Overtime: Fran Lebowitz, Jonathan Metzl, Neera Tanden, George Packer, Jarmes Kirchick

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Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.
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  • Well, now it makes sense. This is the first real "millennial" election. Everything is going that way. Millennials don't want something, then it goes bankrupt. Millennials stare at their phone, start promoting yourself on Facebook and twitter. Bonnoroo and Coachella were sold out, lets have multiple nights of debates. The opinions of baby boomers used to be what they focused on, now forget it. You have to get the young vote. But millennials are almost too old. They aren't going to like it when they get tossed aside either. As a culture, we are always throwing away people. That's why are people are so angry.

    Katheryne MeroKatheryne Mero19 godzin temu
  • Can you see a gaypresident dealing with the Saudis ?

    Lynda MackrousLynda Mackrous2 dni temu
  • I agree with the singing nun - let them all run and sell tickets to Democrat Coachella - in the end we will vote for anyone not-trump - now how do we get rid of Mitch with all the gerrymandering and voter suppression ?? We must go in droves to the polls !! #voteBlue like our democracy depends on it ... because it does

    Vivian Segovia-BooneVivian Segovia-Boone3 dni temu
  • Daniel LewisDaniel Lewis5 dni temu
  • I have a hard time believing Kirchick has close friends.

    Chris KChris K7 dni temu
  • Fran Lebowitz..another xxxxwitz. You know who I mean. Those people who invented communism, socialism, liberalism, gender madness....

    bigbaba1111bigbaba11117 dni temu
    • you mean Jewish people... at least be a man about your antisemitism you dumbfuck.

      M OM O6 dni temu
  • Neera Tanden is the worst.

    TTCGamerTTCGamer10 dni temu
  • Yoohoo, Oh Billy.. You’d really like #SherrodBrown I am a bit shocked you don’t know him.. You’re right #GeorgePacker Actually, Sherrod was running and then pulled out of the #2020 race.

    Heather Mimi WahlquistHeather Mimi Wahlquist10 dni temu
  • Who’s the ugly dude next to Maher? He’s stupid too!

    Rooster 32Rooster 3212 dni temu
  • George Packer made one of the few good points: vote for who _you_ want, not who _you think others_ want. The political and media establishment are sabotaging this primary, like they did in 2016, by talking about "electability" rather than issues. Another good point is how ridiculously large the pool of candidates are, with at least a dozen having no real shot. If those folks were actually concerned about serving for the betterment of the country, then they would instead be running for the Senate. Winning that branch is at least as important as winning the presidency.

    End Political CorruptionEnd Political Corruption14 dni temu
  • The closed caption is, uhm, interesting on this

    Cows Singing MooosicCows Singing Mooosic14 dni temu
  • Corrupted Neera Tanden is the best exponent of an individual who lives in the Truman Show thinks echo chambers are the reality.

    Angelum BandAngelum Band15 dni temu
  • TDS TEDtalk.

    Miles NorthMiles North16 dni temu
  • jesus.. look at her face

    Supreme SnekSupreme Snek16 dni temu
  • No more Neera. She holds the floor with her nasal whine. She's the only reason I would change channels when she's on. Shut up, Nerra!!!!

    Gregg HansonGregg Hanson16 dni temu
  • Why is everyone ignoring the fact that in a lot of situations the anti abortion laws are affecting men's lives too, and I don't just mean the stereotypical pregnant mistress scenarios. In many situations the choice to abort a pregnancy is made by both prospective parents together because bringing a child into the World affects the potential fathers' lives for the rest of their lives too. And a family shouldn't have to have the Mom's health and even life put at risk should she feel an illegal abortion of some sort must be sought. And let's face it this IS what is going to be happening in many cases.

  • Islam is a theocracy which means the religious teachings of the Koran form the basis for the integration of the judiciary with the government.

    Sharon DavisSharon Davis17 dni temu
  • "bringing more and more candidates into the race is actually a good thing" - yeah, ok, but what about when the DNC has to pick ONE, and all of those people feel betrayed?

    KisamaKisama17 dni temu
  • Maher and his guests are a bunch of wanks. Their pay comes from media supporting the LEFT. And they are so stupid to think the American public buys into their b.s. What a shame that their stupid little minds can't understand what WE, the CONSERVATIVES actually think. They minimize us, the collective who support Trump as being non-gay, which is so wrong! These folks are spuing b.s. and getting paid for it. TRUMP 2020, by a landslide! These little thinkers are PAID by the DEMs to get their agenda heard. What a bunch of WANKS!

    Hold The BaconHold The Bacon17 dni temu
  • Great apologe FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! you look like Edna mole

    Ryan GonzalesRyan Gonzales17 dni temu
  • @2:54 Evangelicals support Trump because he is a tool to be used to their ends. Abortion, Israel, lax taxation and no oversight of church finances, and pro-islamaphobia.

    Haven SkyeHaven Skye18 dni temu
  • I can't belive they didn't upload the interview

    MelonAndHipsterMelonAndHipster19 dni temu
  • George Burns had a sex change , she is now known as Fran Lebowitz .

    9avedon9avedon19 dni temu
  • So who is the Nazi again? Death threats, black uniforms, shouting-down dissent, violence and political corruption. You leftists lack self-awareness. You are the Nazis. Congratulations you little monsters. We will defend ourselves from your fascism...again.

    Arthur ClementsArthur Clements20 dni temu
  • Bill can suck balls the commi dickhead.

    Mike BMike B20 dni temu
  • Fran can go Fuck her commi bitch self!

    Mike BMike B20 dni temu
  • How do you guys miss the point soooooo badly when you interpret Republican motives and what the rest of the country thinks outside of your NY-LA echo chambers? No wonder you lost the election. 🙄

    Balerion The DreadBalerion The Dread22 dni temu
  • Neera is so off the mark, she doesn't understand the Red rural community, she is also delusional if she thinks a Dem is going to do anything for working families, we are better off electioning Trump again so we have the will to change the system that keep lobbyist away from washington , something about guns, and the rich stealing the resources that make our society livable.

    MrVader282MrVader28222 dni temu
  • Fran Lebowitz wants to turn Trump into the Saudis. Which would be cool. But the broad says she likes Elizabeth Warren and Elizabeth Warren voted to increase the military budget so wen can keep giving money and arms to those very Saudis who are committing genocide in Yemen right now. These ppl need to Shut the fuck up and stay in their bubble.

    Fernando MartinezFernando Martinez23 dni temu
    • @Luna Azule Tulsi2020

      Fernando MartinezFernando Martinez21 dzień temu
    • The Saudis will keep getting $ from Trump or Warren..Pick someone to beat him.

      Luna AzuleLuna Azule23 dni temu
  • can we agree on one thing... healthcare is, should, be the most important topic, and if not fixed will devastate our economy. Many of the Democrats don't believe it is possible for Medicare for all, maybe we can hire Canada it implement their system in America

    Michael BakerMichael Baker23 dni temu
    • Our 'dear leaders' don't have the guts to ask for help from Canada. (pssss: Hey, can I come live with you)

      Luna AzuleLuna Azule23 dni temu
  • Fran comes off annoying as fuck, "I had 12 cups of coffee , I didn't realize I said it". Really? Own up to it and her opinion about Bernie and Hillary show how much of a corporatist Democrat she is and is not a true Progressive. Also, she looks like a damn troll doll with her hair like that.

    TrainingLime 555TrainingLime 55523 dni temu
  • STFU Neera

    Marianne MaguireMarianne Maguire23 dni temu
  • What did she say about the Saudis?

    Eric BurkheimerEric Burkheimer23 dni temu
    • @Luna Azule well, that is a good idea.

      Eric BurkheimerEric Burkheimer23 dni temu
    • I'm not sure but I think she said she wishes they would cut him up in pieces like they do common criminals you know, being the sophisticated culture that they are and all.

      Luna AzuleLuna Azule23 dni temu
  • On religion; is has it not always been about power and subjugation of the uneducated in order to maintain a sub-class to be slaves, slaves not only as workers but as consumers of junk? All religion is about the continuity of 'stupid' as a necessary part of economics.

    Kingsley SaxonKingsley Saxon24 dni temu
  • Howard stern looks like he lost some weight and shrunk & left wing back peddling!

    JJ FinkelsteinJJ Finkelstein24 dni temu
  • I've been referring to Republicans as theocratic for years (religion is power basically) and someone finally said it

    TwiggafingaTwiggafinga24 dni temu
    • Comparing it to Iran and Saudi?

      PaulPaul23 dni temu
  • I love that fran

    Jason R StantonJason R Stanton24 dni temu
  • The more I watch these idiots, the more convinced I am our nation is going to be in for a second round of the DTs.

    braintree2braintree224 dni temu
    • @Julie Ann Ennis If I were you I'd be careful about calling other people bitches. You might just draw an unflattering comparison, my little bitch.

      braintree2braintree223 dni temu
    • Then run yourself, oh wise one.... or offer some help... cos other than that, this comment is just one of a whiny, lil bitch. *yawn*

      Julie Ann EnnisJulie Ann Ennis23 dni temu
  • Liberals are so unfunny.

    Pamela RicePamela Rice24 dni temu
  • Why do you keep blinders on? This is a Trump ploy. In American history, who could win the Presidency with a 30% at the polls? Trump being murdered by his third wife is choice drama. drjimxlaw64@gmail.com

    Dr.  Jim McHughDr. Jim McHugh24 dni temu
  • Sensitive times, I guess!?!? I wish there really was an Ash Williams; Ashy-Slashy could take his chainsaw to these Deadites...

    Don McGibbonDon McGibbon24 dni temu
  • your county and WORLD NEED BURNIE SANDERS

    Matty McGooMatty McGoo24 dni temu
  • burnie fuckin sanders

    Matty McGooMatty McGoo24 dni temu
  • i love watching billy smallcock maher cry and moan and cry and wine..........hahahahahahahahhaha..... MAGA2020!

    Bobby AxelrodBobby Axelrod24 dni temu
  • Cringe

    The Jimmy Swaggart ShowThe Jimmy Swaggart Show25 dni temu
  • People are fucking lunatics. Women want to kill babies in a socialist dystopia Get over it.....Donald is your president. Find a new topic. Sore losing Children

    AL ByrneAL Byrne25 dni temu
  • I disagree with what Fran said. It should be the whole Trump family that's handed to the Saudis ( as if that would ACTUALLY happen, triggered Republicans)

    2126Eliza2126Eliza25 dni temu
  • Fran Lebowitz needs a visit from the Secret Service for advocating murder of our President.

    Terry ArgoTerry Argo26 dni temu
  • Evangelicals are brilliant! They support Trump, they hate anyone that is different than them, they are scientifically illiterate, and they think an ancient book full of nonsense is science! Most of them have never read or even know what is actually in their book. Morons!

    Sean JonesSean Jones26 dni temu
    • @Paul You are getting closer.

      Sean JonesSean Jones23 dni temu
    • @Sean Jones In fact us conservatives are lucky to have intelligent liberals like you telling us what to think and do. We are so stupid. That God for the woke liberals. They are always right while we are always wrong.

      PaulPaul23 dni temu
    • @Paul You are very wise. Fart sound

      Sean JonesSean Jones23 dni temu
    • True. But Democrats support jihadi islamists. So it evens out.

      PaulPaul23 dni temu
  • Please don't confuse WHITE evangelical with ALL evangelicals. Black evangelicals NEVER drank Trump's coolaid.

    ej sej s27 dni temu
  • That one guy complaining Bernie isn’t a Democrat😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Andy P. HoffmanAndy P. Hoffman27 dni temu
    • Bernie's a socialist hypocrite

      AL ByrneAL Byrne25 dni temu
  • I miss the old Bill Maher.

    Andy P. HoffmanAndy P. Hoffman27 dni temu
  • Bill, I am a millennial with millennial children. I am very restrictive when it comes to social media. I have a 20 year old that works full-time and goes to school. My 14 year old doesn't have a phone. Please, understand that we are all not the same. We millineals have so much more to worry about with student loan debt, climate change, etc. Cut us some slack, please. We are paying the price for your generation.

    Sara MarlowSara Marlow27 dni temu
    • @AL Byrne I had my daughter at 16. And yes, I am millenial. I am on the edge of what is considered one. I do take responsibility. I worked hard to go through school and earned a Bachelor's Degree. I work full-time and take care of myself and children. Don't presume to know me off one post.

      Sara MarlowSara Marlow24 dni temu
    • You and your children can't be millennials.....if you are, you had them at.....13 You are paying for your own choices. Take some responsibility

      AL ByrneAL Byrne25 dni temu
  • Fran Lebowitz is Howard Stern in 5 years.

    WP SNWP SN28 dni temu
    • @TheDeepNorth Nope... Fran is brilliant. You obviously have no idea who she is!! pl-vision.com/detail/wideo-N4WTZ0jCsWE.html

      Iris FriesenIris Friesen11 dni temu
    • HAHA she looks like another person YAWN

      SoaringTrumpetSoaringTrumpet11 dni temu
    • @WP SN: Wow, that's really demeaning... to Howard Stern.

      TheDeepNorthTheDeepNorth16 dni temu
    • ROFL. That is who I thought the thumbnail was!

      C RizzyC Rizzy22 dni temu
  • As to abortion, when i heard Greg Boyd the Evangelist, not to be confused with Gregory Boyd the Catholic priest, say, that there were more abortions in poor countries than in rich ones, --I suppose he is a person like me who thinks that a follower of Christ should back up the poor not the billionaires--, I thought about what he said and it seemed very possible that that might be true that in poverty struken districts of South America there should be a lot of back street abortions. So, if you dont like abortions and I think they are probably a big problem for young women who always dreampt of havind a baby and played with dolls and also are sad for anyone, you should vote for the left, because there are less abortions in wicked rich countries, who dont penalise abortions than in places where the wonderful and unselfish poor live. A lie of catholics is to see the poor as automatiically very moral people when in all truth,and it is onne reason to hate poverty, life presses the poor too hard for them to be too pure. Zola, the writer's books make that plain and the church hate him. The women Degas painted ironing clothes, I was told, had to prostitute themselves in the evenings they earned so little ironing clothes. It is possible that Catholics who have a big presence in poor countries and who take confessions know that there are a lot of back street abortions in poor countries. They are so hypocritical and absolutely black hearted that they will sweep nasty statistics under the carpet if it helps them spit in the face of the wicked rich countries. I was taught by a very nice nun and very good literature teacher but she started at school, a debating group, in which it seemed that she was fishing for us to say that the end justifies the means! which was not so very nice. I did not think more about it till I met militant Catholics later in life, who seemed to be willing to do anything harrass and blacken and fake miracles, to oblige me to be what Ratzinger called an orthodox catholic,not a relativist in my religion. I like Ghandi who says that the means are the end. Dignataries of the church dont mind how much damage they do if by doing it they acheive some end of theirs. Also. A North American feminist said that more girls died in the USA of back street abortions than boys died in vietnam. THat is a very good reason to have legal abortions.

    Rose MacaskieRose Macaskie28 dni temu
  • The only thing republicans are keeping woman from is killing babies.

    Steph ThompsonSteph Thompson28 dni temu
  • How many’s of the good things that you all doing? But nothings into the government just go around to spying the innocent life’s and hurtful with hateful towards to them, because all of this is people’s like President Trumps working hard everyday with times to knowing how dirty jobs that you all did to the innocent people’s and animals!!! Also, correcting the pay incomes from the taxes payers in America’s, You Americans should needs you all thinking nothings everyday into the government jobs; accepted, just get the taxes payers money’s to thinking how can you all to do the revenges to hurtful and hateful of whoever like President Trumps that’s all. I’m not sure why should the taxes payers still would like to pay you all left government to worked as government at all!!!!

    elsa helgasonelsa helgason29 dni temu
  • Before my Chico’s boy’s dead’s, you all left government wanted Canada government forces the animals clinic increased the prices that I can’t afford, at the same times, the TD bank kept let you all left government stolen if my money’s! I had no money’s to saved of my Chico’s boy’s life’s; it’s this time I will take full responsibility of Chico’s boy’s sister’s then the prices will be so big again,! Tells the veteran not treated her as well!!!

    elsa helgasonelsa helgason29 dni temu
  • I’m going to pick up the innocent tiny homeless animals tomorrow with sickness that I will responsible of her medical bills in the futures as well! They are the life’s everything’s is burned off! No money’s and no belongings not even pierce of clothes, this because he is my friend that got into this situations in Canada right now!!!!

    elsa helgasonelsa helgason29 dni temu
  • How is NEERA still relevant??? Seriously why does BILL still have her on????

    Steven MartinezSteven Martinez29 dni temu
  • It’s because you all is killers and criminals so is no shameful of to killing and burning of the innocent people’s and animals without put to the prisons at all!!!!

    elsa helgasonelsa helgason29 dni temu
  • Thank you for telling me how richer of the people’s are!!!! You all thinking it’s funny of all of that of yours left government did from the US.

    elsa helgasonelsa helgason29 dni temu
  • Now who’s going to rebuild the house to him, he already is disability person and he didn’t get any money’s for his disability whatsoever. We all are not belongs to the political government that why we all disability people’s got hurts!!! I’m disability and he is disability that we both had the pets at home loves so much. We didn’t get any money’s from them Canadians government whatsoever. We kept attacked by the US left government as criminals in this worlds?!?!? Why don’t you just stops to attacked us as disability persons in this worlds. I just wanted to knows who’s going to pay for this house rebuild!!!! In person without one leg disability and Chico’s sister’s was getting ole needs the care, they both will become homeless!

    elsa helgasonelsa helgason29 dni temu
  • Whatever you all wanted to laughter of me, then you can go right ahead to do so. I’m not the shadows of anyone’s If you all did that not to hurtful for me! Only back fire if yourself, because I’m Not President Trumps. All these is you wanted to is President Trumps, it’s not me, I don’t know who you are! But you can say whatever you wanted to. This is all of yours Americans business, why should I be the Chinese to take all of yours left criminals US government business! You left US government already killed my Chico’s boy’s already, now is caused the stressful for roommate the seriously sickness; then it’s the lawyers come after my payments, and the Canada government corrections department after my daughter the payments that my daughter don’t even knows what I’m paying for!!!! Today’s, it’s my dearest friend as my brother’s the house got burned down and he still into the hospital waiting for the surgery for the burns! Also, the tiny fur baby’s girl’s almost could dead in that fire as well; you left government in US knowing she is my Chico’s boy’s sister’s. all of you couldn’t stopped to killing more of my loves one! Setup the fire to burned Cher to dies! Luckily, she is okay that the universe knowing she is my Chico’s boy’s sister’s to safe her through my friend, then my dearest friend as my brother that got to the surgery with the totally burned of skins! How horrible that you all did that to my loves one!’! I’m wondering next would must be my closed families; it could be my father that you all always called him in the middle of the night let him ran for the phone thought was me called him, one night he might just fell because of the phone ring fell over somethings to dies at home thousands and thousands miles from me to make you all left US government feelings happy for it!!! What did I done to made you all did that to each one I loves so dearly!!!!

    elsa helgasonelsa helgason29 dni temu
  • I've heard it all. Neera's too high...Fran's too low. It's too dull, then I want all policy talk. Jeez! Talk about Democrats figuring it out, when you can't! What's the other guys names...any complaints about them? Effin' pussies pickin' on the women.

    Dulcie ParkerDulcie Parker29 dni temu
  • The rifle society lies to their buyers and people are incluned to believe representatives of a big business. They imagine that others would expose such if they lied. I heard the representative of the gun society say that there were just as many murders in countries with stricter gun laws because people who have a will to kill find a way, as in North America. The UN gives the figures for murders in diffeerent countries, These figures change but I looked them up six mounths or some such ago and it was then, a bit less than one, per hundred thousand people, in Spain, a bit more than one in England and in North America it was round about three and a half people murdered, per hundred thousand people. If people get lied to, they cannot help seeming stupid and many people work to hard to be investingating the knews, htey arre not stupid they are lied to and those whose job it is to check out the lies and refute them are not doing so.

    Rose MacaskieRose Macaskie29 dni temu
  • Thank you so much for coaching the crazy democrates. I am hoping your coaching will pass through, over to Europe and help us here too.

    Rose MacaskieRose Macaskie29 dni temu
  • if the religious were honest, you would not have that nice guy jesus on your wall, he who said "Forgive them lord they know not what they do", or, told us to pray, "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us", on your wall, you would have that real man, Saint Augustine or the other, Saint Jerome on your wall who said we should kill heretics, those christian fathers who we all said we believed in when we said the Credo. They were not so much sons of God as sons of a gun. They werre not killed for lack of being extreme enough as relious guys, they are the ones who make the inquision, hte holy inquisition, a logical part of our faith. We were not taught Saint Augustines Just War Theory'. which is to say that if violence would stop evil it would be a sin not to use it'. Nor were we taught that, that, that meant attacking poor little heretics,.It does not so much mean holding back a person who is about to attack another with an axe. Heretics will make others go to hell, our God does nto forgive people the fact that they have the wrong ideology. They were killing heretics a few decades ago in South America. Communists are heretics, so are anarchists, both also got killed a few decades ago also in Spain and Italy, in Spain they had a nasty method for doing for such people, of executing them, called the garrote vil. So were poor Jews killed once again in Germany. The Inquisition has not disappeared, it just has less transperant guises. Also, they lie about atheists and pretend that these are heartless psychopathies. It is so hard for them to see that they have a role in the world if you can admit that atheists also are good. I think that religon is full of fascinating ideas and tha tlearning them is good for people but they think hta tif they cannot rule supreme as the only harbingers of what is good, they will have no use at all.

    Rose MacaskieRose Macaskie29 dni temu
  • Bill Mahers, As to children, there were always your parents with the attitudes of Dudley Durleys parents to Dudley, my child must have everything parents and others, who have the attitudes of Dudley Dursleys parents to Harry Potter and the Dursleys werent rich, they were what once was called, before middle class meant working class, very middle, middle class or even lower middle ditto , you get just as many ;poor people who spoil brats as rich ones who do. My mother was rich and she wanted us to be good to people and to clean the house and cook for her and to be good at studies, she believed in discipline and wanted to have time to read, she shouted me silly, till i had very bad stance, not staight shoulders her shouting made me huddle up so, she did not give me at have a quiet enough home life to be able to study but she did not half teach me a lot, though that did not include building up my confidence and taking things one by one so that I could do exercises well. I don't think her endless criticism made going to Harvard a possiblility for me, i was too verbally abused too have self confidence or to study well . There always were spoilt brats and people who dont spoil their children. there are always people who took the teachers points of veiw even when the teachers has sexually abused their children. It takes an average of telling seven adults, to get believed about havign suffered from child abuse accordign to the statistics. There are always some spoilt brat parents who are horrible to children or people who have had traumatic childhoods, which make them cross and hard to live with. Bill, you should adore children, they are lively very intelligent and funny. You need to go to one of those psychiatreists who persuade people to get slowly used to touching spiders , and then, you could have fun with children. My horrible mother had five children, four little brothers and sisters for me, the which and her love of children which taught me to enjoy them, taught me to love children and babies,how to get their attention and how to bring them on, She also made me read and try to read good books she was great in so many ways.

    Rose MacaskieRose Macaskie29 dni temu
  • Anyone else find Fran Lebowitz annoying and boring as shit? She never has anything remotely interesting to add, it's all "leftist warrior" posing bullshit. Can't figure out why Bill thinks she's interesting enough to put her on the show as much as he does.

    Mr GreyMr GreyMiesiąc temu
  • I hate people that are annoyed by women’s voices generally. But Neera’s voice annoys.

    Sunset Beach IslanderSunset Beach IslanderMiesiąc temu
  • Elizabeth Warren is bold as hell. Biden isn't progressive enough and I think she could win.

    Ursa MajorUrsa MajorMiesiąc temu
    • @Robert Nicholls You're full of shit, Texas is definitely in play after a very close Senate seat election.

      Ursa MajorUrsa Major27 dni temu
    • Naw, Elizabeth Warren is being used to clear a path for Biden. The entire reason for this large field is to destroy the left. I hate that too many of you can't see it. Warren is a real center left candidate but an inside game only will result in the same stagnation. It will lead to a more destructive but competent right wing presidency. Here's what will happen, the economy will tank catastrophically, if a Democrat wins and goes about things in the same manner, while managing another failed economy, the right will be full on Nazi. This is just the appetizer. Why do you think Neera is propping up Beto, who isn't going anywhere? She's lying about Texas being in play right now. These people are corrupt. The Democratic Party is just a consulting racket now. You should read this article about Lipinsky, it will give you a clear view of what the Democratic Party wants to be. They want to be the Republican Party of the 80s. If Romney ran as a Dem, they would be selling him as the most progressive candidate. www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/05/dccc-daniel-lipinski-marie-newman-congress

      Robert NichollsRobert Nicholls27 dni temu
  • They're really all start to look alike as they get older... don't They.

    ThoreauThoreauMiesiąc temu
  • viva Fran!

    john peterjohn peterMiesiąc temu
  • It's cool she helped found the Incredibles

    bxxx9bxxx9Miesiąc temu
  • Leggo Bernie! Can't wait for the rest of the flies to drop out (Excluding Warren).

    AlkaliteAlkaliteMiesiąc temu
  • Who is that ugly MAN sitting TO THE THE RIGHT next to the JERK OFF bill maher? She/he/it's never been fucked, no one is that HARD Up to fuck that, man or woman or trans-sexual or homosexual!

    BEEN DEERBEEN DEERMiesiąc temu
  • Hey Bill how about invite some liberals every once in a while.

    eleven2170eleven2170Miesiąc temu
  • Fran Lebowitz, Jonathan Metzl, George Packer, James Kirchick....all Jews. WHY THE FUCK DOESN'T (((MAHER))) JUST MOVE HIS SHOW TO TEL AVIV?

    Jahz DJahz DMiesiąc temu
  • Good God their so one sided their all Democrat right down the line.

    dicemanacedicemanaceMiesiąc temu
  • Bernie 2020

    Jeffrey LebowskiJeffrey LebowskiMiesiąc temu
  • Why wasn't this episode on hbo Canada? Your show is the only reason I pay for hbo. If you start singling out Canada to not see your show Il cancel hbo.

    Tyson bTyson bMiesiąc temu
  • This Neera woman is in it for the money, nothing else. I hate everything about her.

    Murilo MeloMurilo MeloMiesiąc temu
  • VIDEO TITLE: his name is James, not Jarmes

    J L NJ L NMiesiąc temu
  • Insult to Pagans and Heathens everywhere

    Carrie Ann LaShelleCarrie Ann LaShelleMiesiąc temu
    • I liked the reference, altho, anything/one connected to Trrmp is respect lessening fo sho. but, I was "taught" about "those" pagans & heathens in Catholic school(as in I was responsible for recruiting them....never did) & being young...took it seriously...then come to find out, christens "borrowed" from pagans etc. to make THEIR religion more palatable! Vexing. Now older..now I know. Mistrust those that still "buy" into an "edited" history.

      Dulcie ParkerDulcie Parker29 dni temu
  • I'd love to see Michael Avenatti back again...any chance you could book him for another appearance?

    Charles NelsonCharles NelsonMiesiąc temu
  • Most Evangelicals Are Morons

    Juan BetancourtJuan BetancourtMiesiąc temu
    • Juan Betancourt it’s because they are Zionist and trump is friends with Netanyahu

      Random WomanRandom Woman28 dni temu
  • This is all embarrassing having him as president. Can't wait til that douchebag is in prison

    yerout 716yerout 716Miesiąc temu
  • That old guy that looks like a witch needs to put a cork in his mouth...sorry that’s just a very ugly woman...

    Rocky 36Rocky 36Miesiąc temu
  • Everyone got in their comic bag this show (golf clap)

    Edward Williams IIIEdward Williams IIIMiesiąc temu
  • Fuck Neera Tanden pl-vision.com/detail/wideo-keLUmF0GFIM.html

    Shooty McStabbyfaceShooty McStabbyfaceMiesiąc temu
  • what a useless circle jerk of a panel.

    G13 classifiedG13 classifiedMiesiąc temu
  • Fran Leibowitz is actually Howard Stern in drag

    KJ GreyKJ GreyMiesiąc temu
  • The proper ending of this would have been that cunt in handcuffs.

    Grymm GamingGrymm GamingMiesiąc temu
  • Im a pagan and that digg was poor form, sir.

    Khul GolgothaKhul GolgothaMiesiąc temu
  • billie marrrrrrrrr gets one sick twisted pos guest/ friend after another. box office poison pl-vision.com/detail/wideo-gJ90yMDCd78.html

    jmack619jmack619Miesiąc temu
  • Israel is a theocratic government. what does Fran the inv=bred asian think of that

    Luke ArenbergLuke ArenbergMiesiąc temu
  • "they misinterprete everything" says Fran the fckin alien. is she for real or just a severely inbred lunatic.

    Luke ArenbergLuke ArenbergMiesiąc temu
  • Major Pete

    Amy KirkwoodAmy KirkwoodMiesiąc temu
  • Does this mean President Trump should be forgiven too. He never called for anyone to be dismembered. Or is it that everyone can say what they like except Donald Trump.

    Bright RoseBright RoseMiesiąc temu
Overtime: Fran Lebowitz, Jonathan Metzl, Neera Tanden, George Packer, Jarmes Kirchick