We prepared the creative and beautiful makeup tips that will totally make you look fabulous:
- Use a bobby pin or a spoon to line your lips perfectly
- You don’t have to but a moisturizing hair mask, heal your dry hair with whipped cream. Spray the cream straight from the can onto your hair and leave for 20 minutes. After that wash and your hair will be shinier and moisturized. Also, this hack prevents appearing of split ends
- Lack of sleep and stress may lead to a bloated face. Try our perfect mask to solve the problem, you will need pomegranate tea and gelatin. Don’t forget that you should sleep at least 7 hours a day!
- Try our jaw-dropping lifehack how to color fake hair using crepe paper. Pour water into the bowl and add sea salt. Cut the folded crepe paper of the color you like into strips and then soak fake hair in water. After that dry fake hair naturally or use a hair dryer, you going to totally love the result.
- Use activated charcoal to get rid of bad breath. Mix activated charcoal with water and clean your tongue using a toothbrush
- If your lips are pale, use wasabi to naturally plump your lips. Mix wasabi and yogurt together and apply for few minutes
- Watch our tutorial on how to contour your nose using eyeglasses
- Attach magnetic sheet inside your purse to keep bobby pins in order
- Rainbow makeup is super popular now and we have a few inspiring looks we think would be perfect to wear to the party
- If you always wear black mascara, try to make color mascara. Green, blue, pink or even purple! You may choose the best mascara for your eye color and skin tone
- We share a couple of homemade recipes of lip balms. You can make lip balm and lip gloss using crayons, chocolate bard or even candies.
00:51 Perfect makeup for lips
02:31 Pomegranate tea for bloated face
01:42 Fake freckles
07:57 Chupa-Chups lipstick
08:21 Kit Kat lip scrub
10:55 Rainbow makeup
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