Murder Mystery | Trailer | Netflix

When an NYC cop (Adam Sandler) finally takes his wife (Jennifer Aniston) on a long promised European trip, a chance meeting on the flight gets them invited to an intimate family gathering on the Super Yacht of elderly billionaire Malcolm Quince. When Quince is murdered, they become the prime suspects in a modern day whodunit. MURDER MYSTERY reunites Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston along with an ensemble cast of global talent.
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Murder Mystery | Trailer | Netflix



  • Wen is this goin to be on Netflix ?can’t find it on there !

    Frank StixxFrank StixxGodzinę temu
  • They are back

    James Anga-anganJames Anga-angan4 godzin temu
  • YES ANOTHER SANDLER/ANISTON DUO 😩😩😩 they’re too good to us I stg

    Jack 001Jack 0018 godzin temu
  • Jennifer is get old and it is easy to see what aging do to her face.

    marko jurisicmarko jurisic9 godzin temu
  • Wow, a Netflix movie that actually looks good. Will wonders never cease.

    Vic HoltremanVic Holtreman15 godzin temu
  • Just here for South African Legend John Kani!

    Sweet Sound MusiQSweet Sound MusiQ22 godzin temu
  • Finally something good

    Ricardo LamasRicardo Lamas23 godzin temu
  • I usually don't care for movies like this but it actually looks really fun :)

    Copuloxi RanbooiCopuloxi RanbooiDzień temu
  • This looks really good, can't wait

    00piper1800000piper18000Dzień temu
  • I love these two in "Just go with it." I laugh so much I delvalin myself.

    cookie monstercookie monster2 dni temu
  • Cadê os brasileiros q gostam de jogar Murder Mystery no Roblox?

    Kassiany CoelhaKassiany Coelha2 dni temu
  • Friends

    VorxVorx2 dni temu
  • This actually looks good wow

    Emily GiamantyEmily Giamanty2 dni temu
  • To all the people wondering why there’s a gunshot *and* a knife, these are actually two different murders. If you notice, they’re wearing different clothes during each murder.

    jayblingjaybling3 dni temu
  • Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler!!!!!! Definitely watching it

    Salome GosbertSalome Gosbert3 dni temu
  • Look what you made me do!

    Tron CreeperTron Creeper3 dni temu
  • Aniston and Sandler? This will be amazing!❤️

    E-LIŠKAE-LIŠKA3 dni temu

    TristanLOLTristanLOL4 dni temu
    • Marvel

      TristanLOLTristanLOL3 dni temu
    • Lol

      TristanLOLTristanLOL3 dni temu
    • TristanLOL I was looking for this comment lol

      Martha Kajwang'Martha Kajwang'3 dni temu
  • Unnecessary crap. That’s how much Netflix is rich.

    Salieri AmadeusSalieri Amadeus4 dni temu
  • A Sandler movie that looks actually funny again.

  • Ok the knife bit got me. "I'll put it back'' hahahaha

    PowerCookie1PowerCookie14 dni temu
  • 👍

    الرويليالرويلي5 dni temu
  • Who's here to watch it because of taylor look what you made me do promotion 😍👌🏻

    Rawan SwiftRawan Swift5 dni temu
  • Another reason to cancel the Netflix subscription.

    Atlanta SauvageAtlanta Sauvage5 dni temu
  • damn hypixel making movies up in here

    DDonutDDonut6 dni temu
  • Well this looks like a decent movie, not brilliant but entertaining

    Dobbie ParsonsDobbie Parsons6 dni temu
  • Had to cast Aniston because nobody would watch a solo Sandler flick.

    HimukaHimuka6 dni temu
  • "Let the boat do all the work" hahaha lmfao

    ramy el-naggar.ramy el-naggar.6 dni temu
  • murder on the orient express but better in some ways. adam and jen, hopefully adam and drew again

    bujing kujingbujing kujing6 dni temu
    • Nope. Murder By Death and Clue! but worst in almost every ways.

      MinekEzQMMinekEzQM3 dni temu
    • I’d rather Adam and Jen a third time before Drew a fourth.

      jayblingjaybling6 dni temu
  • *Roblox joined the chat*

    Gio the sonic main FloresGio the sonic main Flores6 dni temu
  • 0:43 whats her name?

    TomaceTomace6 dni temu
  • Cluedo: The Movie

    Linda May HopeLinda May Hope7 dni temu
  • This looks hilarious!

    Melissa AveryMelissa Avery7 dni temu
  • you guys cancelled Santa Clarita Diet so you could make this >:-(

    nolan sagenolan sage7 dni temu
    • Are you fucking kidding me? Santa Clarita diet is CANCELLED!?

      SHABYE.SHABYE.7 dni temu
  • Murder mystery minecraft XD

    Cinira PereiraCinira Pereira7 dni temu
    • Cinira Pereira u mean Roblox

      Ashley MuirheadAshley Muirhead3 dni temu
  • Adam Sandler in a movie by himself Everyone: He needs to stop making movies already, get off the screen old man you’re not funny anymore Sandler and Aniston in a movie together Also everyone: Yessssss I’m soooo watching this! Imma just go with it and watch it it’s gonna be great 😂

    Simply FreeSimply Free7 dni temu
  • this kind of gives me Clue vibes

    camilo Chavarrocamilo Chavarro8 dni temu
  • Where's all the characters named after the NATO military alphabet!?

    Vice TOLUCTVice TOLUCT8 dni temu
    • Vice TOLUCT *Reads down on note pad for later*

      Nick KurtzNick Kurtz7 dni temu
  • This doesn't look good but I will watch it anyways because it's Netflix.

    Patrick TomassoPatrick Tomasso8 dni temu
  • Wow, I really miss this tandem.

    JM ParkJM Park8 dni temu
  • This doesn't deserve in Netflix! It should be shown in theaters! Agree?!

    Moises QuijanoooMoises Quijanooo8 dni temu
    • With the original cast (Charlize), yes. With these anti-talents, no.

      MinekEzQMMinekEzQM3 dni temu
  • Kirim film cwe fayudara besar bungil tljang film dewasa

    Armadi MadiArmadi Madi8 dni temu
  • Being Jewish isn't a license to keep making terrible movies Give up sandler

    d kelld kell8 dni temu
    • I disagree, i like his movies. Not all of them but most of them

      Andrés MartinezAndrés Martinez7 dni temu
  • There is mystery there is comedy there is Taylor swift. I love it already

    foolishappyfoolishappy9 dni temu
  • This is funny because I look like Adam Sandler and I'm growing out my mustache. Also, when "Look What You Made Me Do" came out I thought it would make a great parody for Clue. Love that song!

    ToastyToasty9 dni temu
  • Adam Sandler on netflix, his career will climb again

    Comrade_ Savage15Comrade_ Savage159 dni temu
    • Nah... Netflix reputation will sink with this boat.

      MinekEzQMMinekEzQM3 dni temu
  • Was that Shioli from Deadpool 2 ? Yukio!!

    Mildred LopigaMildred Lopiga10 dni temu
    • Mildred Lopiga Yup.

      jayblingjaybling9 dni temu
  • OK that looks AMAZING!!!

    AidanRGallagherAidanRGallagher10 dni temu
  • Murder Mystery Roblox lmao

    Unicorn RobloxUnicorn Roblox10 dni temu
  • Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston were great couple in Just Go with It.. I think this movie will be very good

    Scotland 30Scotland 3010 dni temu
  • Ok a movie with Aniston and Sandler just works so well

    Kristy. BKristy. B11 dni temu
  • "Don't put the knife back" *puts the knife back with detailed sounds and character reactions* classic Sandler movie! hahahaha

    Tonya DTonya D11 dni temu
  • When will it show ? I have Netflix and I can only watch trailer

    Carlie NguyenCarlie Nguyen11 dni temu
  • Clue the movie

    Thomas JohnsonThomas Johnson11 dni temu
  • Look what you made me do

    noam chomskynoam chomsky11 dni temu
  • TBH Look what you made me do made this trailer so good

    Saksit NampanSaksit Nampan11 dni temu
    • Saksit Nampan yesss ikr

      Arya SebastianArya Sebastian7 dni temu
  • Just Go With It meet Murder on the Orient Express

    : o: o11 dni temu
  • "Should i pull it out?" "No its a foot long knife" *pulls out knife* *everyone SCREAMS* "i'Ll PuT iT bAcK"

    Erica SiriErica Siri11 dni temu
  • Why did they change it to Netflix? It was supposed to come in theaters..

    Southern HemisphereSouthern Hemisphere12 dni temu
  • Taylor must be so happy and singing smelly cat

    Abhishek DasAbhishek Das12 dni temu
  • Just release the movie dude

    Abhishek DasAbhishek Das12 dni temu
  • I can't wait to watch it omg😆😆🤗🤗

    ballen nameeqballen nameeq12 dni temu
  • Is it bad that I only really want to watch this because David Walliams is in it? 😂

    nicknigglenickniggle12 dni temu
  • looks alright

    bo2_bo2_12 dni temu
  • Looks great! Can't wait to watch it!

    Lydia Maddix MusicLydia Maddix Music12 dni temu
  • Who wants to bet that it's the British guy

    haja fatou Njiehaja fatou Njie12 dni temu
  • 0:33 how can someone possibly look so adorable while flossing??

    OS_UME GalsOS_UME Gals12 dni temu
  • I bet the butler did it

    uh someuh some12 dni temu
  • I haven't had Netflix for a while for financial reasons but I'll get it back just for this!!! Just go with it I have seen a hundred times and still could right now so excited!!

    Chip HobbyChip Hobby12 dni temu
    • Then go for the free streaming services. That simple.

      VIIVII12 dni temu

    Desiree RampershadDesiree Rampershad12 dni temu
  • iirc theres a Conan/Case-closed episode like this, so i think the murderer is John Kani (the knife guy)

    TrapSaint GayTrapSaint Gay12 dni temu
  • Are you kidding me? This is so worth watching 💯

    chelsea kcchelsea kc13 dni temu
  • It's King Ta'Chaka!!

    dancerfruit2dancerfruit213 dni temu
  • Here's the sad thing, both Jennifer Aniston and Sandler are capable of starring in good comedy together at least ! The Wedding Singer and Horrible Bosses have proven that. But the politically correct, far left take over of Netflix will never let these two performers reach their full potential comedically again in a movie. Plus Sandler's Netflix comedies have been mostly stinkers. Both actors need to return to drama I think in the indie world at their age. Aniston was great in stuff like the Good Girl and Friends With Money and Sandler's turns in Punch Drunk Love, Reign Over Me and even Spanglish proved he had dramatic chops. These bad Netlfix c comedies are gonna end up burying them.

    Adam WAdam W13 dni temu
  • The worst of both worlds adam Sandler and even less funny Jennifer Anniston

    Dirk GarzaDirk Garza13 dni temu
  • Jennifer Anistion is the most beautiful woman on Earth!!!

    RykyRyky13 dni temu
    • Ryky Adam Sandler is the most attractive man on earth but I agree

      Monika geeMonika gee10 dni temu
  • I’m excited for this!!!!!

    Sophie’s ACE ReviewsSophie’s ACE Reviews14 dni temu
  • Now, may 09th 2019, at 03:14am, i put my comment here just to remind me next year , that this video is one of my favorite ...

    bagoesdiemasbagoesdiemas14 dni temu
  • This is really just the prequel to "Just Go With It"

    High Elf ArcherHigh Elf Archer14 dni temu
  • so this is like, the continuation of 'just go with it' lol.

    Allison ReynoldsAllison Reynolds14 dni temu
  • Am I the only swifties here?

    MC AnwarMC Anwar14 dni temu
  • Most assuredly going to be terrible.

    DavidDavid15 dni temu
  • I'm with it.

    Sun RASun RA15 dni temu
  • It was the butler, the butler did it

    Ru XRu X15 dni temu
  • Copycats they copy me favorit roblx Gam!!!!!!!!!

    Images CleanImages Clean15 dni temu
  • Roblox game ripoff movie

    PSI NessPSI Ness15 dni temu
  • Now I hate Adam Sandler but in terms of Adam Sandler movies this actually doesn't look that bad

    Tri-AnguloTri-Angulo15 dni temu
  • This looks supringsly decent, i´ll watch it!

    SHaze187SHaze18715 dni temu
  • this might just be my next favourite movie since Just Go With It

    SylphidUndineSylphidUndine15 dni temu
  • *bring back santa clarita diet*

    BroomSquadENTBroomSquadENT15 dni temu
  • Is it one of Rajesh Koothrapali's Murder Mystery Dinner from BBT?

    Anik SarkarAnik Sarkar15 dni temu
  • Did someone notice the song

    Sonu Sharma #AllUWantSonu Sharma #AllUWant15 dni temu
  • Gemma Arterton 😱 Definitely watching now

    _hana ty_hana ty15 dni temu
  • ןן

    Tzion HrariTzion Hrari15 dni temu
  • I went on wikipedia and imd to check how much Adam Sandler's movie cost and every movie after waterboy cost over 80 milion dollars to make I never seen comedy movies cost so much money you would think it was a high budget sci fi ...really dont get what they spend the money on other then actors salaries...non the less I love the man he true to himself he is a normal dude dont care about the press the critics he just hangs with his friends and do what he punch drunk love he proved he is a great actor acctualy he was brilliant in that ...I just think he got to comfortable didnt gave it all in for recent years ...but since this new tour he is doing 100 fresh you can see he got that performing spark back in him ...he a great guy obviously a great friend to his people who he hired and hired and hired again and again ...just tells you what a guy he is

    Novak KavonNovak Kavon15 dni temu
  • Yeah griffin

    CocoroboCocorobo15 dni temu
  • Rating?

    EggyPlayzGamesEggyPlayzGames16 dni temu
  • this is a MOAB

    Mark THE MoABMark THE MoAB16 dni temu
  • Awww...why isn’t this a May release. Screw you Netflix!

    ams khanams khan16 dni temu
    • Patriotsfan4life24 😂

      ams khanams khan12 dni temu
    • Relax.....It's June

      Patriotsfan4life24Patriotsfan4life2413 dni temu
  • When is this releasing?????....oh just saw the end and saw June

Murder Mystery | Trailer | Netflix