Hey Guys,
So Jaclyn Hill just came out with nude lipsticks as her first products in her Jaclyn Cosmetics brand. Watch to see what I thought of them.
Have you tried her lipsticks yet?! If so what did you think of them?
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  • My god you are so freaking beautiful 😩😍

    Julie ManzelloJulie ManzelloDzień temu
  • gosh she is so beautiful and so professional 😍

    fuckofffuckoff2 dni temu
  • R.I.P lips

    Glich MspGlich Msp2 dni temu
  • Nyma you have the most beautiful smooth skin

    Alana ImbodenAlana Imboden2 dni temu
  • Girl I haven't watched your videos in a while so that confidence at the intro caught me off GUARD YESS SIS I'M HERE FOR IT 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    Jessica StylesJessica Styles2 dni temu
  • have your doctor on speed dial

    absolutetruthgirlabsolutetruthgirl2 dni temu
  • you are beautiful....I LOVE YOU pl-vision.com/pass/UC8fdXyJ3csn55oXKnxRw7KA?view_as=subscriber

    Aregitu BeautyAregitu Beauty3 dni temu
  • majority of her lipsticks is not black girl friendly tbh ,

    KING MARSKING MARS3 dni temu
  • Damn, girl! How you made every single shade look gorgeous? You're beautiful AND brave! *blows the fuzzy stuff off* 😯

    Michelle GrMichelle Gr3 dni temu
  • You're so beauty.💕

    Lu G.Lu G.4 dni temu
  • U have the most gorgeous SKIN! Ok and lips and teeth. Just beautiful.

    Ashley OlivaAshley Oliva4 dni temu
  • You are risking it all

    Dominique ThompsonDominique Thompson4 dni temu
  • This hair color matches you so much nyma😍

    guccteagucctea4 dni temu
  • I dont wear lipstick. I dont even own a single tube. Im fine with liptints. But what Im sure of is that lipticks are not supposed to be scratchy.

    Justine SalvadorJustine Salvador4 dni temu
  • I love your hands 😊

    ツMarianneツMarianne4 dni temu
  • powdered donut😭😭😭

    itsslimmbtchitsslimmbtch4 dni temu
  • Your skin is amazing!😍😍

    Milessent DayanghirangMilessent Dayanghirang5 dni temu
  • 8:42 got new style to put your lipstick 😘

    Kayra LimKayra Lim5 dni temu
  • you are so pretty 😩💕

    Annie HowlterAnnie Howlter6 dni temu
  • My sister gave me a few lipsticks I had to throw out because they started to scratch my lips.. my sister told me they were at least 3 years old ! they were unopened so she didn't think it mattered

    Nunya BiznessNunya Bizness6 dni temu
  • I actually like when you had two different shades on your lips

    Nunya BiznessNunya Bizness6 dni temu
  • the grain you are feeling are the unmixed pigment capsules.

    Nunya BiznessNunya Bizness6 dni temu
  • you actually put the lipstick on? ewwwwwwwwww I just watched a girl do testing on them and I was horrified

    Nunya BiznessNunya Bizness6 dni temu
  • if there are special taxes it means it means some bill was passed through your state government to raise your taxes, happens in California all the time (ran by Democrats unfortunately) I am shocked however to see Texas raising taxes but then again they don't have a property tax.

    Nunya BiznessNunya Bizness6 dni temu
  • This girl is stunning! 😍

    GingerSudGingerSud6 dni temu
  • Just hoping you’re ok after this stunt you dare devil you👏🏾😩

    Doll LoveDoll Love6 dni temu
  • just commenting to say you're pretty (we all know how we feel about the lipsticks at this point)

    NerdloveNerdlove6 dni temu
  • It's okay nudes look bad on everyone

    I'm No oneI'm No one6 dni temu
  • Yourrr soooo prettyyyy

    I'm No oneI'm No one6 dni temu
  • LOVED the two colors on your lips!

    Cindie CalderónCindie Calderón6 dni temu
  • That scum Jacklyn continues to make money out of people who wanna test if they're gonna get trash or not.

    Within GreenWithin Green6 dni temu
  • "Is that plastic?"

    Hannah WalmerHannah Walmer7 dni temu
  • i really hope your lips are okay oh my god! i'm happy that you didn't cut your lip open or anything holy cow

    BonBon7 dni temu
  • You should do it collaboration with nikkietutorials

    kkeegan32kkeegan327 dni temu
  • « Powdered doughnut » 🤣😂🤣😂

    Annie CraftAnnie Craft7 dni temu
  • I just hope you are fine Nyma 😔

    Demie Rose RosalDemie Rose Rosal7 dni temu
  • A very constructive opinion! First time here and i love your skin tone

    Jasmelyn ReyesJasmelyn Reyes8 dni temu
  • You’ve been brave to continue swatching though feeling the grains, I was scared for your lips all along lol

    Loza LozaLoza Loza8 dni temu
  • Omg, you are so beautiful, I love your skin tone, it’s amazing, one new subscriber.♥️🤩

    Renataa DurRenataa Dur8 dni temu
  • I’m cringing every time she’s putting them on her lips 🥺

    Sandra GSandra G9 dni temu
  • Girl you are beautiful omg

    slytherinlouslytherinlou9 dni temu
  • I've never watched any beauty gurus on youtube before and this was the first video I clicked on, but may I just say that DAMN this woman is beautiful. I'm in awe.

    SpiritSpirit9 dni temu
  • I’m no expert on these things, but it seems very odd that you would have three different TX state taxes. As a fellow Texan, that seems wrong. We actually pay taxes on fewer things than most states. Weird.

    Rebekah WhiteRebekah White9 dni temu
  • *RIP your lips*

    Leigh HartmanLeigh Hartman9 dni temu
  • You are the sweetest person on youtube with a kind heart and a kind soul. Bless you.

    rain and sunshinerain and sunshine10 dni temu
  • This was so hard to watch with out being concern... girl you were too nice

    Naturally BeautifulNaturally Beautiful10 dni temu
  • you are the definition of chocolate 🍫 😂 😍

    dolie doliedolie dolie10 dni temu

    Gift AmataGift Amata10 dni temu
  • I watched this with the sound off. The colors were clearly created to be anti-ethnic. Well, actually, they’re anti-anyone.

    ZI0TIC WOOLYvidsZI0TIC WOOLYvids10 dni temu
  • You're pretty

    Yolanda ZuiideYolanda Zuiide11 dni temu
  • Omg I could watch all day you trying these lipstick on, they looked so good on you! Hot toddy on lover lip and ambition on upper looked amazing 😍 As if was also one of my favourites on you.

    taysikanentaysikanen11 dni temu
  • “My lips hurt...” “ohh that ones a stainerrr!..” 😂 You’re soooo beautiful omg!! 😍😍 and I lovvve when you put ambition on top lip and hot toddie on the bottom. Honestly would be such a cute look to actually wear am I crazy? 🤷🏼‍♀️🥰😍

    Sara SamplesSara Samples11 dni temu
  • Such a shame... I find the colors really cute.

    Gem LimGem Lim11 dni temu
  • who thought “nude af?” Was a good idea? I’m pale and it would still look horrendous on me

    Searcy ShenanigansSearcy Shenanigans11 dni temu
    • Searcy Shenanigans Jaclyn did haha

      Liliana MariaLiliana Maria10 dni temu
  • You're a brave soul 😘 and absolutely stunning!!

    Ashley CoteAshley Cote11 dni temu
  • Those lipsticks are messed up don't waste your money 😫😫😫😫😫

    Payal llPayal ll11 dni temu
  • Oh you poor brave sweet girl. I would never expose my lips to that terror. And I love your polka dots!

    Lissy LondonLissy London11 dni temu
  • shes trying them on with a cut lip gurl!!!!

    LoveandlightLoveandlight11 dni temu
  • sod the lipsticks ...i want your jacket 😊😊 ...

    Susie  LoweSusie Lowe12 dni temu
  • This brown girl is sheer bravery and oozes professionalism to boot.I am head over heels with Nyma.

    Carol MazibukoCarol Mazibuko12 dni temu
  • Kinda confused here😅they all look the same🙄

    Oly RochOly Roch12 dni temu
  • I am scared for your health. Please put the lipsticks down. 👀😢10:53 Does the bottom tag supposed to represent the color?

    fantasia243645fantasia24364512 dni temu
  • "Its a little sharp" 😬

    LotusGirlLotusGirl12 dni temu
  • I’ve never seen a video of someone actually putting them on!

    April PApril P12 dni temu
  • you are stunning!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

    vk nailsvk nails12 dni temu
  • Ok the quality of your video is clear as water

  • Hope you got a refund

    Shanice WallaceShanice Wallace12 dni temu
  • Not gonna lie, I came here for the “Tea” but stayed for the professionalism and the BEAUTY! Those eyes and cheekbones are knocking me out! I don’t wear makeup but I Subscribed and turned on my Notification for Nyma. Great job!

    AZ BoiAZ Boi12 dni temu
    • Same, I want to keep watching her.

      thin eeveethin eevee7 dni temu
  • I love how she wasn't like biased or anything and just said it how it was 👊😎

    lovely addictionslovely addictions13 dni temu
  • Omgosh!! I love the 2 shades of lipstick 2gether!! New trend starting!💋👄💄💄

    cammys1worldcammys1world13 dni temu