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Jason Momoa Was Naked When He Found His Missing Pet Python

Jason Momoa talked with Ellen about his sprawling home and the animals on the property - including a bull python that escaped its cage - which he ended up finding six months later! The "Aquaman" star admitted he was nervous being on the show for the first time. He also explained why he shaved off his signature beard, and discussed the new initiative he's leading to move from plastic water bottles to recyclable aluminum.



  • What's name this music?

    vahid rezaalivahid rezaali15 minut temu
  • 1000% masculinity with a scrunchie on this wrist. love him!

    The Wibowo Little FamilyThe Wibowo Little FamilyGodzinę temu
  • Wait... Aluminum is toxic. That's a bit of a catch 22.

    SarasGAMESSarasGAMES7 godzin temu
  • Hi daddy, WOW ... I have goosebumps from him talking.

    B. ValB. Val13 godzin temu
  • That was cute. Anyone else notice how blankly Ellen was staring at him? He was nervous and she was agog.

    Sara SimmonsSara Simmons14 godzin temu
  • so this is just recently wow , cool

    Money CollectorMoney Collector14 godzin temu
  • A handsome handsome man😍

    Becky.Mario.A. SantiagoBecky.Mario.A. Santiago15 godzin temu
  • I would like to meet him. He seems so down to earth.

    kkain123kkain12315 godzin temu
  • You better dance when you come out! Yes!

    kkain123kkain12315 godzin temu
  • He's a delicious ball of goodness 😍

    Mortika Valentine KennedyMortika Valentine Kennedy16 godzin temu
  • 😮

    JoannaNadia WJoannaNadia W18 godzin temu
  • His footwork is what captivates me and idk how

    lullabylullaby20 godzin temu
  • Jason Momoa out here about to make Ellen switch sides for a minute lol

    Kakashi 601Kakashi 60123 godzin temu
  • Jason Momoa = mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    WeeeWriterWeeeWriterDzień temu
  • Wow, I love this man.

    Melissa HMelissa HDzień temu
  • Ellen. You always seem not prepared.

    B DiddyB DiddyDzień temu
  • Uhhh...that pink scrunchie around his wrist, though? Not only is he eco-friendly, but he enjoys fashion!\

    Molly BuumMolly BuumDzień temu
  • Ellen is just turn on lol

    Djkae 10Djkae 10Dzień temu
  • But he failed in conan while I was eager to watch a new conan film

    apostolis xapostolis xDzień temu
  • His scrunchy is everything!! That outfit is everythinggggg!!!

    denise chavezdenise chavezDzień temu
  • What is the song name ????? Pls advice

    Ahamad RizveeAhamad RizveeDzień temu
  • That Andy is just seems like Stu Feldman from Ray

    Deepak PatilDeepak PatilDzień temu
  • heee is sooo cute :) i love himm

    Milly DiarMilly DiarDzień temu
  • This Man hits me on a PRIMAL level. I feel like I want him to impregnate me.

    Selesnya ConclaveSelesnya ConclaveDzień temu
  • I love him! The love story of him and Lisa is the sweetest. 💜

    Marie BaMarie BaDzień temu
  • He’s literally so adorable I cannot handle this

    wordvomitwordvomitDzień temu
  • What's the song name which was played at the very begining?

    Syeda Jannatul FerdausSyeda Jannatul FerdausDzień temu
    • Syeda Jannatul Ferdaus cake by the ocean by dnce

      JEAUANNA.JEAUANNA.Dzień temu

    sid sidsid sidDzień temu
  • I love him!!

    SosospeakspodcastSosospeakspodcastDzień temu
  • Ellen is secretly checking out all these hot men, I see her cheeky eyes looking up and most down there lol

    Sandra FernandezSandra Fernandez2 dni temu
  • Steel NOT aluminum!! Aluminum is serious neurotoxin. Known to cause Alzheimer’s. I am currently aluminum poisoned...HORRIBLE!!

    Wonder WomanWonder Woman2 dni temu
  • Actually though, what a seductive man. Who moves like that?!

    Eva McNeilEva McNeil2 dni temu
  • He's so hot😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Larry LumlumLarry Lumlum2 dni temu
  • What is name of song

    Anthony KelleyAnthony Kelley2 dni temu
  • is Jason wearing a scrunchy ???????

    tessa portertessa porter2 dni temu
  • I see Ellen got to be straight when she hug him. Cool and cute at the same time, Jason!

    Shella BahfeinShella Bahfein2 dni temu
  • I love how he has a pink velvet scrunchie on his wrist😂❤

    HannahHannah2 dni temu
  • Aquaman 2?

    Demon MeliodasDemon Meliodas2 dni temu
  • I really hope he comes back on the show and Ellen scares him lol

    Michelle HerreraMichelle Herrera3 dni temu
  • Yes he is fine but what's the name of song he comes out to?

    Jessica CaraballoJessica Caraballo3 dni temu
  • Does he have...... a SCRUNCHIE!?!?!! That is so fuckn cute oml

    Anushka ShahAnushka Shah3 dni temu
  • How is no one talking about the pink velvet scrunchie he's wearing his wrist 😂

    darkprince56darkprince563 dni temu
  • is that a scrunchie???🤣🤣🤣

    AprilBabyAprilBaby3 dni temu
  • I love how he is wearing a scrunchy. Best. Combo. Ever.🤣

    JALIZPLAYZ28 28JALIZPLAYZ28 283 dni temu
  • Y'all 4git 'bout the Rock?!👇

    BudBud3 dni temu
  • Jason Momoa - probably the only man who can rock a hair scrunchie on his wrist 🏹☉🌙🌟😍

    Generation XGeneration X3 dni temu
  • Just putting it out there! Next time he shaves the beard sell it to us fans. Who would love to have something that actually grew off this mans body! Then give money to charity!!

    4shys24shys23 dni temu
  • 👏👏👏🌞

    Cuarajhy RojayjuCuarajhy Rojayju3 dni temu
  • So freaking handsome. 😍

    Jennifer McMillianJennifer McMillian3 dni temu
  • Absolutelllyyyyy beautiful man ❤️

    Dany SochorDany Sochor3 dni temu
  • Aqua man and Dora two fish family 🐠 🐠 🧜‍♀🧜‍♂ I love you Jason Momoa, I love you Ellen DeGeneres 😘😘😍

    Victoria IbekweVictoria Ibekwe3 dni temu
  • I'd like to touch that fabulous piece of wonderful. Love how nervous he is lol

    Leenda72Leenda723 dni temu
  • Mmmmmm yummm

    SARI 87SARI 873 dni temu
  • Is he wearing a scrunchie??

    Paris WickwireParis Wickwire3 dni temu
  • What a lovely man, doesn’t the USA recycle glass and plastic like the UK then?

    samantha hallsamantha hall3 dni temu
  • 😋😋

    mars marsilmars marsil3 dni temu
  • He seems like such a nice and fun person. Be blessed sir.

    Joyce K.Joyce K.3 dni temu
  • and I thought he's a new rising star 😂😂😂😂

    karrar saqetkarrar saqet3 dni temu
  • lol, shld have kept his beard

    sdq sdqsdq sdq3 dni temu
  • Oh yeah, that’s a man...

    Luis Garcia PerezLuis Garcia Perez4 dni temu
  • Such a good looking guy 👍

    Jennifer CarsonJennifer Carson4 dni temu
  • I saw Ellen thinking about changing her sexuality

    Sleeping CinderellaSleeping Cinderella4 dni temu
  • Can you please tell me what is the title of song

    Judy Canill'sJudy Canill's4 dni temu
  • The hair The voice The smile The eyes The hands His eyebrows His chest FIX IT JESUS!!!

    Roxana RomeroRoxana Romero4 dni temu
  • He is so funny😂😂😂😂

    Andreea IlieAndreea Ilie4 dni temu

    Furat AmmarFurat Ammar4 dni temu
  • His the healthy kind of masculinity. I saw him with ponytails for an interview and I feel in love. His so manly and cute.

    Rue MRue M4 dni temu
  • AHHHHHH. he's wearing a scrunchie!!!!!

    S DiddyS Diddy4 dni temu
  • Jason Mamoa seems so humble. I appreciate that so much.

    dreamflite7dreamflite74 dni temu
  • Love this guy........he's so fine, that entrance is everything!!

    Cindy LewisCindy Lewis4 dni temu
  • I am pretty sure ellen become straight female for 30 minutes when jason momoa was there.

    Daniel Pradhana SaputraDaniel Pradhana Saputra4 dni temu
  • dose any one know the opening song of this video plz tell me if you know

    Vishvajitsinh MahidaVishvajitsinh Mahida4 dni temu
    • Kelvin Smith thank you sir

      Vishvajitsinh MahidaVishvajitsinh Mahida4 dni temu
    • Vishvajitsinh Mahida cake by the ocean

      Kelvin SmithKelvin Smith4 dni temu
  • Jason I love you so so so so so much. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    let's talk with Prashant chauhanlet's talk with Prashant chauhan4 dni temu
  • the snake part though, creepy scary

    Sharon MaveraSharon Mavera4 dni temu
  • i mean i love that scrunchie on his hand aha

    Su Mon AungSu Mon Aung4 dni temu
  • I want a meeting between Aquaman and Thor.

    LoLo4 dni temu
  • I think I know what Ellen's thinking 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Just PaulaJust Paula4 dni temu
  • I hope Nicole Kidman is going to be in Aquaman 2 !!!!....Thanks Jason.

    georgie hollandergeorgie hollander4 dni temu
  • He is handsome!!!!!!!!!

    catherine cindycatherine cindy5 dni temu
  • Please can someone help me with the title of the entrance song?

    Pius AkuamoahPius Akuamoah5 dni temu
  • Working in a garden 😂😂

    Deven tilakDeven tilak5 dni temu
  • Dont get me wrong but Ellen sometimes im questioning her sexuality , lol Maybe shes pretending, come on it's jason momoa 😅😂😍

    petix lenpetix len5 dni temu
  • it’s so cute that he’s wearing a hair band 😍❤️

    Chinwendu Okey-AmadiChinwendu Okey-Amadi5 dni temu
  • What's the entry song???

  • I didn't know he was this cuddly

    FaithFaith5 dni temu
  • Khal drogo!!!!

    Titser Enzyme TVTitser Enzyme TV5 dni temu
  • He is so cuuuuuuute!

    Daniela CalvoDaniela Calvo5 dni temu
  • Jason momoa and chris hemsworth should work together in a new superhero movie 😄

    sam fishersam fisher5 dni temu
    • +Ridgely Sussman Howe no affect at all ahahaha cause DC have Steppwolf and Darksied to deal with.

      M.A. ZakiM.A. Zaki2 dni temu
    • M.A. Zaki I wonder how thanos’ snap affected the DCEU.

      Ridgely Sussman HoweRidgely Sussman Howe2 dni temu
    • +Ridgely Sussman HoweAhaha just made up both of the superheroes somewhat somehow meet in another universe. Could be Thor went to fishing at New Asgard and suddenly wanna go swim in the ocean. Once he dive in, he takes longer time to return.

      M.A. ZakiM.A. Zaki2 dni temu
  • I couldn't shower for a week and i would still...... yeah never mind 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    TheCruzFamilyTheCruzFamily5 dni temu
  • He is soo handsome. What name is the water?

    Christina GraysonChristina Grayson5 dni temu
  • Jason Momoe : (bust a move) Half of the audience : (get pregnant)

    Fensen FrancisFensen Francis5 dni temu
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 So true. I'm so pregnant right now.

      Bar TalmayBar Talmay5 dni temu
  • Ellen.. . You are the best human being on the planet. Thank you for being you ❤❤

    MamaManiaMamaMania5 dni temu
  • In germany we pay 25 Cent deposit per plastic bottle and then you can put the bottle in a automat and you get a note and then you go in the store, give it to the cashier and have the 25 Cent back😁 when you collect the bottles you can make a bit money and the bottles are recycled.

    Steffi T.Steffi T.5 dni temu
  • Ellen has a ch a crush 😂😍

    druggedflowersdruggedflowers6 dni temu
  • heshhh shooo cuuuuttteeeee

    HannahHannah6 dni temu
  • That entry dance was cuuuute!

    Janzi JanziJanzi Janzi6 dni temu
  • That snake could have smothered his children in their sleep

    Caitlin KellyCaitlin Kelly6 dni temu
  • Canned water. What a novel idea!

    TheDivineBanditTheDivineBandit6 dni temu
  • Omg he is the hottest man bar none!

    Patti BatesPatti Bates6 dni temu
  • Norwood 2. Look it up

Jason Momoa Was Naked When He Found His Missing Pet Python