Keanu Reeves Reveals Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date At E3 2019

Keanu Reeves, on-stage, at the Xbox E3 Briefing revealing the Cyberpunk 2077 release date. He will also be featured as a character in the game. Read more:

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    Alifan SejatiAlifan Sejati20 minut temu
  • The liberals are gonna love this.....(not so much)

    Bipbop66Bipbop662 godzin temu
  • Please tell anyone which song is that

    WR3D RestyledWR3D Restyled3 godzin temu
  • My theory is that Keanu Reeves is not human, but actually an immortal elemental spirit in which all the goodness of mankind has manifested itself. Take that as a lesson, the better you treat your neighbour the stronger he becomes.

    John DoeJohn Doe4 godzin temu
  • Release date is on my birthday!! :D ... Get the misses to buy me this for sure !

    JadcJadc5 godzin temu
  • New diablo mobile game People: is this an advanced april fools joke? New diablo mobile game with keanu reevs character People: you are breathtaking! Thank you blizzard.

    B3nchB3nch9 godzin temu
  • That "YEAH" shoutsings after keanu said "the release date" is really spartans ready for the battle

    ruthagoodruthagood16 godzin temu
  • Keanu for 2020 president

    Rodrigo GordianoRodrigo Gordiano17 godzin temu
  • *Then check this out!*

    Matias Alejandro Morales VegaMatias Alejandro Morales Vega17 godzin temu
  • 2:13

    Shuaib SajadShuaib Sajad20 godzin temu
  • 3:10 music pls?

    Andrey BilinskiyAndrey Bilinskiy21 godzinę temu
  • Man, I got a Microsoft ad showing the e3 Keanu Reeves moment! I'm not kidding, I really saw and ad that is the exact same video that I was looking for.

    Antonio PignataroAntonio Pignataro22 godzin temu
  • Achei que ele ia vir de cyberpunk e veio de john wick hahaha

    Zed is my mainZed is my main23 godzin temu
  • esse homen e perfeito

    nicolas lemesnicolas lemesDzień temu
  • Keanu Reeves is the Chuck Norris of the 2010s

    nightmuffin937nightmuffin937Dzień temu
  • Is this game an XBOX exclusive?

  • 0:06 jesus's resurrection

    Payel GhoshPayel GhoshDzień temu
  • There is actually a guy at 2:00 that made Keanu laugh by shouting something (it's like "Yeah! Te Amo") maybe latino guy. Before the guy that said "Youre breathtaking"

    XsprvtXsprvtDzień temu
  • I get that people think they're unique for pointing out that everybody seems to really like this guy. You're not really. By all means, continue though! Sincerely a guy who really like this guy

    theossytheossyDzień temu
  • Random guy: "you're breathtaking" Keanu Reeves: *USES UNO REVERSE CARD*

    andreius333andreius333Dzień temu
  • 2:16 don't thank

    Данил ЛиттиДанил ЛиттиDzień temu

    AJ ZochAJ ZochDzień temu
  • cyberpunk 2077 = rocket league 100% confirmed

    Matt R.Matt R.Dzień temu
  • Keanu’s like some cool dad at your friends house lol

    Nolan KerstetterNolan KerstetterDzień temu
  • I bet half of the people here don’t even play video games 😆

    Nolan KerstetterNolan KerstetterDzień temu
  • Talk about one guy who could be talking absolute mumbo jumbo, the crowd would still be going wild... xD

    XSportSeekerXSportSeekerDzień temu
  • Not a gamer whatsoever but this makes me want to play this game. The graphics look breathtaking no kidding

    Fatimah RehanFatimah RehanDzień temu
  • 2:15 dude is BREATH TAKING

    Nicolette FuentesNicolette FuentesDzień temu
  • He's the One!@

    BodyFitBodyFitDzień temu
  • I love Keanu but look at dat forehead

    Jayden TangJayden TangDzień temu
  • The 603 thumbs down are agents of the system. Seriously, though, who gives this a thumb down? Edit: Then I looked up Death Stranding EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE PS4. And I laugh. PC gaming forever! So I guess it's also Sony loyalists giving thumbs down. I dig it. Arguably though, I'm still right. Agents of the system.

    jediphilosopherjediphilosopherDzień temu
  • The 24/7 Keanu Reeves experience channel. I'd watch that. I wouldn't wish that level of privacy invasion on him though. :D

    jediphilosopherjediphilosopherDzień temu
  • Did you guys know that the code name for PS4 Pro was project Neo. I think that's pretty cool.

    Jack WayneJack WayneDzień temu
  • *so let me just enter like a wwe wrestler*

    Tyler WilliamsTyler WilliamsDzień temu
  • What is the music from 2:53 ???? Please...

    Олег ОлеговОлег ОлеговDzień temu
  • You'll catch me toothless playing this game in 2077

    Dennis NjugunaDennis NjugunaDzień temu
  • Anyone know the music of last seconds ?

    Konrad ChmielińskiKonrad Chmieliński2 dni temu
  • Who is that annoying bitch screaming in the background???

    IkeabulleIkeabulle2 dni temu
  • Random guy: You're breathtaking Keanu reeves: *pulls out a uno reverse card*

    GondolGondol2 dni temu
  • ❤️❤️❤️ Keanu Reeves

    Destiny tranDestiny tran2 dni temu
  • 2:18 he almost lost his footing there

    LDC TechLDC Tech2 dni temu
  • Keanu the new batman please🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Fiorella CalmetFiorella Calmet2 dni temu
  • Keanu reeves is the boss

    Fiorella CalmetFiorella Calmet2 dni temu
  • Happy father's day to our dad

    Joshua RoseJoshua Rose2 dni temu
  • I love how Kotaku covered up more then half of the actual release date....fuck these guys, heh.

    RPS CorpRPS Corp2 dni temu
  • Keanu Reeves: Im hear to talk to you about Cyberpunk 20- Me: TAKE MY MONEY

    Joels_Creed141Joels_Creed1412 dni temu
  • Keanu reeves-the living jesus

    Vinay GVinay G2 dni temu
  • When you roll a nat 20 in Charisma.

    SnoTheWitchSnoTheWitch3 dni temu
  • Thank god a game that is only for xbox and windows 😊🙄

    CLipeROfGamECLipeROfGamE3 dni temu
  • Finally a new Deus Ex game.

    Rick SanchezRick Sanchez3 dni temu
  • Shame...I was hoping for Rowan Atkinson

    John DinskyJohn Dinsky3 dni temu
  • Manager: how to make sure people will buy this game? Employee: just call Keanu Reeves Game: sold

    Erman Bakhtiar OthmanErman Bakhtiar Othman3 dni temu
  • I couldn’t see the release date because the suggestions for the next video and your channel was in the way

    Tyler 1Tyler 13 dni temu
  • The MAN Himself....

    S FS F3 dni temu
  • kotaku dumb fucks

    soukous25soukous253 dni temu
  • Keanu Reeves = still winning in 2019!

    Gregory The Game CatGregory The Game Cat3 dni temu
  • Keanu Reeves is the fucking MAN!

    Guy TheGamerBoyGuy TheGamerBoy3 dni temu

    Vivien SchindlerVivien Schindler3 dni temu
  • That one screaming chick was flicking it hard

    yeismeloadyeismeload3 dni temu
  • he's so precious may god protect him at all costs

    D JayD Jay3 dni temu
  • Some how he looks like john wick

    I am literally a godI am literally a god3 dni temu
  • Did you click for the game? Or did you click for keanu reeves? Dont bother answering the question im psychic

    Chinito OppahChinito Oppah3 dni temu
  • Dread it, run from it, but mr. Anderson arrives all the same

    Matthew WhitmoreMatthew Whitmore3 dni temu
  • Random guy: your Breathtaking Keanu: *Reverse Card*

    Rosh ZurielRosh Zuriel3 dni temu
  • If Christianity had stock, it would be soaring past Bitcoin, Jesus has finally returned! XD

    ninjastahninjastah3 dni temu
  • *Keanu wields Mjolnir Mjolnir : IM STILL WORTHY!!

    Dananjaya MadeDananjaya Made3 dni temu
  • 2:45 Anyone know that soundtrack ?

    GreenTeaGreenTea3 dni temu
  • ❤❤❤❤aguante keanu reeves❤❤❤❤

    David emmaDavid emma3 dni temu
  • 2:03 he is so cute when he smiles

    vicky rlvicky rl3 dni temu
  • После ЭТОГО предзаказал сразу на все 3 платформы игру.

    maniaksss111maniaksss1113 dni temu
  • Best moment of the E3

    theragman77theragman773 dni temu
  • I love U Metroman

    Anderson YachachinAnderson Yachachin3 dni temu
  • Keanus eh o CARA!!!!!!!

    George MachadoGeorge Machado3 dni temu
  • Responsible: We need a good intro. The man: I got this.

    Kent Löfgren på svenska (Swedish only)Kent Löfgren på svenska (Swedish only)3 dni temu
  • 2:14 The part u came for

    Calıber beatsCalıber beats3 dni temu
  • CDprojectred knows whatsup

    KenziKenzi3 dni temu
  • Cyberpunk release date: 2020 Audience: ...

    Khalid BayatiKhalid Bayati3 dni temu
  • He is more humble than drax

    First name last nameFirst name last name3 dni temu
  • Keanu: So you guys wanna know when do we are to.. amm going to... The release date! Crowd: YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

    santaflow133santaflow1334 dni temu
  • Guns....lots of guns.....

    Joshua ReinaldoJoshua Reinaldo4 dni temu
  • LGBAQTIX+ Garbage Game

    TheTyphoon365TheTyphoon3654 dni temu
  • Getting it for Keanu

    Khaled ZarifKhaled Zarif4 dni temu
    • You know what else Kotaku thinks of it ?

      GreenTeaGreenTea3 dni temu
  • Coolest man

    Lokman HakimLokman Hakim4 dni temu

    ChessVLChessVL4 dni temu
  • Kinda reminds me of tony stark lol!

    JerTheMecJerTheMec4 dni temu
  • Oh Shit Jonhwick in 2099

    CoolMan513CoolMan5134 dni temu
  • Having people dislike this video really shows how some people are truly evil

    BTW my penis is small But anywayBTW my penis is small But anyway4 dni temu
  • can't wait for this game!

    Hersh MellowHersh Mellow4 dni temu
  • He is literally the most loved human on the planet😂name a human who is loved more than this man

    JR422 000JR422 0004 dni temu
  • Wake up samurai we're about to avenge a dog

    N30Craftr3alzN30Craftr3alz4 dni temu
  • Thanks, dad.

    Noel AlcantaraNoel Alcantara4 dni temu
  • Nobody: Keenu reeves: YoUr BreAtH TaLKiNg

    winsley ocampowinsley ocampo4 dni temu
  • Please welcome Chiara Leaves

    •Chil-rixien••Chil-rixien•4 dni temu
  • They have a Keanu Reeves!!!

    Aaron BarlowAaron Barlow4 dni temu
  • Keanu Reeves: You're breathtaking! YOU'RE BREATHTAKING! *YOU'RE ALL BREATHTAKING!*

    powerbricc6000powerbricc60004 dni temu
  • How much... Yes.

    jin5632jin56324 dni temu
  • 0:30 somebody help my boy r2d2!

    Fco. Javier Sánchez GarcíaFco. Javier Sánchez García4 dni temu
  • You see, when Keanu starts to smile.. dang!

    Alpha AguiAlpha Agui4 dni temu
  • 00:15 some woman died of orgasm in first 20 secs of Keanu's entry.

    KiranKiran4 dni temu
  • Keanu : This is gonna be breathtaking. Guy : You are breathtaking Keanu : *You are all breathtaking* The coolest guy ever

    13th13th4 dni temu
Keanu Reeves Reveals Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date At E3 2019