How do you usually spend your weekend? You definitely want to relax and read a book that is waiting for you for a long time. In reality, you spend an on of time on cleaning! The problem is that you work a lot and don’t have time for cleaning. Don’t forget to relax on the weekend. We prepared a lot of hacks to speed up your cleaning.
Here are brilliant cleaning ideas you will love:
- The easiest way to remove scratches from the floor is to use the mix of vinegar, lemon and olive oil
- You will love our disinfection idea: mix water, vinegar, and thyme together. Use this liquid to clean the toilet
- Make a perfect air freshener out of vodka and mint. You don’t need to buy it in a store anymore.
- Mix cornstarch, baking soda, whole cloves, bay leaves together. Sprinkle dry powder on your carpet, leave it for two hours, then vacuum it up. This is the cheapest way to clean a carpet
- If you wave a cat at home, you know that pet hair is everywhere and it’s really hard to clean a coach. Use wet disposable glove to get rid of pet hair
- If you need to wash your clothes while you are out for camping - make portable washing machine. Watch out tutorial!
- Clean your microwave with vinegar and water. This is a cheap and easy way
- Clean a grill rack using a kitchen sponge. To ease this process and clean grill rack thoroughly, take a kitchen sponge. Using a paper cutter cut slits in the sponge and create small squares
- Create a DIY nail polish remover. Take a glass jar, cut kitchen sponge in squares and stuff sponge into a jar. Pour a bottle of nail polish remover over the sponge
- Check out how to clean blender just in 30 seconds: pour warm water in the blender (about a half of blender), add dish soap. Turn on the blender for few seconds. Ready!
01:20 Natural air freshener
02:03 How to clean carpet
04:45 DIY Portable washing machine
06:23 Kitchen sponge hacks
12:15 Clean blender in 30 seconds
14:29 Clever way to clean silver

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