How the NFL Overlooked Patrick Mahomes Before His Incredible MVP Season

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Patrick Mahomes just completed one of the most dominant seasons in NFL History, all in his first year as a starter. Just two years ago, Mahomes was the 10th overall pick in the NFL Draft, a selection by the Kansas City Chiefs that was thought to be a major risk at the time. But Andy Reid certainly had a plan, and two years later it's safe to say the risk has been averted and the future of the Chiefs is taking over the league. Watch this video to see why he wasn't taken even higher, as a dynamic talent who was viewed as a multi-year project when he left Texas Tech for the NFL Draft.
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    Set the EdgeSet the EdgeMiesiąc temu
    • Set the Edge may you please do a vid on Drew Brees please big time saints fan and I love to see what type of content you’ll put out with his story and great job with your channel day one subscriber so keep the good work slime

      Quinton AndersQuinton Anders22 dni temu
    • I gotta go get manscape everyone get out of my way

      Kaden SmithKaden Smith24 dni temu
    • Set the Edge hey Andy Reid does have a Super Bowl ring he got it with the packers as an offensive coordinator

      Matt KuhnkeMatt Kuhnke29 dni temu
    • Set the edge I hate to say it but you're wrong about what you said about the system fitting in the NFL. Those 3.quarterbacks from the browns offensive line, a weak patch of receivers, and a horrible defense especially tom couch, if he played for another team, he could've had success

      Mobilebeast 49Mobilebeast 49Miesiąc temu
    • Set the Edge Great content. Can you please make a video about Hopkins?? Or any Texan player. Keep up the good work.👍🏼

      MASTERRACE400MASTERRACE400Miesiąc temu
  • What's the torque @ 6000 rpms?

    Dylan MuldovanDylan Muldovan8 godzin temu
  • Don’t talk shit about Cheeseburger Eddy

    Finnick JacksonFinnick JacksonDzień temu
  • "Players like Tim Couch, Johnny Manziel, and Brandon Weeden four first-round picks out of similar systems, but none transpired to NFL Talent" All were drafted by Browns

    HyperDragon XHyperDragon XDzień temu
  • 52/88 for 734 yards and “only” 5 TD?!

    Kevin KellyKevin KellyDzień temu
  • They really whiffed on Tom Brady

    Kevin KellyKevin KellyDzień temu
  • Thank you for another awesome review. Keep up the great work.

    Peni LebaivaluPeni LebaivaluDzień temu
  • He reminds me kinda of drew lock except lock has less talent but imagine if lock turned out to be a PM type player, best rivalry in football

    Adam ShueyAdam Shuey2 dni temu
  • Let’s see him do it two years in a row before he’s crowned the GOAT. Can we please stop the insanity. 2019 is going to bring the queefs back to reality.

    Watch the Triple!Watch the Triple!3 dni temu
  • i'll tell you how...nobody gives a shit/watches texas tech football. I remember sitting there at jones stadium watching this kid running around making impossible down field throws from weird body angles right before my eyes. My first thought was how in hell is this kid falling through the cracks at the national media level. Truely a joy to watch live.

    TheChompyzTheChompyz4 dni temu
  • Do who were all the receivers taken before Stefon Diggs

    Dayton J VlogsDayton J Vlogs4 dni temu
  • imagine him being mentored by drew brees instead of alex smith and playing in new orleans. my dads a chiefs fan and it went really well for them and mahomeboy but damn chiefs, whyd you trade up :(

    NoahNoah5 dni temu
  • Umm, they didn't overlook him. He was the only quarterback drafted in the first round that year.

    Bryce DavisBryce Davis6 dni temu
  • do you really want to be aligned with Andy "cant win the big one" Reid?

    Tom YazelTom Yazel6 dni temu
  • maybe they didn't want a novelty QB....

    Tom YazelTom Yazel6 dni temu
  • Video idea 💡: How Andrew Luck came back from near retirement to the best season of his career

    Tay & LalaTay & Lala6 dni temu

    David RoehrigDavid Roehrig7 dni temu
  • Man I'm glad he's on my team

    Matt NicholsMatt Nichols7 dni temu
  • Just found your channel, I’m hooked

    StephenStephen8 dni temu
  • Another Johnny Goofball

    dbltrplxdbltrplx8 dni temu
  • "The minute I saw Joe move, there was no question in my mind that he was the best I'd seen," former 49ers head coach Bill Walsh said referring to Montana's pre-draft workout. "I knew with the offense I planned to run, Joe would be great."

    Crunkboy415Crunkboy4158 dni temu
  • Being a Broncos fan I'm scared of this guy cause we have to face him twice

    Big BrownieBig Brownie9 dni temu
    • And we have hill back with rumors of no suspension and even if he does we have mecole hardman

      arrowheadpridearrowheadpride7 dni temu
  • Andy Reid's offense should be called the "Plug n chug"

    Jeevan MammenJeevan Mammen9 dni temu
  • I fear for Mahomes. He still has a lot of schoolboy tricks and bad habits. Last year he had so many weapons, but this year he doesn't. I think a lot of people will have him, not totally, but mostly figured out. Not saying he will blow out, but I do think his production will be down about 15% at least.

    John HJohn H9 dni temu
  • He will break his td record next season mark my words

    nickybullvol82nickybullvol8210 dni temu
    • Agreed

      Cliff MeinhardtCliff Meinhardt7 dni temu
  • Extremely glad that Andy didn't see Mahomes as Jay Cutler.

    KSU 1989KSU 198910 dni temu
  • You faggots shave your pubes and chest hair? Lmao gay

    47 4747 4710 dni temu
  • Looking like tyreek will only be gone for a minority of the season.

    Schizo SkwerlzSchizo Skwerlz10 dni temu
    • There are rumors that he won't be suspended at all

      arrowheadpridearrowheadpride7 dni temu
  • Could you consider doing a video on Jamal Adams?

    The PrinceThe Prince10 dni temu
  • Nah, nah, it's the madden curse that's going to screw Mahomes, IF he even plays poorly

    LilJoftheLionLilJoftheLion11 dni temu
  • Mahommes wont ever produce like this again. Defenses will adjust, he wont have the top talent at his disposal, and with the loss of all the talent around him his idiotic mistakes wont be turned into exciting plays. His success had more to do with the talent of his targets, and Andy Reid, then it had to do with Mahomes himself. He is talented, there is no question about that, but 2018 isnt going to be the norm. Guaranteed as he ages and gets smarter, he will be taking less foolish risks, especially since he wont have the talent around him to make his foolish risks pay off. 2018 was fun to watch, but dont think it will ever happen again.

    Carl LennenCarl Lennen13 dni temu
  • Who drafted him? John Dorsey?

    SuperseanbarrySuperseanbarry14 dni temu
    • lets be honest it was andy reid

      reiko57reiko5713 dni temu
  • So glad I found your channel!

    Drew KlinglerDrew Klingler14 dni temu
  • screw mechanics this kid gets the ball downfield.period end of story. do you want to win pretty or just win. if he stays healthy and they give him a line and weapons, look out brady there's a new sheriff in town.

    Karen AndersonKaren Anderson14 dni temu
  • Its 100% Coaching not overlooking. - Truth

    Hadouken HadoukenHadouken Hadouken15 dni temu
  • Manziel was a top NFL-talent, but with his shitty work ethic he could never use his potential...

    ThePadi94ThePadi9415 dni temu
  • You just never know. So many "talented" QBs who can't make the reads or actually improve their mechanics fail in the NFL. But Mahomes has the mind for it, and he clearly put the work in. His reads and mechanics going from college to 2nd year pro shot up very quickly. He certainly had a good coach + supporting cast situation, but he made the most of it and became a direct part of what makes that offense so strong, rather than someone getting carried. Goes to show that elite QBs can come from any system, but it's still not easy to predict which ones will get there each year.

    TheMelnTeamTheMelnTeam16 dni temu
  • It's all just a conspiracy... If they didn't know he was going to be special, why would they have so many autograph rookie cards of his???

    Guy WilliamsGuy Williams17 dni temu
  • 2019 MVP

    Ian RiderIan Rider18 dni temu
  • Do Gino Smith

  • Tyreek was not charged and it's common knowledge that his gf, Espinoza set him up. One to two games at most.

    Charles AubuchonCharles Aubuchon18 dni temu
    • Espinal family are crooked

      Marino DeRienzoMarino DeRienzo10 dni temu
  • Ur wrong about Andy ... he has a ring... do ur research... just not as a HC... remember the other cannon ?... Farve... yea Reid was his qb coach n got a ring with them

    Adam HuntAdam Hunt18 dni temu
  • Never forget when Joel Lanning and the Iowa State Cyclones beat Mahomes 66-10 in 2017 :)

    Zach SillsZach Sills18 dni temu
  • Tim Couch was a fantastic NFL quarterback who couldn't stay healthy behind the world's shittiest offensive line. If you actually went back and watched him play, you'd see that

    CoolJCoolJ19 dni temu
  • hell you don't need a fancy doohickey to manscape yer dickey I just use scissors and a razor my wife has never complained of course she gets her fifi waxed......ouch

    Silverhorse1970Silverhorse197019 dni temu
  • ha, over 420 yards passing per game. nice

    Nathan Maves-MooreNathan Maves-Moore19 dni temu
  • It's 2019 and I got an ad of the music video of Oppa Gundam style

    breshyJbreshyJ20 dni temu
  • He won't be any good this year

    #TEAM TRUMP#TEAM TRUMP20 dni temu
  • This title makes no sense. Anybody that know's College Football, they knew Patrick Mahomes can throw the deep ball with ease. The reason why, is he came from a spread offensive system. He also had mechanical work he had to Iron out his rookie year. And Texas Tech plays 1-3 games against legit team that are ranked. Sec ACC and Pac 12 are nationally televised more. I have to say in the past two years I have seen way more Washington St games nationally televised than Texas Tech. Last year Washington St came of nowhere, they were decent but not like last year's.

    Yoki da BearYoki da Bear20 dni temu
  • Hill will be Playing This season

    My96XJMy96XJ20 dni temu
  • What a great video.

    WoynaaWoynaa20 dni temu
  • In conclusion... He wasn't overlooked, he was raw from a unconventional system and was given a year to develop into an offense with multiple top 5 position players.

    nunya2587nunya258721 dzień temu
  • I just realized that Tyreek Hill is what everyone thought Tavon Austin was going to become in the NFL.

    Sports n' Anime EntertainmentSports n' Anime Entertainment21 dzień temu
  • Patrick Mahomes was definitely a good choice he could've brought Kansas City the Vince Lombardi trophy but Dee Ford ruined his big chance even as a patriot fan I have to admit Tom Brady and the Patriots lucked out Mahomes was stronger that day but because Dee Ford wasn't careful so Tom Brady's losing pick didn't count then the patriots won the coin toss in over time so then it was just a matter of time

    Michael DillonMichael Dillon21 dzień temu
  • Mahomes looking good to be the next tb12. Noticed tho u only showed short clip bout him.

    Humphrey RelatorresHumphrey Relatorres21 dzień temu
  • Alex Smith was our road block..

    IconhulkIconhulk21 dzień temu
  • patrick mahomes is gumby to me.

    John CoolJohn Cool22 dni temu
  • Manscape for dudes w no gf

    Hayden EdenHayden Eden22 dni temu
  • as a KC fan, I cant blame teams over looking Mahones..BIG 12 QB's hadnt exactly had the best track record, even with the conference being known for high powered offenses..I hope his career isnt like Marino' hate to see him rack up career numbers but have no SB rings to show for it

    carsonc29carsonc2923 dni temu
  • John Dorsey is the best GM in the league... He picked MaHomes & Mayfield back to back - both everyone thought were bad picks..

    Patrick JPatrick J23 dni temu
  • Tim Couch WAS good... he just didnt have a O-Line and just got smashed!! Watch his games, it wasnt him and you can see if he didnt get hurt he was legit,

    Patrick JPatrick J23 dni temu
  • Wait 50 touchdowns or 15 for mahomes in hs

    ElliotElliot23 dni temu
  • Andy Reed can literally take any QB and make them a possible pro bowler. Nothing against Mahomes but I believe he wouldn't be half as good without Reed.

    llSRRllllSRRll23 dni temu
    • same can be said about Tom Brady..Brady would have been a career back up with literally any other coach in any other system.

      carsonc29carsonc2923 dni temu
  • I'm gonna take a wait and see approach. Great, the kid blew the doors off the NFL in his first season. Now let's see him repeat the process. It sure won't be easy. Last year the Chiefs schedule strength was 19th. This year it's 5th. Yes, he'll have a year of experience under his belt, but other teams now have a year of game footage to try and figure him out. Oh, and he's missing one of his biggest weapons, and more than likely will be missing another. I'm not saying he can't still be very good or great. I'm just saying it wouldn't be the first time an NFL qb has had a great rookie year, only to take a large step back in the years following. My guess is he still stays in the top ten conversation by season's end, but his numbers drop down around the 35-40 td, 4,000 yard range. Maybe he throws a few more picks too.

    Chris LarsonChris Larson23 dni temu
    • no KC fan expects another 50 TD performance..but hopefully the defense will improve enough to where he wont HAVE to have great games for them to win...that defense was god awful last year

      carsonc29carsonc2923 dni temu
  • What is this, story time? Boooooooo!!!!!

    Jarvis ManningJarvis Manning23 dni temu
  • Andy Reid is the QB Whisperer

    Al DennisAl Dennis23 dni temu
  • And some how jameis Winston has better stats outside of the pocket

    Ashton BurgessAshton Burgess24 dni temu
  • my team sucked last year and is being over hyped this year Dam i wish they sat my QB for a year But i like watching Mahomes last year i watched alot of Chiefs games last year

    Trip tripTrip trip24 dni temu
  • 9:24 The 2011 Philly Eagles, Vince Youngs Dreamteam to be a back up QB on....has something to say about that statement lol

    Viper8828Viper882824 dni temu
  • Hill has left the chat 😂😂😬

    Alejandro MaldonadoAlejandro Maldonado24 dni temu
How the NFL Overlooked Patrick Mahomes Before His Incredible MVP Season