Lil Wayne - Don’t Cry ft. XXXTENTACION

Don't Cry ft. XXXTENTACTION (Official Video)
Song Available on Tha Carter V:
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Video Directors: Jay & Georgio Rodriguez
Video Producer: Omar Reynoso
for Rodriguez Bros Media, LLC
Music video by Lil Wayne performing Don’t Cry. © 2019 Young Money Records, Inc.



  • Happy birthday Jah. Here in spirit rather than physically. LLJ🕊🙅🏾‍♂️

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  • Lil Wayne just sent me a friend request ..... I guess you want real music?

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  • Dont get caught by birdman (ay) That mf aint tryna pay (ay) Thugga fucked up mf thuggin call him young thug (ay) Birdman tryna be the next shug (ay) Dont cryyyy dont gooo wont lie

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  • Happy Birthday, Jah! 🕊

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  • Weezy should just get off the rest of the hair.

  • i still don't know how i feel about wayne just using x's part without x even knowing and only knowing him after he died and not even being able to pronounce his name, but still great video

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  • Happy birthday XXXTENTACION👑🎊

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  • Pure garbage, next...

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  • The ending was so good

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  • Thank you Mr.Carter

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  • Nós Br´s estamos chorando!... LLJ

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  • So satanic 👿👿

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  • Wow does music even exist anymore

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  • The snippets of xxxtentacion are 🔥😥

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  • This is one of the best video done by elegant And simple

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  • The whole world started screaming when XXXTENTACION died...

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  • LLJ🙏🏾

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  • yes dwayne❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🤣🤣🙏🏻❤️❤️

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  • still crazy how that kid died and the disrespect the media showed R.I.P

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  • I think I speak for everyone when I say damn i miss Jah

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  • LYRICS [XXXTENTACION] Don't cry, don’t go Won't lie, I fuckin' love you, whoa! [Verse 1 Lil Wayne] Staring into the clouds Am I rising or they comin’ down? I see death around the corner And the U-turn sign's lookin' like a smile What do I do now? Who gon' find me, how? Nowhere to turn but around and round Just another nigga that done lost his head No, a fucking king that forgot his crown I am not number one, it's true I'm number 9-27-82 Color blind even if I may be blue A lot on my plate, ain't my favorite food But I'm hungry, so hungry Need my family tree next to a money tree With a bunch of leaves in the Garden of Eden With a bunch of Eves, no fruit punch for me I sip from the Fountain of Youth So if I die young, blame the juice Bury me in New Orleans Tombstone reads: "Don’t cry, stay tuned." Bring me back to life Got to lose a life just to have a life But if heaven’s as good as advertised I want a triple extension on my motherfuckin' afterlife Rest in paradise [ XXXTENTACION & Lil Wayne] Don’t cry (Don't cry, don't cry), don't go (Why, oh why?) Won’t lie, I fuckin' love you Don't cry (Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry) Don't go (Why, oh why, oh why, oh why?) Won't lie (Don't cry, don't cry) I fuckin' love you (Don't cry, don't cry) [Verse 2: Lil Wayne] Talent is God-given, be grateful Fame is not a given, be humble And conceit is self-driven, drive carefully Stay in your own lane, seat buckled And sometimes when there is no music We toot our own horns, rum-bum-bum-bum That woman carried the future And Tunechi was born like, "dun-dun-dun-dun-dun" Don't call it a comeback It was dark, now the sun back Hit me hard, but I punched back The wheels fell off, I rode the hubcap Is it suicide or it's do or die? It's newer days and it's bluer skies I told myself, "It's just you and I" Then the breeze came and it blew my mind Lord knows who I'm there for I give my last breath of air for Mama tell me to be careful Voice in my head give me an earful But I got mind control over my control I lost control but knew I'd find control I let God control what I cannot control Can't control the tears, let 'em drop and roll [ XXXTENTACION & Lil Wayne] Don't cry (Don't cry, don't cry) Don't go (Why, oh why, oh why?) Won't lie (Don't cry), I fuckin' love you (Triple extension on my motherfuckin' afterlife, rest in paradise) Don't cry (Don't cry, don't cry) Don't go (Why, oh why, oh why?) Won't lie, I fuckin' love you (Don't cry) [Outro: Lil Wayne] Don't cry, stay tuned And triple extension on my motherfuckin' afterlife Rest in paradise

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  • Русские?

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  • This is baby gekyume 👶🏽 👕🍼 👖 1 like = A Successful day in his beautiful life

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  • My favorite song in the entire album...

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  • 2:16 when your mom is telling you lasagna is ready

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  • 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤ R. I. P. Xxxtentacion

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  • I love lil Wayne for this my two favorite rappers together.

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  • All these people caring about x cause he dead and saying things like llj idgaf fk you if you say that all the time i get the fucking message stop saying dat mf shit

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Lil Wayne - Don’t Cry ft. XXXTENTACION