2Hype Park Basketball Golf Shooting Challenge!

Went to the Park to play this fun basketball challenge Jiedel played not too long ago, if the guys beat me I'll buy them dinner.
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My Shirt: go.magik.ly/ml/nvl5/
Jesser's Hoodie: go.magik.ly/ml/nvl6/
Zack's Hoodie: go.magik.ly/ml/nvl7/
Mopi's Tee: go.magik.ly/ml/nvla/
Mitchell's Tee: go.magik.ly/ml/nvlc/
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  • Welp Jessie is Jesser’s new name in my videos guys it’s official :)

    Kristopher LondonKristopher London29 dni temu
    • Can you dunk still

      Tommy2Cold GTommy2Cold G23 dni temu
    • Kristopher London isnt his name spelled Jesse?

      iCarryStackziCarryStackz23 dni temu
    • Okie

      Jaden RJaden R28 dni temu
  • Kris has the Westbrook's I've been wanting but there not in my size😥

    kalyb whytekalyb whyte10 dni temu
  • Mopi’s shooting form 💯

    Eoin PotitoEoin Potito12 dni temu
  • Is mopi sure he’s left handed😂

    Damareyon TaylorDamareyon Taylor16 dni temu
  • They tried this nigga Mitchell lmfaooo moochie im weak

    ProcrabProcrab20 dni temu
  • Kris I’m the one in nba live mobile yo!!

    Og. Collin!Og. Collin!22 dni temu
  • Is it just me, or had 2hype’s shooting skills gotten worse.

    Emily HuangEmily Huang22 dni temu
  • Hey kris who’s your favorite dragon ball character

    Parker BallParker Ball22 dni temu
  • why does mop have magic jhonsons 2k jumpshot

    Kevin DonnellyKevin Donnelly23 dni temu
  • H

    Ely BandzEly Bandz23 dni temu
  • K

    Ely BandzEly Bandz23 dni temu
  • Kris can you still dunk

    Tommy2Cold GTommy2Cold G23 dni temu
  • Jesse make a shot😂😂

    Bryan MulkeyBryan Mulkey23 dni temu
  • u guys should make a vid were da 2hype gang helps mopi get a jumpshot......

    Xx MuhammadMian xXXx MuhammadMian xX23 dni temu

    Pamela EcholsPamela Echols23 dni temu
  • zacks hoodie the best indiana>all

    brendan cridgebrendan cridge23 dni temu
  • Who's the leader of 2hype?

    Bryanue ßBryanue ß23 dni temu
  • Audio is off

    CrimZonFNCrimZonFN24 dni temu
  • Lately LSK has grown on me. Anyone else?

    Smok 'n' SocksSmok 'n' Socks24 dni temu

    JJDABJJDAB25 dni temu
  • What shoes is Kris wearing ?

    HazedHazed25 dni temu
  • 0:36 what is he sayin?

    大肚子Maciek大肚子Maciek25 dni temu
  • Giraffe hole in one

    Ivan VasquezIvan Vasquez25 dni temu
  • Giraffe hole in one! Thanks Kristopher 😄

    Jonah LattyJonah Latty25 dni temu
  • Not trying to dis Moochie but his jumpshot is wack. Lol. He pulls away his arm and doesn't follow through

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith26 dni temu
    • Sware get him out of 2ype

      Brelen HairBrelen Hair24 dni temu
  • A daily reminder that duke Dennis and daviss dropped y’all off

    劇場X リミックス (Theaterxremix)劇場X リミックス (Theaterxremix)26 dni temu
  • I can’t be the only one who gets triggered by the way mopi shoots

    Windex Oxi-cleanWindex Oxi-clean26 dni temu
  • Giraffe hole in 1

    Ivan JarviIvan Jarvi26 dni temu
  • Mopi said 19 but it was actually 17

    JPCJPC26 dni temu
  • Giraffe hole in one baby

    Jeremiah BaezJeremiah Baez26 dni temu
  • You should put some light that jesser has in his room and put in your office

    Swag _boy207Swag _boy20726 dni temu
  • Happy birthday Goku Black June 20th today

    fate aSsaSsin239fate aSsaSsin23926 dni temu
  • What the outro music

    Big Baller BurlesonBig Baller Burleson26 dni temu
  • Giraffe hole in 1

    Pedro RuelasPedro Ruelas26 dni temu
  • Hold on I thought kris was a clippers and okc fan. 1:20

    00000000 000000000 026 dni temu
  • why dont yall use an evolution ball ? not real hoopers 🤙🏽

    AbsertingAbserting26 dni temu
  • Why y’all make Mitchell wear that big ol shirt for the sponsor??😂😂

    She Took The Kids rip my boy HR thoShe Took The Kids rip my boy HR tho26 dni temu
  • Giraffe hole in 1

    Aryan RahmanAryan Rahman27 dni temu
  • Why yall dont change the rim

    Mystic KrypticMystic Kryptic27 dni temu
  • Make this Challenge with jass

    Smosh 17Smosh 1727 dni temu
  • Mopi’s form tho 😂

    J a c KJ a c K27 dni temu
  • Dog u gotta change ur intro

    Carter PattersonCarter Patterson27 dni temu
  • Giraffe hole in one

    IntamateXIntamateX27 dni temu
  • Chris are you wearing the new Westbrook’s

    QsLz GH0STQsLz GH0ST27 dni temu
  • can yall just teach mopi how to shoot already

    Declan MacDonaldDeclan MacDonald27 dni temu
  • the colors aren't even bad he just didn't color grade or doesn't know how to color grade.

    Garrett YntemaGarrett Yntema27 dni temu
  • Kris can you please reply bc that’s my wish to talk to you

    Christian FariaChristian Faria28 dni temu
  • Where’s TD

    Paul SchildPaul Schild28 dni temu
  • Get Jonathan Clark to the 2 hype house

    xGuccixGucci28 dni temu
  • Why did all of them make the last one in three try’s

    Brice WilliamsBrice Williams28 dni temu
  • One camera is mad saturated and the other one is mad unsaturated

    Hugh O'BrienHugh O'Brien28 dni temu
  • This

    ZayGamer21ZayGamer2128 dni temu
  • Camera is cheeks

    Retro CheneyRetro Cheney28 dni temu
  • hi

    Caden CasenCaden Casen28 dni temu
  • Mopolopolis is a god

    ZozolocoZozoloco28 dni temu
  • Crazy how all of y’all wearing lakers gear where was this when lebron was on the cavs 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

    GetbucketscjGetbucketscj28 dni temu
    • Lol

      ZayGamer21ZayGamer2128 dni temu
  • Comment who’s the best in 2hype

    VelyManiaVelyMania28 dni temu
  • Who else wants mopi to win?

    VelyManiaVelyMania28 dni temu
  • The end shot when Kris had 7 and Jesser had 16 my dumbass thought that Jesser could still win😂

    Noah SarnoffNoah Sarnoff28 dni temu
  • I follow you on Insta

    Brody BelfordBrody Belford28 dni temu
  • He said “kawhi cone”😂

    Drew BelcherDrew Belcher28 dni temu
  • 8:34 Zach should be at 15

    Peyton IAmPeyton IAm28 dni temu
  • Snake

    Lil Cheese itLil Cheese it28 dni temu
  • Anyone else notice the small sound didference

    JordanPlayz !JordanPlayz !28 dni temu
  • Is mitchel apart of 2hype now

    Khaotic hurstKhaotic hurst28 dni temu
  • Giraffe hole in 1

    lolas llolas l28 dni temu
  • Jesser had a bad day

    eZaF_ RB34PatrioteZaF_ RB34Patriot28 dni temu
  • I love you

    Justice SchultheisJustice Schultheis28 dni temu
  • He spelled Jesse’s name wrong

    FortniteGod_ Alkadi23FortniteGod_ Alkadi2328 dni temu
  • Why aren’t you using the knew court ?

    Alejandro EstradaAlejandro Estrada28 dni temu
2Hype Park Basketball Golf Shooting Challenge!