New Rule: The Great Wife Hope | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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In his editorial New Rule, Bill asks for help from the only person who might be able to knock out Donald Trump: Melania.
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  • You stopped being funny two weeks ago. Is this permanent? If so, maybe you're getting old. Just retire and disappear please.

    Eliyahu FogelEliyahu Fogel4 godzin temu

    Simply HumanSimply Human10 godzin temu
  • Fuck u Bill, u assclown

  • Night King Drumpf has an ominous ring.......

    timewaitsfornoonetimewaitsfornoone14 godzin temu
  • BTW you can not boost this video on facebook... Too subversive?

    fjordlandfjordlandDzień temu
  • Almost peed my pants...I'm 46 years old...but still 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mikyla SmithMikyla SmithDzień temu

    Helen CampbellHelen CampbellDzień temu
  • Murdoch the first ruler of the World! Ugh....

    Robert ArnoldRobert ArnoldDzień temu
  • melania trump doesn't have as many options as u suggest. I live in nyc and London and models like her are a dime a dozen. I used to own dorms for them, and would get paid to send them to parties. they live in bunk beds and all they want to do is have sex, meet powerful men, and have a good time. worthless hipsters fuck them from time to time, so a rich big short like trump is like a dream come true, and iff youre a young prince like me I can fuck as many as I want a day.

    Luke ArenbergLuke ArenbergDzień temu
    • I doubt bill maher ever had perfect specimens like that wanting to have sex with him in New York.

      Luke ArenbergLuke ArenbergDzień temu
  • melania has not had sexual relations with that man since barron was conceived.

    LaVida2LaVida2Dzień temu
  • Maybe we can get George Soros wife to threaten to leave if he doesn't stop funding the brain dead thugs in BLM and Antifa

    AtariLeafAtariLeafDzień temu
  • mail order bride stepford wife trade in trophy aka prostitute purchasing sperm from dirty deal donor of ill gotten gain off sprung disorders charlatans trickling down fraudulence as symptom of the whore marketing misnomers dependent upon political orifice and censorship

    Allen TolmanAllen Tolman2 dni temu
  • Wouldn't this just make Trump even MORE volatile ?

    Christopher O'NeilChristopher O'Neil2 dni temu
  • Bill a real ass nigga he going after that mans ego and lifeee 💀 best way to get on a mans nerves

    Jonathan MartinezJonathan Martinez2 dni temu
  • Fantasy plane, de plane! Too bad. Back to the reality of our fucked cucked world.

    Jillian SmithJillian Smith2 dni temu
  • I bet Melania is under contract with Trump. She can't or won't break it.

    Pindar DraconiaPindar Draconia2 dni temu
  • She won't leave. She probably has a financial arrangement to stay, at least until he is impeached.

    Diane IsMyNameDiane IsMyName2 dni temu
  • Maybe Melania is Putin's lover and they are controlling Donald.

    51Saffron51Saffron2 dni temu
  • Closer to 300lbs of flab...

    Douglas EnnisDouglas Ennis2 dni temu
  • Trump went to sex workers, rather than have sex with a woman that looks like the new Bruce Jenner! If this illigitamate invader wasn't perpetuating this fraud, and destroying the American Government, he wouldn't be with her! She knows what he did and is with him 100%. A born and bred Communist and she gets to pretend to be a freaking lady!

    Dai LeeDai Lee2 dni temu
  • Women have the same capacity for evil as men.

    Raoul FleckmanRaoul Fleckman3 dni temu
  • Melanie doesn't care, do you? She's completely controlled by Dennison and his NDA.

    Herman KlumpHerman Klump3 dni temu

    Trotsky or BustTrotsky or Bust3 dni temu
  • Maher is so fake. He taken so many turns he look like game map on the back of a kids happy meal. Braindead zombies. Yes, that is all you liberals.

    JoeyJoey3 dni temu
  • Melania is the female version of Donald Trump!!

    india roseindia rose3 dni temu
  • Melanoma trump is a fucking whore

    Scott SeymourScott Seymour3 dni temu
  • THe dollars...ALWAYS the wonder Mick dumped her ass.

    Jay BirdyJay Birdy3 dni temu
  • Rump will just "muscle" her as he does with all his women.

    Jay BirdyJay Birdy3 dni temu
  • Too bad, Mel is just as evil as Trumpet.

    John DavidJohn David3 dni temu
  • You left out Jerry Hall in Batman (1989) with Jack Napier.

    David ZapenDavid Zapen3 dni temu

    Notitiaa WebsiteNotitiaa Website3 dni temu
  • Fucking that semi dead Ken doll........ yeah dead inside

    Robert CozmaRobert Cozma4 dni temu
  • It is quite hilarious that you are calling out Fox News and saying nothing about the MUCH WORSE CNN and MSNBC. Oh yeah, those are liberal liars so it's ok.

    C RizzyC Rizzy4 dni temu
  • I like to think she's in around because "THEY" are threatening her, her son & her family . .

    Sarong GoddessSarong Goddess4 dni temu
  • Omg .... "Start me up"

    primerorprimeror4 dni temu
  • Old people seems to be ruining the planet ;-)

    Subin SasidharanSubin Sasidharan4 dni temu
  • You can’t check a guy who writes you checks.

    Clöe RockhamClöe Rockham4 dni temu
  • Any man that is controlled by not getting pussy is a f****** idiot. Its a fleshlight with a heartbeat...big deal. Not worth the hassle

    Cuda shouldawouldaCuda shouldawoulda4 dni temu
  • Melania was built in Westwold, Robo ho

    bigravioleesbigraviolees4 dni temu
  • Dammit Bill, why do you have to swing to the left.?!?!? I swing to the right and I STILL love your show! I am a Trump supporter and that was some funny shit!

    mmaguirejr1mmaguirejr14 dni temu
  • Bill I think MSNBC and the other networks are all the same. Pushing neo-liberal doctrine which they know does not work.

    Tom MartinTom Martin4 dni temu
  • The guy is more dead than not, but only he knows how he feels, if he feels anything, if he wasn't for his greed. In Mexican politics we had something similar to what the United States is going through with the first family. The first lady a low IQ and low rated Televisa actress, oh and for those who don't know what Televisa means if translated to english, it would probably meant Fox News and nothing else. If you want to see the similarities just Google former president and first lady of Mexico and you will know what I mean. Slap... away Malania and don't let yourself be put in the closet of forgotten first ladies and speak up for women's rights, if you want to show us you actually have a voice! As we all know women's rights are bring stripped off as we speak in several States. If women like to be heard, they need to come out in the next UNITED STATES political cycle and say it aloud, enough is enough on trying to decide for them or dictate their bodies decisions. Keep the government off women's right to chose. What's next, a woman's right to an education and keep them home as if they were pets or some kind of animal? Men don't have the best at heart when it comes to women rights, even though we strive toward that end and particularly in professional circles where the competition is even greater where men are losing all the fights. I dare the few women in this White House to oppose or contradict the president and see what happens. By the way, I got to go Biden is about to speak and we in Mexico and in many other parts if the world are looking forward to someone with political experience. Oh, by the way, I vote in U.S. elections, since I am a dual U.S. citizen. Hasta pronto amigos e informense bien antes de votar este 2020!😉😀

    HLuleaHLulea4 dni temu

    Lori HolmanLori Holman4 dni temu
  • What a BITCH move!

    The TribeThe Tribe4 dni temu
  • They aren't COMMANDING an army of braindead zombies, they ARE braindead zombies.

    Toaster RobotToaster Robot4 dni temu
  • The real Fake News is Trumps tan

    Zach YapleZach Yaple4 dni temu
  • EDIT: 200 pounds of flab corrected to 300 pounds of flab.

    charles wrightmancharles wrightman4 dni temu
  • Narcissists dont change. They do no wrong, ever, so whats to change? Im not sure if Melania would just leave....interesting idea tho.

    Liisa VarhallaLiisa Varhalla4 dni temu
  • I know this is said a million times before by other people, but they married for the money. (I mean it's pretty obvious.) And they don't want "half of it". They want ALL of it - hence why they're leeching on for so long. There are also probably legalities in place (via their lawyers and what not) that prevent them from leaving or getting anything from the marriage via a divorce that we may not even know about. I mean, if you can make legal contracts for a divorce, marriage and prenups, then whos' say they don't have other stuff too?? I'm just saying.... Most rich people - (particularly those who are white) are usually kinda "funny" and the most insecure, especially when it comes to their money and how it's handled by anybody who aren't them. They will spend on some of them most messed up shit and you wouldn't even know.

    Anisa MazakiAnisa Mazaki4 dni temu
  • Fact: Conservatives get laid more than Liberals ... Discuss ...

    Jay VasalloJay Vasallo5 dni temu
  • Uuhg. Bill, she is likely in an abusive relationship. Your misogyny is showing. Leave her alone.

    Megan ChristopherMegan Christopher5 dni temu
  • That joke about the Night King hasn't aged well.

    Robo BlueRobo Blue5 dni temu
  • I remember pictures of Jerry's wedding to Murdoch in Hello Magazine. Her daughter looked like she was going to the electric chair...

    steve connsteve conn5 dni temu
  • That's if he had something for her to find!!!

    Ron CopelandRon Copeland5 dni temu
  • You know Liberals are losing and losing big time when this pissed off pseudo comedian is left with asking a mans wife to leave her husband. How pathetic. 2020 is going to be wonderful.

    Gaius BaltarGaius Baltar5 dni temu
  • Angry kikel now wants a mans wife to divorce and corrupt from within her marriage the man she loves and is devoted to . Liberalism is a mental disorder Trump is singularly the greatest US President full stop.

    Gaius BaltarGaius Baltar5 dni temu
  • Bill, you lost me when you said Trump weighs two hundred pounds. I weigh two hundred pounds and I don't have fat hanging off every part of my body like Trump does. I'd say it's closer to three hundred pounds, at least two fifty.

    Frank HarrodFrank Harrod5 dni temu
  • I learned some when I was a child if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all. She’s a faithful wife to her husband the President of the United States. Stop using your platform to trash people. You think it’s funny it’s not

    Michael WintersMichael Winters5 dni temu
  • Okay Bill, it's a new Friday. 2 things - you better on, and you better be funny. Lord knows we need something to make us laugh.. Trump's stupidity WAS making me laugh, now he just makes me nauseous.

    Jay GrayJay Gray5 dni temu
  • She’s there for the money and fame. Check out her old modeling pictures in trumps plane.

    D BankaD Banka5 dni temu
  • Why don't millionaire Hollywood communist Jews lead by example? They should give their millions to the poor but they'll never do that. It's all bullshit.

    Giulia VendeGiulia Vende5 dni temu
  •'re getting

    Chris SommervilleChris Sommerville5 dni temu
  • Melania is just as greedy as Trump and why else would she pose nude. Her sweet act is a.counterbalance to Trump's insanity. First lady my azz

    Just MeJust Me6 dni temu
    • Maybe she likes being naked? Lots of people engage in work that judgemental people view as unacceptable. Some people put oil rig workers and soldiers in that same category. Some people are just putting themselves through college, or doing what they feel is right, or maybe because they like it. Doesn't mean they're "greedy"

      Jay GrayJay Gray5 dni temu
  • Funny! You must admit it was 😜😜😜😜😜

    Jacqueline IonaJacqueline Iona6 dni temu
  • Disrespectful trash.

    New York ValNew York Val6 dni temu
  • Melania says no, there are so many porn stars out there who won't mind something < $130K.

    Reena K BlasReena K Blas6 dni temu
  • These hoes in it for the money. They don't give a shit about humanity.

    Timothy O'BrienTimothy O'Brien6 dni temu
  • So not funny

    Trystan KolendaTrystan Kolenda6 dni temu
  • Melania is a whore, and like all whores, she likes money

    João GonçalvesJoão Gonçalves6 dni temu
  • This First Lady done nothing for America. She’s just a trophy 🏆 standing next to Trump.

    Rodolfo AyalaRodolfo Ayala6 dni temu

    Gina KayGina Kay6 dni temu
  • Bill Maher I watched your video Religulous and you miss India there is a guru his name is Sadhguru he has an ashram he is traveling the world he had changed more than 1 million people lives and he said that religious had harmed humanity in the greatest way. He said we need to take responsibility from religious. You can find it on PL-vision Sadhguru. If we learned from him the world can change completely

    Carolina TibetanCarolina Tibetan6 dni temu
  • Trump=man. Melania=woman. Man=bad. Woman=good. Good=divorce. (This only makes sense if you think Melania is inherently good because she's a woman. That's sexist thinking.)

    pistolen87pistolen876 dni temu
  • Fuck you are a pig ....

    Marilyn JusticeMarilyn Justice6 dni temu
  • We have a child?!

    2013venjix2013venjix6 dni temu
  • Xcept for the fact Melania's daddy is a putin comrade, is and has been a registered card holding communist his entire life.!

    Elle KrimowaElle Krimowa7 dni temu
  • Nice step will be wives of TDS patients inlcuding Bill's to have a sex strike and control the craziness.

    Themba SapamThemba Sapam7 dni temu
  • TDS at its finest...

    Its THE JOHNSON, no teeth allowed! JohnsonIts THE JOHNSON, no teeth allowed! Johnson7 dni temu
  • not ruining the world......just your world.

    Zodac75Zodac757 dni temu
  • Ashamed for you

    Hai NgoanHai Ngoan7 dni temu
  • It doesnt matter how much you disagree with his political views, Bill Maher is funnier than any time before in his career, he still go strong after so many years

    Elpistoler09Elpistoler097 dni temu
  • Commanding an army of brain dead zombies. LMAO

    David CalhounDavid Calhoun7 dni temu
    • The line I was repeating the next day. Brilliant

      gsolomonlagsolomonla6 dni temu
  • Bill...don’t be starting shit...he still has the finger on the nuclear ☢️ buttons...

    MourMour7 dni temu
  • But....she likes this. She loves it. It’s what she signed on for.

    B GB G7 dni temu
  • What’s wrong with Trump? I don’t get it.

    Duffy MoonDuffy Moon7 dni temu
  • It always amuses me to see panelists cracking up!

    * Marina ** Marina *7 dni temu
  • As much as I like Bill Maher, he (like a lot of other liberals) just do not get it. Here, let me enlighten you, "Melania is worst that Trump"! She is a high end foreign call girl who married a so-called millionaire "WHO IS AS OLD AS HER OWN FATHER"! She is a very disgusting excuse for a human being. She and trump are made for each other.

    lagaman11lagaman117 dni temu
  • Even if she wanted to, she couldn't. Trump has all the power in that relationship.

    The1980PhilipThe1980Philip7 dni temu
  • Best sex I ever had . lol you need some life in you sometimes. Caliente!

    Jezz TJezz T7 dni temu
  • kinda of messed up to root for someones wife to leave them because you don't like their politics.

    Sean BrooksSean Brooks7 dni temu
  • Bill Maher is butt hurt 😂 little liberal bitch. Nobody cares what this godless POS thinks or wants.

    Josh JacobJosh Jacob7 dni temu
    • Trust me, he's not. Stop making simple minded remarks regurgitated over and over by millions of other Trump lovers. But then again, Trump loves to use about the same 12 words over and over again and incapable of complex thought, I can understand your devotion to him,

      gsolomonlagsolomonla6 dni temu
  • I get this is a joke but damn everything failed to take down trump. He gonna be a monster to beat in 202

    Miguel ValenciaMiguel Valencia7 dni temu
  • Look at her. Look at him. Its obvious the only reason she is with him. In fact, I believe it was at a NY college she was asked "would you have married trump if he was not rich?" Where she quipped back "would he have married me if I was not young nd beautiful?" The answer you already knew straight from her mouth. Simple age old transaction. Money and status for youth and beauty. So you're misjudging her character by thinking she's noble or some BS and could stop Trump. just think, he's the laughing stock of world and she still remains. Bought and paid for. Wealth is obviously more important to her than the greater world or self respect.

    Scott WolfScott Wolf7 dni temu
  • Can you imagine doing Rupert ? I accidentally swallowed my ring which came off into a meatloaf I was preparing. I used the image of Rupert nude to make me throw it up.

    Janet WellsJanet Wells7 dni temu
  • This is too far...Bill trying to end a marriage. Two marriages...

    Thomas SmithThomas Smith8 dni temu
  • Trump 2020.

    Michael R.Michael R.8 dni temu
  • She’s the equivalent of a mob wife: maybe she isn’t committing the crimes, but she’s definitely complacent.

    Brennon StarkBrennon Stark8 dni temu
  • Oh please, like Melania ever fucks that disgusting slob anymore.

    Elaine K.Elaine K.8 dni temu
  • Current US is nothing but an empire forcing the rest of the world to suffer for US interest! And on the point of all these are Trump and the selfish Americans who support him!

    Yonggu LeeYonggu Lee8 dni temu
  • Do not insult Hellboy.

    Tanya G DaviesTanya G Davies8 dni temu
New Rule: The Great Wife Hope | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)