You can spend time with your family in a very unexpected way - creating jewelry together! You will learn how to make earrings, pendants, and bracelets. You can create a whole collection or gifts for your friends. Our easy tutorials will help you to open a whole new world of jewelry making. Designing your own jewelry is a real fun!
Let’s start from earrings, you can make simple and cool summer earrings using paper clip and macramé. Check out more macrame ideas! You can grow crystals at home. Sounds incredible? Use a couple of basic chemicals and some patience to grow your own crystals. Then turn them into pendants or different kinds of jewelry.
Every woman has her own personal style, that’s why sometimes it’s really hard to find a bracelet that meets your taste. We share a lot tutorial on how to make different kinds of bracelets, no matter if you are casual or classy. Want to add a little sparkle to your everyday ensemble? Make a cool bracelet from elegant ribbon and beads. Use beads and safety pins to create a colorful bracelet for beach parties. Knotted bracelets look cool especially if you love boho style. You won’t believe that you will need to spend only 5 minutes to make these bracelets.
After creating a collection of jewelry, you will need to create a space saving storage. Follow our tutorial and make awesome jewelry organizer using old towels. Cut your old towel, roll the pieces and place rolls in a small box. Also, you can make wooden jewelry hanger. Drill holes on the underside of the hanger and insert the hooks. This is a perfect idea to store necklaces untangled.
00:15 Mood pendant
01:28 Cool party earrings
02:01 How to grow crystals at home
02:42 Cool bracelets
10:37 Jewelry storage idea

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