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  • I was not planning on another sit down life update type of video but given all that's been going on it felt necessary before jumping right back into regularly scheduled happy videos on this channel. Our empty house tour is already done and ready for you all to see but the fires that swept through California caused a lot of damage and pain to so many that we wanted to address before moving forward. Thanks for letting me share my story

    Ryland AdamsRyland Adams6 miesięcy temu

      J TurnerJ Turner27 dni temu
    • Love u too Shane and ryland keep it up with the you tube video

      Hilda MarkHilda MarkMiesiąc temu
    • Ryland Adams how are your gucci slides?

      celebstadiumcelebstadiumMiesiąc temu
    • Ryland Adams RYLANTIS*

      celebstadiumcelebstadiumMiesiąc temu
  • When your voice goes to a high pitch like that, it usually means youre lying

    ThinkerBelleThinkerBelle4 minut temu
  • Tea

    Dani puffDani puff3 godzin temu
  • I know this video is a bit old, but you guys should put a sliding bookcase in front of the door! The kind where one of the books is a switch to reveal a secret door! Although I guess it would be a secret since it's on PL-vision..

    TheCatnipisaLIETheCatnipisaLIE4 godzin temu
  • I feel like someone was looking after Shane and Ryland and know how much they care about everyone and felt as if someone needs to look after them too 💕💕

    Kira MooreKira Moore13 godzin temu

    Kira MooreKira Moore13 godzin temu
  • Coraline for real

    William StephensWilliam Stephens13 godzin temu
  • 0:28 who noticed the hand behind ryland

    Voltage PanderVoltage Pander16 godzin temu
  • Omg mattress firm

    James WoodardJames Woodard16 godzin temu
  • I'll listen to your theory when it's day time. I can't at night or I get too scared to sleep😂like if your the same way.

    fries before guysfries before guys17 godzin temu
  • this i literally like the US storyline hahahaha

    WRLDof XOWRLDof XODzień temu
  • It's like the company is the pimp and you tubers are the hookers 😂😂😂

    Ashley SteinAshley SteinDzień temu
  • please sue them

    SophiaSophiaDzień temu
  • Dudes, a previous owner definitely kidnapped someone and held them captive in that room.

    K WK WDzień temu
  • "i have a theory i have a theory" *conspiracy voice* "hey whats up you guys"

    Brooklyn IhrigBrooklyn IhrigDzień temu
  • 10:15 I like that song too 😹

    HistenHisten2 dni temu
  • This video had a lot of great information in it. I’m glad your house was okay.

    Michelle WhiteMichelle White2 dni temu
  • Shane can literally make anything sound real

    Melina RoseMelina Rose2 dni temu
  • Wait is that sound proofing on the walls 🤭

    Roxie TurnerRoxie Turner2 dni temu
  • I hate Asmr noises 🤯🤪

    S AvliSS AvliS2 dni temu
  • OMG! "The revenge of COCO!" You and Shane are so funny and adorable! Tell Shane hes wonderful and perfect. And not to put himself down so much!

    Angela De HoedtAngela De Hoedt2 dni temu
  • I think u were close Shane. I think it was a room for a mental or deformed kid. It was carpeted so they didnt hurt themselves. Hell maybe it was a single parent that couldnt afford child care and just locked there kid in the room. Idk just spit balling. But I do think the carpet has a purpose to protect.

    L.A. HensleyL.A. Hensley2 dni temu
  • 9:36 Shane is me😂

    Sarah CrawfordSarah Crawford2 dni temu
  • Just adopt a baby and complete my life already

    Conor MConor M2 dni temu
  • I like how there’s plugs 🔌 in there it’s perfect

    Asia .SaucedoAsia .Saucedo4 dni temu
  • I remember living in north Cal and we were dealing with huge fires too. It literally felt like California was ending and I understand the fear that was felt with all of it and I’m glad u guys made it out safely ❤️

    Hailey LHailey L4 dni temu
  • Love you guys! Would so love to hang out with your silly asses! 🤣

    Christa ReadyChrista Ready4 dni temu
  • 6:13 I'm with rylan on this one 😂

    Zen KazenoZen Kazeno5 dni temu
  • I’m watching this as I’m hiding under a blanket because I stole my sisters spot

    random YouTube watcherrandom YouTube watcher5 dni temu
  • I love you, but I hate when you title videos that have very little or nothing to do with the content 😭

    Brittney HolladayBrittney Holladay6 dni temu
  • I'm literally half way into this video.... htf is this an "exposing a youtube company" video?

    Brittney HolladayBrittney Holladay6 dni temu
  • Shane should do a whole expose on these PL-vision companies. Id watch it. Starting with tracking down and prosecuting defy

    nichole gnichole g6 dni temu
  • Um quick question does anyone else her that creepy girl laughing at 8:30 minutes in. Please let me know if you hear it to because I might be going crazy. Thanks bye. •scared•

    Emyn MejiaEmyn Mejia6 dni temu
    • Yes I heard it omg

      Yess & sha sha adventuresYess & sha sha adventures5 dni temu
  • here's jojo and her retarded twin sister, hobo LMAO

    Breanna GreenBreanna Green6 dni temu
  • Adam lasagna 😂🤣😂👌🏻

    Kalli Karen Allison RobertsonKalli Karen Allison Robertson6 dni temu
  • what if it’s JOJO and like COCO and then like COCO starts coming for JOJO then BOWBOW 😂😂 omfg I can’t w Shane🤣

    It’s N e w tIt’s N e w t6 dni temu
    • It’s N e w t 8:30 there was a childs giggle... umm

      rezazrezaz14 godzin temu
  • I’m dead from 3:37 like actually deceased

    Ivanna DiazIvanna Diaz6 dni temu
  • Shane is a beautiful man

    Yvonne NdiranguYvonne Ndirangu6 dni temu
  • okay but like the color of ryland's shirt is all cracked like sis needs some moisturizer lmao

    rosannarosanna7 dni temu
  • they are little talking in the panic room😂😂

    Caty AlejosCaty Alejos7 dni temu
  • how the heck did Shane make his voice sound like my grandpa?

    Horses LoLHorses LoL7 dni temu
  • *Shane* *get* *his* *starbucks* kay, im happy now, baby has his baba

    24 carat magic24 carat magic7 dni temu
  • I like u guys, yall r crazy funny but ryland is like a old lady just moving everething around 😁😁😁😄 so funny😄😄

    mamis regiamamis regia7 dni temu
  • 'What if it's Joe and like coco, we don't know right? We don't know know!' Omfg, I swear I don't wanna disrespect the topics of the vid, but I can't😂 He is the ONLY youtuber I can watch any type of video he makes, bc I know I will laugh till I cry anyways. Literally genres of vids I would never click on, I dive right in cause I already know..;)

    bibi diluxbibi dilux7 dni temu
  • This video was a rollercoaster of emotions holy crap. 😭 I'm so glad you guys are safe!

    Katze FarronKatze Farron7 dni temu
  • I'm so shane....my brain thinks the same way🤣🤣🤣 we gotta get outta here......my enemies might come burn me up n blame it on the wild fire (I'm so serious)

    Sabrina LewisSabrina Lewis8 dni temu

    Ariana’s SweetenerAriana’s Sweetener8 dni temu
  • You two are soulmates 💕💕💕

    SparkleOnForeverSparkleOnForever9 dni temu
  • So...they bought the house from Jojo Siwa's family?

    Kithri MelonfearKithri Melonfear10 dni temu
  • ginger lemon is the best tea. 👌

    yuki nonoyuki nono10 dni temu
  • An ALICE IN WONDERLAND room!!!!! 🥰

    kimberly keenerkimberly keener10 dni temu
  • You should take a black light thingy in there to look for body fluids...….

    PeepPeep1 PeepPeep2PeepPeep1 PeepPeep211 dni temu
  • I hope it isn't an attack people room hence the hidden-ness of it and the soundproof walls and easy clean up floor.

    PeepPeep1 PeepPeep2PeepPeep1 PeepPeep211 dni temu
  • I saw a hand behind Ryland in the very beginning

    i_like_turtlesi_like_turtles11 dni temu
  • tea

    Penelope LarsonPenelope Larson11 dni temu
  • I have two of those lights that ryland was holding. (edit) I had a scary fire experience in October of 2017 and just a quarter mile away from where I live, the canyon was burning. As soon as I got out of school, I saw plumes of black smoke and we had about an hour before we had to evacuate. Just last year, there was a fire in Malibu, and my friend’s cousin’s neighborhood was being burned but they were lucky enough that they did not lose their house. But that will always be something that sticks with me.

    TheFireMonkey9TheFireMonkey911 dni temu
  • "stay in your room" that WHOLE THING had me in tears I fuckingggggggggg cannot 💀💀

    Stacy BeeStacy Bee11 dni temu
  • When and if Shane and Ryland do get a child,they are literally going to be the best parents ever because they will teach them moral,they are gonna teach them how to not get into scandals,they will help and support their child and I'm just waiting for that content

    Lilly MacLilly Mac12 dni temu
  • Harry is gay soooooooo...

    Uzbek QueenUzbek Queen12 dni temu
  • "We don't nono" I'm dead lol

    Jacob SpeedJacob Speed12 dni temu
  • Shane literally predicted Us

    hmmmhmmm12 dni temu
  • "We don't know know" LoL Love you guys! ❤️💯🖤

    Carrie and Charlie MaeCarrie and Charlie Mae12 dni temu
  • His conspiracy sounded like Us lmao till it got all jojo bowbow

    Bizzi BzzBizzi Bzz12 dni temu
  • Isn’t that a table lamp? Hahahaha

    mabel leemabel lee13 dni temu
  • Nobody gonna talk about the hand? 0:34 hand print but who is pushing on the wall😂

    Ann ASMRAnn ASMR13 dni temu
  • Would if it’s sound proof because coco was screaming and the parents didn’t want to hear her.??? REEKKK

    Addie BrittAddie Britt13 dni temu
  • We don't know, know. I'm CRYING.

    Natalia VanderlanNatalia Vanderlan14 dni temu
  • So I'm rewatching this video and I know at the time I didn't really even know about the fires in SoCal because I live in the Sacramento area so I heard about Paradise and Chico. So my worries were never about celebrities losing their homes, but more of "What's going to happen to my friends who go to Chico?". Also at my job, we got a worker added to us and she was from Paradise and told me how she lost her home and is stuck in a hotel. And I know that a lot of people don't fucking care about California, and don't understand what's going on. But this is a yearly issue in California every year. It's something that we now expect every year. I'm so glad that your house was spared and I don't think that you guys are selfish about this. Everyone who experiences this is terrified. It's still your house and your home. This is real and you may haven't been there long at that point but that doesn't discredit everything that you felt. Because those emotions are real. Again I'm happy for you two (and of course the animals too) and I hope the rest of your 2019 is amazing and to take precautions during the late summer months. Keep your plants watered and your property manicured because that can save your house in the end. Love you guys!

    AllieAllie14 dni temu
  • “We don’t know know” lol

    Saharra MarcelinoSaharra Marcelino14 dni temu
  • Jojo and Coco. Shane, I’m shook!!! 🤣🤣 that needs to be an actual conspiracy!!!! Lol!!

    Sophie RoarkSophie Roark14 dni temu
  • Shane where have you gone?!

    Gacha SignalGacha Signal15 dni temu
  • all the dislikes is from his ex-co-workers lol

    Blønde FøxBlønde Føx15 dni temu
  • This is how many people miss queen Shane 👇

    !?!?15 dni temu
  • 12:30 thumbnail

    maria luiza limamaria luiza lima16 dni temu
  • I'm sure now they turned that into a sex room

    GENOCIDE EclipseGENOCIDE Eclipse16 dni temu
  • This looks like the end of the world 😂😂😂

    Kymberli SheaKymberli Shea16 dni temu
  • omg! Shane's conspiracy is almost spot on to the plot of the movie Us with trapped away twins coming for revenge ...

    yourstruely198yourstruely19816 dni temu
  • Ryland made a noise at 8:30 it’s not a laugh! The house isn’t haunted y’all are reaching really hard

    Katelyn CeceliaKatelyn Cecelia16 dni temu
  • At 2:28, Shane literally gave the entire plot for the movie US 💀

    Sophia TrejoSophia Trejo17 dni temu
  • Your not fat your ummmm....... Nevermind

    Beaucoup De HasardBeaucoup De Hasard17 dni temu
  • Shane upload NOW

    KrazyKat TubeKrazyKat Tube18 dni temu
  • I swear these two better be together forever, because they are magic. They brighten up my hardest days. Wishing I was your best friend lol! 🥰🙌🏻

    Bri’s Makeup FunhouseBri’s Makeup Funhouse18 dni temu
  • 8:26 🤣🤣 is it just me or is Shane acting like child this whole vid🤣

    No NameNo Name18 dni temu
  • Honestly at the time of the Woolsey fire, I had no idea that it was going on because I was so concerned about the Camp Fire. My whole family was packed and ready to go at a moment's notice. So many lives lost between both of the fires

    Amber RoseAmber Rose18 dni temu
  • They should fuck in there

    minecraftgamer 3.0minecraftgamer 3.018 dni temu
  • Don’t ever split up I love you guys together!! ♥️

    miaovoxmiaovox19 dni temu
  • If Shane kidnaps someone you know where to look

    Peepee NeeneePeepee Neenee19 dni temu
  • “ I am not going to let you make this a haunted thing” 😂😂

    JessieCash742JessieCash74219 dni temu
  • Shane just predicted the plot to “US” by Jordan peele WTF

    Spirit CactusSpirit Cactus19 dni temu

    Beccy MiddletonBeccy Middleton19 dni temu
  • At 8:30 if you listen carefully, you can hear kids laughter

    Sadaf ValizadehSadaf Valizadeh20 dni temu
    • @Bex Rox i guess it's from the background music or smthing

      Sadaf ValizadehSadaf Valizadeh7 dni temu
    • Sadaf Valizadeh eww omg what is that?!

      Bex RoxBex Rox9 dni temu

    TerelTerel21 dzień temu
  • Omg! The jojo and coco conspiracy theory is giving me everything I didn’t think I needed before, and I need it now! 🤣🤣🤣😫

    Minerva’sChannelMinerva’sChannel21 dzień temu
  • We don’t know know ... 😂😂😂i’m dead. 😭😂

    Liz ZyLiz Zy21 dzień temu
  • That’s what Sony, CBS ,and Viacom did to me and a lot other people for years.

    loriann1506loriann150622 dni temu
  • 2:09 wait why is shane’s “theory “ about the twin in the little room the actual plot to that movie US kinda

    Briyanna TerrellBriyanna Terrell22 dni temu
  • Shane's conspiracy story just reminded me of the Us movie.

    Jes SitoJes Sito22 dni temu
  • These 2 together are just the best! They balance each other so well!! I love them so much ❤❤❤❤

    Tiffany NorrisTiffany Norris23 dni temu
  • I love the both of you. Shane love your haircut. Your both great.

    Elvira BuddensickElvira Buddensick24 dni temu
  • Defy it is. Interesting. My friend used to work for them as a QA.

    ArinaArina24 dni temu
Exposing a Youtube Company