van der HiddeNout van der Hidde7 dni temu
  • I can't hear your background music without thinking of "You was at the club" XD

    Kingofgames2kKingofgames2k7 dni temu
  • PL-vision just sent me this notification! Damn you PL-vision! :0

    Noseey Kitty308Noseey Kitty3087 dni temu
  • Well, this hiatus isn’t an issue; I mean, I was a Homestuck. That comic was the definition of hiatus

    Ray Venn NerdinessRay Venn Nerdiness7 dni temu
  • Thought Steven universe ended, turns out that it's a hiatus. *Internal screaming*

    DaShadowFanDaShadowFan7 dni temu
  • Him trying to not spoil reminds me of Tom Holland big time 😂

    Reactedgaming 341Reactedgaming 3417 dni temu
  • Wait omg Zach C is cute

    MaximilliusMaximillius7 dni temu
  • Dude didn't say "season" once in that entire clip. Despite this you claim "Season 6!!!" Lol. Can't wait for the tears in 2020.

    jice12jice128 dni temu
  • Yo i highly doubt that everyone [in the diamond authority] would be fully okay with being cool with The Crystal Gems. Like when Ozai got arrested on Last Airbender there was a group that wanted to keep his ideals going so whose to say something like that won't happen here.

    Ashley KimaruAshley Kimaru8 dni temu
  • Steven's arc might revolve around several mental disorders, but I'm only going to mention what I believe are the most plausible. PTSD: Throughout the arcs, Steven has encountered various situations that put him or someone he cares about in danger. The actions and effects that Steven used to escape those given situations might have been forgotten about at the time, but now with everything mellow, seeing items from times when he was close to dying, or of stressful events, might toy with his mental health. Plausible, but there are too many people that could remind him of his failures (Lars dying, Bismuth n Eyeball, White Diamond, etc.) Identity Crisis: Steven saw for himself that his gem half and his human half can be split. Even before that, he struggled with who he thought himself as, simply answering to whatever form he was adressed as. The ruling is still out if Steven has a gemstone after being reunited, but there are many plausible ways for this to play out. Depression: Everyone experiences depression differently, and it's the most used mental illness in media. While I can't see the Crewniverse using just this as Steven's hurdle (they have tackled bigger game in the past), I can see it being there just because of how universal (lol, I made a pun) it is. What I'm more interested in is Peridot's arc for S6

    Glacier PrinceGlacier Prince8 dni temu
  • I'm already crying I can't believe that this is happening. I'm going through a really hard time, and this just made me feel like I have to fight. I have to fight because if I don't, I wouldn't be able to support you. I wouldn't be able to see the movie, and I wouldn't be able to enjoy being me. Steven universe and all these SU channels have helped me a lot already. Thank you so much

    Jenny SchameyJenny Schamey8 dni temu
    • I Hope you getting better

      Emin KijametEmin Kijamet7 dni temu
    • Me too

      Emin KijametEmin Kijamet7 dni temu
  • Stfu. There is nothing left. This show ruined all the conflicts it presented in the worst possible way. The diamonds don't need arcs and Steven never really gets to be a character.

    Crossfurr Darius CoatlCrossfurr Darius Coatl8 dni temu
  • So... Is Steven going to have a neck in this movie?

    Katara aranKatara aran8 dni temu
  • What I wish to see in season 6 1. Pumpkin interact with watermelon dog 2. Jasper and Pearl interact since they have so much in common 3. Peridot rescue Lapis from harm 4. Emerald as an antagonist 5. Jasper and Amethyst sisterhood

    Cougar CreatureCougar Creature8 dni temu
  • Mental health. I had some issues with that, I was stressed and depressed... My revolution actually came from something that would give most people an existential crisis. Now is all you have, nothing is permanent, nothing really matters, nobody really matters, if you just wait long enough, either nobody will remember you, or nobody will be left to remember you... The earth likely won't be around in 4 billion years, and the universe will likely be burnt out in a few hundred trillion. So... why worry about making mistakes Be adventurous, take risks, Experience things! If you're in a bad spot, just think of something you like to do, and look forward to doing that. It's a bit like that thing people say you should do, when you're feeling cold, think about somewhere warm, When you're feeling warm, think about somewhere cold, you'd be surprised how well it works. It also only really works if you also have a moral code. Mine is basically... Do unto others... If you wouldn't want someone to do a thing to you, don't do it to them. If you would want someone to do something for you, then do it for others, Gain happiness by making other people happy. My main hobby right now is to write mods for Factorio. I also have Source access, and have edited the game's code directly too. I change the game to make it into something I'd want to play more than the game without my mods. And it turns out that many people share my tastes in what would make the game better. It really puts a smile on my face when people send me messages saying how much they enjoy playing the game with my mods.

    bobingaboutbobingabout8 dni temu
  • The Round Table has 666k subscribers. DUN DUN DUNNN

    Neo LynxxNeo Lynxx8 dni temu
  • I wish there were race of humanoid aliens that are based on elements and it will be awesome

    PartyDavePartyDave8 dni temu
  • So season 6 will be about purpose

    John Lake MeltonJohn Lake Melton8 dni temu
  • 666k subs 👀

    LLamaCrAzE The Drama LLamaLLamaCrAzE The Drama LLama8 dni temu
  • Hey, it has been awhile since I have seen anything about Steven Universe. How is the hiatus going?

    The Spelling PoliceThe Spelling Police8 dni temu
  • Maybe he's actually gay XD ^^ Would make sense... ;P

    Jan RuppelJan Ruppel8 dni temu
  • Damn it I was doing my makeup while watching this and it got to the end and I was nearly done my eyeliner when awestruck is all "i love you" and "you matter", now I have to do my makeup again 😭

    Nicole ValleyNicole Valley8 dni temu
  • I Like His Hair

    That Dude TyrellThat Dude Tyrell8 dni temu
  • Yes!

    Red RainRed Rain8 dni temu
  • This video brought tears to my eyes but it felt good having someone reach out, thank you ❤️

    Laila LailaLaila Laila8 dni temu
  • When Zach says he cant say for 2 years dose that mean were looking at both a season 6 AND 7?

    Kenneth FerlandKenneth Ferland9 dni temu
  • I REALLY want to see Steven's gruesome PTSD nightmares. There's value in showing people; seeing it helps people put a name to what's going on.

    Lesbian Amazon SisterLesbian Amazon Sister9 dni temu
  • Regarding SU season 6 will probably parallel Rose's Room. Also, this season may redefine Beach City's relationship with the gems and homeworld gems relationship with the diamonds. Though unintentional gems attract trouble and are powerful beings. The gems could become military weapons or a science experiment if they're not careful. The home world gems may see this change as a sign of weakness. This could start a rebellion.

    D'ona EnglishD'ona English9 dni temu
  • This kinda brings me back to Robin Williams. He was a brilliant comedian who made everyone laugh but was overcome with sadness. In a away this video gives new context to that.

    D'ona EnglishD'ona English9 dni temu
  • I know we’ve all talked about a time jump, and Steven looking different. I really feel like Steven is going to have pinks diamond, and I feel like that we are going to see a lot of him “growing through it” as far as mental health and dealing with everything that has happened. Either way I’m so excited and happy that this show exists, and is helping people to heal and shine!

    T PizzarellaT Pizzarella9 dni temu
  • Thank you, my lord thank you ... i really needed to hear that

    ally88350ally883509 dni temu

    Yellow DiamondYellow Diamond9 dni temu
  • What is up with Zach's hair lol

    Austin DAustin D9 dni temu
  • I stopped caring about this show a while ago. As soon as Battle of Heart and Mind ended. I was like "Well, bye."

    Truth-Rationale ScientistTruth-Rationale Scientist9 dni temu
  • Maybe Steven wants more closure with his mother? Maybe he’ll find a way to bring her back while still keeping himself intact... in the finale after her gem is removed we don’t see his gem again... it looks like they went out of their way to hide that area? I’m not sure people said I was wrong about rose being pink diamond but look what happened 😌. I just feel like Steven has closure with everyone else but his mother...

    itsTeTeitsTeTe9 dni temu
  • This is all just speculation on the arc and was mostly about Zach’s mental health. Nothing is revealed! Ugh

    Mira BrownMira Brown9 dni temu
  • lmao i know exactly what he's talking abt. my best friend is dating him and he's just handing out spoilers non stop ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    themyers48themyers489 dni temu
  • uwu

    Lucas :3Lucas :39 dni temu
  • what you're describing sounds like dysphoria, and yes, a dysphoric arc would be something really interesting that i'd like to see :0

    DessDess9 dni temu
  • *_hm_*

    lovable Meganlovable Megan9 dni temu
  • Imma just like this video and move on, I want a surprise when season 6 and the movie comes out.

    BrøtherBrøther9 dni temu
  • UNPOPULAR OPINION: I want the Diamonds to be villains again

    eXtatic KiddoeXtatic Kiddo9 dni temu
  • Thanks for rooting, Vox!

    GhostPlanetFilmsGhostPlanetFilms9 dni temu

    Oh yeah yeahOh yeah yeah9 dni temu
  • The AI theory- See there is some proof of the AI theory but then there are a lot a holes in that theory if white diamond had a creator she wouldnt have free will which all the gems do they also have some form of reproducing steven is proof of that so i don't think there is a creator because in real life all gems are naturally made so idk if the theory is wrong but that's my thoughts

    Austin BurkhartAustin Burkhart9 dni temu
  • Steven “might have some issues that need working out” and that a year ago for him at this point. The war is over. He ducking did it. The Gems are all in a good place, mentally. It’s time to start unpacking those issues.

    dodiswatchbobobododiswatchbobobo9 dni temu
  • I always thinking Steven universe s6 its so beautiful show

    hanshuey broquezahanshuey broqueza9 dni temu
  • maybe he wont be happy because his mom is still not there? idk

    zakurocerzakurocer9 dni temu
  • Don't care really, done with the show lol I'm only here for the community at this point. Which isn't saying much

    Chara DreemurrChara Dreemurr9 dni temu
  • My hair looks exactly like zacks 😂

    Shelby RaymondShelby Raymond10 dni temu
  • "everythin'g going right but you're still not happy" you mean depression? lol

    DavethXLDavethXL10 dni temu
  • hey that thumbnail is from yellow demons eye errors, I know cause I went through and fixed all of them! :D

    DavethXLDavethXL10 dni temu
  • Im just happy season 6 is confirmed so I'm not even gonna watch the video incase spoilers

    ShadowMaster 45ShadowMaster 4510 dni temu
  • I could see future content focusing on Steven realizing that he doesn’t have to try to be the leader anymore. All he has left to do is focus on himself and working through everything that’s happened. It’s been a couple seasons since Steven has had any significant time to himself and I’d love to see how he handles that

    Hannah 15399642.14Hannah 15399642.1410 dni temu
  • I'm just gonna die when this show ends

    Apatite Facet 24XJApatite Facet 24XJ10 dni temu
  • I'm so proud of Zach...

    RinaTMRinaTM10 dni temu
  • Wait is season 6 even confirmed

    cover bladercover blader10 dni temu
  • I mean steven has gone through something really traumatic, he literally had a part of himself ripped away even if he came back together, and has been through a lot, and putting everyone else before himself. I would love if this show in the future was able to address that.

    NadohunterNadohunter10 dni temu
  • I don't know why they continue, it they do have that thread of white diamond they can pull, which is going to be stretched out for like, 50 episodes but that's it.

    nunyo bizneznunyo biznez10 dni temu
  • There is no future

    Chadd AlmightyChadd Almighty10 dni temu
  • 🤩 i love zachs hair!

    Alexis BricknerAlexis Brickner10 dni temu
  • Calling it now, Steven comes out in some way shape or form.

    Evan ParkEvan Park10 dni temu
  • Should add black Diamond

    BlastLord25BlastLord2510 dni temu
  • I needed to see this video a week ago. We are part of the Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club and we were working as exhibitors at Dallas Fan Days, and of course the cast of Steven Universe was right next to our display. I was so busy working all weekend that I never had a chance to go meet any of them. Still, knowing what Zach is going through, and what y'all have gone through, only makes the show and this channel mean that much more to me. Thank you

    Beka Linzmaier RobinsonBeka Linzmaier Robinson10 dni temu
  • Lool

    John JordanJohn Jordan10 dni temu
  • Lars of the Stars should have been a spin-off show

    Michael DavisMichael Davis10 dni temu
  • Too be honest if it isn't a time skip I'm not very interested and will just stop. If it IS a time skip then I am pretty unbelievably excited.

    WILLtheKNIGHTWILLtheKNIGHT10 dni temu
  • Zach sounds really weird with that voice

    Wonjae YiWonjae Yi10 dni temu
  • But like you heard him say two years right? It’s coming out for two years? ? ?

    EvilkittyEvilkitty10 dni temu
Steven Universe UPDATE: Season 6's Arc for Steven Revealed?