Lil Yachty gets Trolled For His Weight! | TMZ TV

Lil Battleship!
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    JohnJohn6 dni temu
  • i mean he got a bit fat

    post modern cowboypost modern cowboy6 dni temu
  • Big Yachty

    ChiefChief6 dni temu

    Oskars GCTOskars GCT6 dni temu
  • Yachty trying to go rick ros mode

    Silver SoulSilver Soul6 dni temu

    Elysse SelenaElysse Selena7 dni temu

    Elysse SelenaElysse Selena7 dni temu
  • How it’s supposed to go.

    Ju HeardJu Heard8 dni temu
  • Lipo is a hell of a thing

    Darren O'BrienDarren O'Brien8 dni temu
  • I was hoping for better roasts in the comments. "BIG Yachty lmaoooo" is predictable and corny.

    Everyone wears a maskEveryone wears a mask9 dni temu
  • His attempt to prove he was not fat made it worse lol

    Jay RJay R9 dni temu
  • Lil yachty is gay It's so noticeable

    Go with The FlowGo with The Flow9 dni temu
  • Gah! Why are people so mean? It’s really sad that it actually hurt his feelings on top of it. That man needs to try hard not to listen to these evil people that call him fat and I bet the people calling him fat are some fat and broke asses themselves! Damn Lil Yachty, don’t let them do that to u bro! You’re rich, famous, not fat and you are looking good. So fuck the lowlife trolls that have no life. Do u boo!!

    Jennifer HarrisJennifer Harris9 dni temu
  • Here come the clone comments

    Timothy TriumphTimothy Triumph9 dni temu
  • I feel like Lil yachty and A$AP Rocky would be a deadly combo

    Dontavious VromanDontavious Vroman10 dni temu
  • Sucking in, I do that shit

    FuckFaceFuckFace10 dni temu
  • we love yatchy

    Dannia MendozaDannia Mendoza10 dni temu
  • Shit he eating good. Keep eating good brotha. Must be some damn good pizza.

    pjfresh26pjfresh2610 dni temu
  • Lil cruise ship

    Free TheKAMPFree TheKAMP10 dni temu
  • he just needs to have his belly pumped like kanye west 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Martin ShkreliMartin Shkreli10 dni temu

    melvoHDmelvoHD10 dni temu
  • Has this man hair ever grew?

    DENDOFXDENDOFX10 dni temu
  • His photos are photoshopped lol he really is big 😂

    Ed Jim JimEd Jim Jim11 dni temu
  • Truth of the matter is he still makes more money than most of them combined. Don't matter. Leave dude be though fr fr.

    Playboi MorpheusPlayboi Morpheus11 dni temu
  • Need to change his name to Big Yachty. 🤣

    Playboi MorpheusPlayboi Morpheus11 dni temu
  • So? And?

    Terry SmithTerry Smith11 dni temu
  • Icey by Young Thug so amazing

    Wop WopWop Wop11 dni temu
  • Is that chick talking to herself?

    Michael itsYAboyMBMichael itsYAboyMB11 dni temu
  • Lol 50c sodas & Food lol na. & Who cares..If your a lil big You fat need to lose weight & If you too small, your on drugs or something wrong with you. Lol shit crazy

    EuphoriaEffectEuphoriaEffect11 dni temu
  • Hit the treadmill lil boat

    JustBeingHonestJustBeingHonest11 dni temu
  • Go comment on my channel ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    NJHDNJHD11 dni temu
  • I lost alot of weight by eating super healthy & doing exercise

    Maikito OfficialMaikito Official11 dni temu
  • Pay no attention to these D handless Playboy

    Malaya MyersMalaya Myers11 dni temu
  • So this is what you guys do all day

    DracusDracus11 dni temu
  • Lil fatty

    Alberto AmbrizAlberto Ambriz11 dni temu
  • That’s what weed & munchies do.

    MERK LegendMERK Legend11 dni temu
  • The nerve of people. Stop making fun of his weight. He can look the way he wanna look

    Tee MoneyTee Money11 dni temu
  • Big Yachty

    Guilty till Proven innocentGuilty till Proven innocent11 dni temu
  • Who the fooooook is he 😂😂😂

    Rock GodRock God12 dni temu
  • Not fat but music is wack

    Expert CriticExpert Critic12 dni temu
  • Americans think everything is fat lmao you got to be 40 kilo and real underweight to not be fat in an americans eye my fat % is 16 and people call me fat acting like im an obese with 30+%

    raff .rraff .r12 dni temu
  • He looks like a prego Kim k ,

    lemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!tlemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!t12 dni temu
  • 720P? Is it 2019 or am I lost

    moestavernprankcallmoestavernprankcall12 dni temu
  • Someone wanted to see his shirt off so they did that

    VeeYTVeeYT12 dni temu
  • Most of the trolls are so broke they can't even afford 2 eat like him.

    Joey CervantesJoey Cervantes12 dni temu
  • Was this really worth reporting?

    PdotPdot12 dni temu
    • Oh wait it’s TMZ

      PdotPdot12 dni temu
  • Ok your broke your broke your broke your broke bitvh music in Channel 💯⭐️

    Neily VNeily V12 dni temu
  • He not fat he just eating well

    DruPac -DruPac -12 dni temu
  • In my hood that just means you getting the bag 💰

    king joffyking joffy12 dni temu
  • That lady mentioning fat 10 times....yeah she’s fat.

    Eric RoyalEric Royal12 dni temu
  • Who cares Donate them Donut's here 💩

    K-luv JonesK-luv Jones12 dni temu
  • He’s really suspicious

    an boan bo12 dni temu
  • These people are calling him fat. I mean i hate to call them hypocrites buutttttttt

    J2J212 dni temu
  • All the females that work at tmz got fat af over the years

    Bandsmane8 LvL upBandsmane8 LvL up12 dni temu
  • He need trolled about that garbage ass music he make, ppls dez days buy anybody music

    Dsk PeezyDsk Peezy12 dni temu
  • Lil row boat

    Jovaan MillsJovaan Mills12 dni temu
  • Tmz is dumb bruh

  • He gay

    NPC 33331NPC 3333112 dni temu
  • More like titanic yati

    BitchthemanBitchtheman12 dni temu
  • TMZ woman that work there are dumb af and fat as well.

    Mr Blue 90210Mr Blue 9021012 dni temu
  • Fat Shame Men But do the Same to Beyonce Or Opra And they ready to start another Women's March 💁🏾‍♂️

    More LifeMore Life12 dni temu
  • Lil Trash new name 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

    Ely McclellanEly Mcclellan12 dni temu
  • Shit he is getting fat eating good making money who wouldn’t be eating good shit bedside noodles ,pizza, mc Donald’s all that bs

    Chanel JavoniChanel Javoni12 dni temu
  • Boycott TMZ

    Heather AndersonHeather Anderson12 dni temu
  • Fat bastard

    Wutangkilla1Wutangkilla112 dni temu
  • Weed. Munchies. It’s ok.

    TAO TAOTAO TAO12 dni temu
  • Lil Ship

    Nathxn BeatzNathxn Beatz12 dni temu
  • Medium boat Fat boat

    Spulrge ಥ‿ಥSpulrge ಥ‿ಥ12 dni temu
    • Spulrge ಥ‿ಥ this the comment of the year lmaoooo

      Oso FamiliarOso Familiar12 dni temu
  • Time 2 hit the gym

    Matthias HorneMatthias Horne12 dni temu
  • Big 🚢!!

    Black BoyFlyBlack BoyFly12 dni temu
  • Who cares

    2chainz Datruff2chainz Datruff12 dni temu
  • They mad cuz you even good bro they mad they mad cuz they can see you eating good

    Johnna ConnerJohnna Conner12 dni temu

    TwoCross CamTwoCross Cam12 dni temu
  • a broccoli diet wont do this

    eric turnereric turner12 dni temu
  • TMNT ninja 🐢

    Hell or HighwaterHell or Highwater12 dni temu
  • Lil battleship 😂😂 I’m fuckin dead

    Mountain ManMountain Man12 dni temu
  • B. I. G yachty!!!

    Jay AliJay Ali12 dni temu
  • time to get on that keto diet

    habitualharmonyhabitualharmony12 dni temu
  • Lil

    James VolkJames Volk12 dni temu
  • I'm sorry I clicked

    respeck seasoningrespeck seasoning12 dni temu
  • He ain't little no more.😂

    J.D 2.0J.D 2.012 dni temu
  • lil bloat

    Angel MedinaAngel Medina12 dni temu
  • So insecure.

    Ayanna StaffordAyanna Stafford12 dni temu
  • With more than 30 percent of the population morbidly obese I find it funny people call him out when they’ve never exercised in their life

    Armchair ChristianArmchair Christian12 dni temu
  • He looks like a hog

    Rodin JohnsonRodin Johnson12 dni temu
  • Says the fat the chick, calling someone else fat. Hefty

    Live LargeLive Large12 dni temu
  • That nigga's new name is "yacht".

    P. QuintonP. Quinton12 dni temu
  • And the blonde was chix was heavy as well looking like a blonde ms piggy

    Calvin LearyCalvin Leary12 dni temu
    • She has good credibility in calling someone fat

      SoHoSoHo12 dni temu
  • He looked like a 35 + Caucasian lady after having 2 kids..Messy & old looking

    Calvin LearyCalvin Leary12 dni temu
  • Pizza everyday? Man I would've been sick of it 😂

    6'5, Give Me Some Leg Room6'5, Give Me Some Leg Room12 dni temu
  • That boy gay an he a jester aka clown don't believe me the highest card out of a 52 deck of cards is the joker wat kind of hat does he have on

    Antjuan JohnsonAntjuan Johnson12 dni temu
  • 0:14 thats it. Im never going to watch a *DISGUSTING* tmz video again. Blegh, ew, eeeeew, yuck 😷😷😷😷

    Pinda KaasPinda Kaas13 dni temu
  • Money can let you eat really good.

    Felix HillFelix Hill13 dni temu
  • Leave my man allllone Jesus Christ

    Ebony NicoleEbony Nicole13 dni temu
  • All that pizza

    Lil GillLil Gill13 dni temu
  • He must be in a good relationship

    gill gullygill gully13 dni temu
  • lil tugboat.

    Justin LapanJustin Lapan13 dni temu
  • When you are paid like he is, those comments shouldn't get to you lol

    Lee FonsecaLee Fonseca13 dni temu
  • He probably goes to McDonald's and eats them Big Macs

    moses hernandezmoses hernandez13 dni temu
  • Lil yachty? Now like big barge... 😂😂

    Mike LesesneMike Lesesne13 dni temu
Lil Yachty gets Trolled For His Weight! | TMZ TV