Attempting A Hollywood Movie Audition!

In this episode of Out Of Our Comfort Zones Acting Edition we practiced a script and went in for a formal Hollywood Audition. It was scary... Watch to find out how we did..
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  • You should try horseback riding

    Sophia SundukovskySophia SundukovskyGodzinę temu
  • Sure is Dragonball script duh :P

    TheDudeInThePicture TheShorterOneWithACupTheDudeInThePicture TheShorterOneWithACupGodzinę temu
  • Gyle-you have a tail Gurt-I thought it was a peice of my pants Has me wheezing omg 🤣

    Angelina PachecoAngelina Pacheco2 godzin temu
  • Last digit of your like is who you are 1. Ethan 2. Grayson 3. Ethan 4. Grayson 5. Ethan 6. Grayson 7. Ethan 8. Grayson 9. Ethan 0. Grayson

    Cheyanne LacewellCheyanne Lacewell10 godzin temu
  • My question is when your planning to audition do you have do like get the script from the people first or somewhere else

    Natalie's LifeNatalie's Life11 godzin temu
  • Jonathan sounds like the al- nvm

    d3v1lz xd3v1lz x16 godzin temu
  • 24:32 💀😂

    Joshua Thompson-LombardJoshua Thompson-Lombard22 godzin temu
  • HAHAHAHAHAH THIS IS HILARIOUSSS AS HELL! “Beep beep boop boop” wth 😂😂😂😂

    Fernanda BarrientosFernanda Barrientos22 godzin temu
  • The part when Grayson yells true dad aka acting!!

    RosemarieRosemarie23 godzin temu
  • I’m sorry for how hard I laughed at the end scene 🤣🤣

    Omaryanna WardOmaryanna WardDzień temu
  • Grayson getting like really into it Ethan yeh don’t do that

    Its RubyIts RubyDzień temu
  • Ethan :'Are you ready?''let's practice our beep beep boop boops'

    Evie van ZutphenEvie van ZutphenDzień temu
  • Ethan: that ads a lot of 'OOMF' to this, grayson

    Evie van ZutphenEvie van ZutphenDzień temu
  • im literally laughing so hard

    Ashton HutsonAshton HutsonDzień temu
  • Get a real job ! 😖😖😖

    Jane Kirchner SpillerJane Kirchner SpillerDzień temu
  • Roses are red, Violets are purple, I don't know why people say blue, They're called violet for a reason.

    manateelover48manateelover48Dzień temu
  • This script tho

    Corey AndersonCorey AndersonDzień temu
  • The first time anyone has ever been happy about tears. 🤣

    Supernatural SuperstarSupernatural SuperstarDzień temu
  • 16:13 did Noah say “you guys fucked it” ?? Or did I hear wrong😭😂

    Nani GNani GDzień temu
  • “so he just throws a brick at his head and then just hides in the corner”

    Hannah ChristmanHannah ChristmanDzień temu
  • Sister squad pls🙏

    Caroline BCaroline B2 dni temu
  • Dad: You have a tail Son: I thought it was a piece of my jeans dad 😂😂😂

    Alia dobreAlia dobre2 dni temu
  • 4:38 you have a tail i ThOuGhT iT wAs A pIeCe Of My 𝒿ℯ𝒶𝓃𝓈 ᴅᴀᴅ

    Simply TutorialsSimply Tutorials2 dni temu
  • Me and my siblings would do something like that and be so embarrassed 😂💀

    Diana CamposDiana Campos2 dni temu
  • OH MY GOD the end of that scene killed me😂😂😂

    Mallerie DavisMallerie Davis2 dni temu
  • how did that man keep a straight face during their audition I would've been wheezing

    jxnny lxjxnny lx2 dni temu
  • *drinks sip of water* grayson in alien voice: I LoVe yOU SoN *spits water all over phone* ethan: BeEP bEEp bOoP BOoP *wheezes*

    Ashlynn ForsythAshlynn Forsyth2 dni temu
  • Hi

    kldorizaskldorizas2 dni temu

    Jamie SmithJamie Smith2 dni temu
  • I am cackling "did they just say gurt on the loud spekaer" 8:50

    sophia brunnersophia brunner3 dni temu
  • Grayson: *says something* “was that legible”

    Christina McInnisChristina McInnis3 dni temu
  • i was about to cry laughing

    Chantel ZieglerChantel Ziegler3 dni temu
  • I died 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Zaynah razaZaynah raza3 dni temu
  • 7:17 You’ve made a mess

    Theresa MitchellTheresa Mitchell3 dni temu
  • My life is a lie that room is just a stage with a neon light

    Rachel PauleyRachel Pauley3 dni temu
    • Rachel Pauley lmao 😂😂

      RanaSaysHeyRanaSaysHey2 dni temu
  • That “I love you son” had me rolling 😂

    Lia PLia P3 dni temu
  • Me as the tester: 😐 Me on the inside: “pls don’t laugh 😂 “

    avery jadeavery jade3 dni temu
  • Another “pro tip”: Always make your partner look good. It’s not great to improvise but it’s worse to sit there in silence if you or your partner forgets something or skips a line.

    Copycat KidCopycat Kid3 dni temu
    • Copycat Kid yeah i always do it when anyone from my scene forgets a part or something

      RanaSaysHeyRanaSaysHey2 dni temu
  • I know how to make myself color blind and transition, back to color

    Jordyn OutletsJordyn Outlets3 dni temu
  • 6:06 ethan looks like wolverine marvel should cast him..

    Monia NaniMonia Nani4 dni temu
  • Ethan would make great wolverine, but with Grays aggression.. I swear ethan would make amazing wolverine but he is too calm nd relaxed

    Monia NaniMonia Nani4 dni temu
  • I COULDNT STOP LAUGHING THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE VIDEO!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love these 2 goofballs!!!🤣🤣❤❤

    Tanya MendozaTanya Mendoza4 dni temu

    yee yee haw yawyee yee haw yaw4 dni temu
  • Lmao

    Clayre OlmosClayre Olmos4 dni temu
  • am I the only one that literally knows the whole script by the end of this.. no, ok..

    lilymotevalilymoteva4 dni temu
  • 😂

    Olivia !!Olivia !!4 dni temu
  • eathan and emma just come out to being together

    Kaila KoinzanKaila Koinzan4 dni temu
  • At 20:51 is when Grayson got rejected

    McKenna SmithMcKenna Smith4 dni temu
  • I LOVE 19:27... Ethan: aesthetic??? Grayson: yeah... *No other explanations* Ethan: OH

    Isabel InmanIsabel Inman4 dni temu
  • Why when Ethan and Grayson were practicing Grayson dead ass did so good he needs an oscer

    Brandon SanchezBrandon Sanchez5 dni temu
  • My three fav beautiful ppl. The world is finally at one😊

    Ryan HughesRyan Hughes5 dni temu

    Emily SarmientoEmily Sarmiento5 dni temu

    Emily SarmientoEmily Sarmiento5 dni temu
  • LEARN HOW TO SING !!!!!!!

    ThegirlmauiThegirlmaui5 dni temu

    Admire AmiraAdmire Amira5 dni temu
  • "It's face to ass"

    ShefoShefo5 dni temu
  • You guys trying horseback riding would be fun :D

    Camilla FosshaugCamilla Fosshaug5 dni temu
  • Holy shit 😂😂 this is fucking hilarious

    Isabella MorenoIsabella Moreno5 dni temu
  • I can't get over their accents. lol. Where are they from? They have a VERY...specific way of speaking.

    tangled55tangled555 dni temu
  • “Woo! I got tears!” 😂

    James LloydJames Lloyd5 dni temu
  • hey#

    aylar senoga vlogsaylar senoga vlogs5 dni temu
  • why are they lowkey good actors

    nienkenienke5 dni temu
  • grayson is going to be one hot dad someday

    B HardyB Hardy5 dni temu
  • I’m watching this at one in the morning and trying not to crack up because I’m the only one awake in my house rn. Meaning from 11:59 - 13:00

    Natalie KalnasNatalie Kalnas5 dni temu
  • 24:41 I started laughing at all the parts they were practicing but this "beep beep boop boop" one got me wheezing and my mom looked at me and was a little concerned a little 😂😂

    Flower FoxyFlower Foxy6 dni temu
  • When it came to the I love you too dad beep beep boop boop I laughed so hard I almost died 😂

    Flower FoxyFlower Foxy6 dni temu
  • you should do like a singing audition video.

    Amaraya KeenanAmaraya Keenan6 dni temu
  • If you’re actually gurt you’re gonna dodge this fuckin brick rn😂

    FxckouiFxckoui6 dni temu
  • Who in the blue hell wrote this friggin’ script. It is absofruitly beautiful.

    TheRawPotatoTheRawPotato6 dni temu
  • you guys should definitely go out of your comfort zones and learn how to sing with Conor Maynard or Madilyn Bailey

    KateElizabethMusicKateElizabethMusic6 dni temu
Attempting A Hollywood Movie Audition!