Alissa Ashley & Jackie Aina VS. Juvia's Place (They Went INNNN!)

Good morning, guuuuuyyyys 🧡
In today’s video, I talk about Alissa Ashley and Jackie Aina putting JUVIA in her PLACE!!!! (I’ll see myself out) No but really, I discuss the tweets from late last night where Jackie and Alissa expose Juvia’s Place and reveal the real reason they won’t be reviewing their “I Am Magic” foundation & concealer.

LET ME KNOW DOWN BELOW IN THE COMMENTS → Do you think that Juvia’s Place will see some serious repercussions from this incident/from posting Jeffree Star’s review? And do you get where Alissa was coming from back in 2016 better now with more context?
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  • I didn’t watch Jeffree’s video cuz I’m not giving him any views, so I didn’t know he bought the foundation himself-but that’s literally NOT the point of any of this lol. Juvia’s Place’s posts about him show that their brand would rather support J* over black influencers and if you missed that point, you did so on purpose.

    The Four23The Four23Miesiąc temu
    • I don't think JS is a racist. People can say things when their mad or upset but frankly I think he's just too comfortable arround blacks. The truth is he talks like 50 y/o black transvestite. So IMHO he's not a racist. I don't buy his products because they are out of my price range...

      L RamirezL Ramirez9 dni temu
    • Adenike Adeyemi Yes, I agree, this was my first and last video. It was too biased, she’s correct, there are other channels to watch.

      FacesbyNikkiCFacesbyNikkiC11 dni temu
    • Maryan Garane where do they lack quality at?

      FacesbyNikkiCFacesbyNikkiC11 dni temu
    • It's so unfortunate that we are still playing into the "skin color" game called "racism" when we are all part of the human race. As humans we make choices that aren't smart a.k.a mistakes from time to time. We have beliefs that are hypocritical like calling holding people's past over there heads even if they have learned from those mistakes and yet say we believe in forgiveness. We claim to support black-owned businesses but are quick to cut off our noses when that black-owned business uses the same tactics of most black people in the entertainment business.... the support and promotion of "whiteness" such as straightened, relaxed or wavy hair that requires some chemical or heat to fix it. I appreciate Juvia's place for providing shades that have yet to be touched by the mainstream cosmetics brands. This is a star in the crowns of black people having a company that cares enough to provide a quality product at an affordable price. And sadly black America will disown or cancel it because a white male decided to do an independent review on their product. That reasoning is even more disturbing. It shows how shallow we've become. On Juvia's Instagram page are many people of all ethnicities reviewing their products. It took the hatred of one white male to turn quite a few Americans against the whole line? Then indoctrinated racism wins again....

      Ele JEle J15 dni temu
  • I won’t be buying

    Angela FinleyAngela Finley5 dni temu
  • I buy products for the quality I could no gaf what’s happened with the drama

    Oh Yeah YeahOh Yeah Yeah5 dni temu
  • I’m glad I watched this video. I was literally in the process of adding to my cart on Juvia’s Place website but I can honestly say I won’t be buying ANY of their products. Sorry but my integrity is more important. If you can’t support the very people who helped you make a name for yourself and your company then you don’t deserve support at all.

    Kay PaigeKay Paige5 dni temu
  • I'm just getting an earful of this news today... I think that silence is the best weapon, period. No response, No comment, no call, no email, no mention, no social media, no exposure(positive or negative), No Anything! This company has received "free" press regardless if it is positive or negative, and now some ppl will purchase their products just bc of the drama, smh. We need to learn to move in silence. I understand the issue and I know about the hard work that is not respected, but this added attention is all they needed to be more noticed, smh.

    Kay Bell 101Kay Bell 1016 dni temu
  • First ....this should have never been handled in public! There are enough strikes against women of color without women of color doing it. To respond and engage in a twitter beef is juvenile and unprofessional on all parties involved. If you didn’t want to review the products because you felt some sort of way, then you should have sat down with each other and hashed it out, whatever the outcome, we should have never, ever seen that type of divide. Period. Do better. Be better!

    Tejay Jackson-McGheeTejay Jackson-McGhee6 dni temu
  • Ok but jackie is a massive bully. She accused petty paige of stealing from her with no proof and sent her minions to harass petty paige. She apologised once on ig but not on youtube, not an official apology and people still attack petty paige. I hope petty paige wins her lawsuit against this hypocrite who supports “rich lives matter” brand too faced. Also she uses the race card every single time and is racist towards white people so idk who is the racist one here, jeffree or her

    PpPp6 dni temu
  • Jeffree bought his own foundation though ..

    Abby PichardoAbby Pichardo8 dni temu
  • Nyma is pronounced “nee-ma” just fyi!! But love the vid!!!

    Rosemarie De La MelenaRosemarie De La Melena9 dni temu
  • I honestly think they prioritize Nikkie because she has more followers and it happens that she's white and she loves the brand since forever. Sometimes we expect too much from black owned bussinesses just 'cause we're black. The change will come when we slowly start to see us as equal even though our complexion is different.

    Yolanda NavarroYolanda Navarro10 dni temu
  • Jeffree star isn’t racist!

    Genevieve MathewsGenevieve Mathews10 dni temu
  • So they think they're entitled... cute

    Hannah KayeeHannah Kayee11 dni temu
  • They were all unprofessional!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Those white companies they work with USE THEM as well! But JP would’ve had to catch these hands 😂

    Dee ScottDee Scott13 dni temu
  • So as a black woman i should not look at white videos on PL-vision right? These things are killing us, going After each other. WE do not know what IS going on behind thé scenes. I will buy her Products.

    jenoD makeupjenoD makeup14 dni temu
  • I agree with Alissa. She was originally, really confused about the miscommunication or lack thereof from Juvia's Place. I am happy that the truth came out. I will not purchase ANY of Juvia's Place products due to principles. So sad since I LOVE to support black-owned businesses.

    NeverStopLearning DrBardNeverStopLearning DrBard14 dni temu
  • I was going to buy from them but I’m good. Fenty I’m on my way bae

    Candice MartinCandice Martin14 dni temu
  • Okay but Jeffery actually bought it if you watched the video .... never was sent PR

    Yvette LouiseYvette Louise14 dni temu
  • Dang I never even tried this brand and won't even think about trying it after this mess.

    Angel J.Angel J.14 dni temu
  • All the tea needed. I was hype about this brand for all of ten minutes! Smh.

    Bianca SilketBianca Silket15 dni temu
  • Please get the facts before making a decision. JS BOUGHT the foundation. They shared his review like they did everyone else! I really think folks are mad because they didnt get a P R package and other BLACK sisters did. Also cancel Too Faced for their ridicule on BLM, FENTY for their Asian mistake w/ the name ( that they fixed) and all the others as well. This is so stupid. The foundation is amazing-Kudos to an African company who made products for us by us. Leave it about the product Petty Betties.

    Queen TalksQueen Talks15 dni temu
  • Vote with your money. Simple. And I'm with Jackee and Alyssa

  • I bought the foundation yesterday at Ulta. I have super dry skin, it is amazing. These influencers are getting out of hand. The entitlement is sickening.

    Lori LeeLori Lee16 dni temu
  • My first time seeing you videos. Just subbed because you know your ish and I want to watch you more now!

    Paige WilliamsPaige Williams16 dni temu
  • Thank you so much for posting this video. I have been wondering for over a year as to why my fav, Auntie Jackie, never reviews Juvias Place products. Now I know!

    Erica Donald-SaleemErica Donald-Saleem16 dni temu
  • I don't support any company that associates Jefferee Star's trash ass. Any black women that support/buy his products need to take a long look in the mirror. Bye, Juvia's Place! 🙄😒

    GemsminiGemsmini16 dni temu
  • I love Juvias makeup and I’m going to keep using it..

    Just RunJust Run17 dni temu
  • Very disappointed with JP! Will not be purchasing anything from them.....Ever!

    PattiesdPattiesd17 dni temu
  • I learned off a friend not gonna lie 😬

    HaleyQuinnHaleyQuinn17 dni temu
  • Whewwww baby..... Chi Chi, girl, the ghetto......

    QueenMaxineQueenMaxine18 dni temu
  • HUMAN NATURE.... I don’t look at this as a ease thing... the picture is much bigger!!

    Christine JiaconnieChristine Jiaconnie18 dni temu
  • So did u speak about jackie not commenting on the owner of TooFaced ridiculing the BLM Movement? She is all about her coins at least jeffree is honest

    C QC Q18 dni temu
    • exactly!

      Queen TalksQueen Talks15 dni temu
  • There’s me thinking dollars were green🧐

    DELDEL18 dni temu
  • JS looks like a literal demon in that photo. How are tweens not scared of him???

    FLdancer00FLdancer0018 dni temu
  • It’s sad these companies who support Jeffree Star support and endorse him because of numbers and his unfortunately big fan base

    Nelix SuluNelix Sulu19 dni temu
  • Whew this is just sad.

    Amber wAmber w19 dni temu
  • juvia's place is lower case for a reason.

    Tamika DobbsTamika Dobbs19 dni temu
  • I'm shocked for the fact that juvia choose to send makeup to a gay racist for reviews. TBH I've never bought juvia's place makeup and after this video I never will. This is just like Shea Moisture trying to cater to white women with that slap in the face commercial a few years back. They've been and will remain cancelled.

    Tamika DobbsTamika Dobbs19 dni temu
    • She never sent him products. He went to Ulta and actually bought them himself.

      Sydnee KiaraSydnee Kiara18 dni temu
  • But why did they get so mad that they didn’t send them products maybe they had a set amount they could send and the bigger dollars where with other people. It’s a business they are suppose to grow not stay static they don’t owe you anything to be honest. But she was rude about it. But it’s also toxic to be like “ I’m the one who got you where you are today so how dare you not give me...”. and it’s just $20 you could buy that yourself.

    Kiara EdwardsKiara Edwards19 dni temu
  • Ok but I still want the makeup. I don’t care about others peoples dramas lol it’s a foundation for $20 fuck the drama lol

    Kiara EdwardsKiara Edwards19 dni temu
  • They didn’t send PR to jeffree.

    Miracletta !Miracletta !19 dni temu
    • In the video he literally.. went to Ulta and brought the products.

      Miracletta !Miracletta !19 dni temu
  • I won't be giving JP my money for sure, never purchased their brand and now i have no intentions of purchasing their brand.

    Chey YChey Y19 dni temu
  • Petty and ridiculous. Keep on tearing down black owned businesses and make sure you stop asking why we can’t have shit.

    Trent Britain JéterTrent Britain Jéter19 dni temu
  • JP is cancelled for me 😕

    Dionne ThompsonDionne Thompson19 dni temu
  • I returned my one and only Juvias place palette. I can’t support a black owned business that does wholeheartedly support its black customers. I can’t stand behind them.

    NaturallyNikkiNaturallyNikki20 dni temu
  • While all this is going on I need some foundation. Businesses continue to take their supporters for granted. I like JP. I just hate to see an AA business go down when other brands charge an arm and a leg for their products.

    Kimberly Knight-NelsonKimberly Knight-Nelson20 dni temu
  • I remember Alissa’s video

    Kris PattersonKris Patterson20 dni temu
  • Chi chi been trash. She dosent give a fuck about black people or proper customer service. There’s no excuse why it should take weeks for paying customers to get their orders. You can’t even get someone by email, phone, snail mail. Nothing.

    DearNurse NicoleDearNurse Nicole20 dni temu
  • I will continue to support the brand as their products are high quality and affordable. If you get caught up in all the social media drama, trash talk and pettiness, one wouldnt purchase from any brand. Hopefully the brand will continue to evolve, grow and improve, phases all brands have to pass through.

    Diana BannisterDiana Bannister20 dni temu
  • No longer a JP customer, I’m riding with Jackie nem

    Faith LongFaith Long20 dni temu
  • Was going to order some stuff, but after seeing this....l'll pass. I don't support any business black or white who supports racists people.

    G GoG Go20 dni temu
  • Ive purchased several of their products in the past and recently purchased their foundation. I'm very disappointed about all of this and will never buy their products again.

    Marilyn BrannonMarilyn Brannon20 dni temu
  • Between this, the Jacklyn Hill lipstick, and the Tati v James Charles beef, I feel like make up influencers are just melting down. WTF is going on?

    brooklynshoebabebrooklynshoebabe20 dni temu
  • Wasn’t JP in hot water years ago? Like I remember the brand being problematic from the get go. Especially when Nikkie started promoting it

    Joyce Chahine - PianistJoyce Chahine - Pianist20 dni temu
  • This is so stupid to me. Personally as a black owned business...the coins are what matter. Whether he is racist or not, what's the issue with a black brand getting recognition and getting to a larger audience? Who cares about her personal back and forth with somebody? If it's a great product it's a great product. You ppl wanna see another black woman fail, then what?

    Erica Ava C.Erica Ava C.20 dni temu
  • Don’t like Jackie at all. Never have.

    kfed2580kfed258020 dni temu
  • Young black girl who needs some more Black female makeup artist to watch: drop their @‘s pls

    Kitty LuvKitty Luv20 dni temu
  • if they're sending you free product, and by "product" i mean some huge fucking display box filled with full-sized tubes of every shade in the line, plus concealers and extra hat/wipes/blow-up ottoman/whatever garbage gets sent as PR gifts that you don't need, won't ever use, and in total is worth about $400, then you're not promoting them for "FREE" and getting like this is not very good promotion for the brand, either.

    JokersSeriousJokersSerious20 dni temu
  • I wish I was more in the loop and saw this sooner. Mad as hell I bought that foundation and gave them my money 😑

    Anti LizzethAnti Lizzeth21 dzień temu
  • I was bout to get the foundation brush and a bunch of other stuff to review on my channel but this video opened my eyes to the truth , I’m unfollowing JP

    IshaMoy WilliamsIshaMoy Williams21 dzień temu
  • They are really trying so hard. They are canceled from my book and my bank account.. NO MORE JP for me. They had to go this low to get a review... and ABSOLUTELY NOT , Alissa was not over reacting. imagine showing support to a brand for so long. But the minute they get a big gig they don't forget about the people that support in the beginning. They will be the first to say "Black Don't Support Black" GTFOH.... Out of all people Jeffree. I can't stand that lizzard looking ass. Ughhh

    Herveline MoncionHerveline Moncion21 dzień temu
  • This is a bummer. As a black consumer, I was actually really interested in trying their foundation. Knowing this now, it is kind of a deterrent. I don't know whether this is just bad business skills or if it is favoritism?

    bkfinest006bkfinest00621 dzień temu
  • Ashley WAS NOT over reacting. If you say she is. You’re reaching!!!! How dare they show love to certain YT but not those that held them down. Yessssss auntie Jackie & YouKey!!! Love them both. I will not be supporting Juvia’s Place ANY more. I did try the foundation and couldn’t find a match. This only helps me get over them. I’m disappointed lol but whatevs.

    AJ GALOREAJ GALORE21 dzień temu
  • This whole video is one sided. It’s clear what side you are on. I’m not a J* fan, but at least he kept his big ass mouth shut in this situation. I love African American influences, but the bigger ones(such as Jackie Aina) are very radical and quick to say ‘hey there isn’t enough shades’ which is okay. But, considering the fact that they wanted free makeup and think that as African American influencers they should stick together, as true as that may be, it does not mean that they are entitled to get PR from an African American owned brand. They could have bought it themselves right? They got money, and seeing as they bought it, their viewers would respect them more. I’m on no ones side, because J* did nothing in this situation but buy makeup, Chi Chi was dragging Jackie around, Jackie got mad because Chi Chi said thanks for reviewing the makeup(even if it wasn’t for free). J* has a racist past, I won’t ignore that, but Jackie is also a bit discriminatory towards others as well as disrespectful towards other African influencers(Petty Paige). They are all wrong, and it’s disappointing that this video didn’t take into account the fact that everyone is at fault.

    Jessi KimJessi Kim21 dzień temu
  • People ( influencers) forget that a brand is not a person. Support WHO you want, that's great But black owned brand is a BRAND. So if you support a product, you support a brand. This misconception from our influencers is confusing for costumers that's why i think JUVIA'S place took the right decision by saying, " COSTUMERS ARE OUR NUMBER ONE INFLUENCERS"

    ricciricci21 dzień temu
  • I had to read Juvia’s place before. I will never purchase for them again.

    S dot BS dot B21 dzień temu
  • Isn't the whole point of "what is wrong with racism" the fact that people make differences based on race? So it is wrong, but now we talk in terms of white-money and black-money, black influencers etc.? I trully mean no hate or harm but it sounds so wrong to me. If i am missing something, let my know.

    Ioana PIoana P21 dzień temu
  • PLUS J* stuck up for beauty bakery when all you fakes hoes forgave huda beauty a pass for stealing HER WHOLE CONCEPT! Then J* tries to confront Huda about it & she blocks him! So take your black influencers turning you on your OWN KIND & live under a rock 🙄

    EmmiElevated -EmmiElevated -21 dzień temu
  • I love how you made this BIAS ass video WITHOUT DOING RESEARCH ! Tf you don’t got to watch J* to know if he got sent PR or not. WHICH HE DIDN’T he purchased their products himself, yanno why??? BECAUSE THEY MADE SHADES FOR LIGHTER COMPLEXIONS AS WELL, & fuck if you’re a makeup guru & there is a popular brand on the rise you ARE GOING TO REVIEW IT. This disgusting ass entitlement attitude of Alissa Ashley is really starting to make me grow a hate for her because whenever she isn’t posted on a page or sent something free (which her boujee ass has enough of $800 braids...) she goes OFFFFF ON TWITTER & has her stans bully & boycott people for NO REASON. Black owned doesn’t mean BLACK ONLY, they didn’t GUSH over his review ANY DIFFERENT anthem any of influencers, it’s the fact he’s white & a black owned brand is praising him pisses y’all off which is pathetic & sad, yes he’s a huge influencer but that’s no ones fault doesn’t mean she sold out tf, hell y’all gonna get mad if JP got hype Mariah Carey shouted out her brand?? Fuck no that’s a ICON. Tf JP can’t grow & get bigger coins, y’all so bitter to just switch up on a company due to ones temper tantrum, what happen to quality, what happen to self thought, y’all some grown ass women saying team Alissa when she being once again petty & immature

    EmmiElevated -EmmiElevated -21 dzień temu
  • I’m so over Alissa Ashley she seems to always go off so unprofessionally on Twitter & she knows she’ll just have an army of viewers to back her even when she contradicts herself. She been said she stopped messing with JP brand, but NOW she stating she doesn’t mess with them because of something RECENTLY. Don’t act like you don’t play as oh ms goody 2 shoes, behind the scenes high influencers like to play small brands because they can’t “afford them”. Like how tf you on some positive shit yet go off like a angry soccer mom on social media ONCE AGAIN then go back to oh ima be positive again. Like how you mad she making her coins, Alissa needs to sit tf down with those damn $800 waste of money Boujee ass braids she be tryna flex. I hate when people get so bitter those are growing around them

    EmmiElevated -EmmiElevated -21 dzień temu
  • I'm just wondering if Thefour23 is a white chick reporting on Urban news🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 #Eloho #Chrissie #ParisMilan

    Rhiannon Xuela MarieRhiannon Xuela Marie21 dzień temu
Alissa Ashley & Jackie Aina VS. Juvia's Place (They Went INNNN!)