Check out a ton of creative and easy drawing techniques everybody could learn. You can spend evenings with your family creating cool patterns, drawing cute animals and even learning spirograph art that is a surprising way to relax and even to meditate. Remember that drawing helps you to relax after a hard working day or you can even draw at your workplace to reduce stress level. You will love to draw animals after watching the video as we do it in incredible ways that will impress everybody around you!
Today you are going to learn the basic principles of calligraphy and easy tutorials that everybody could repeat. Calligraphy is a beautiful kind of art that requires some supplies. But we share a quick hack that will help you to create beautiful letters only using 2 markers and a pencil. Watch the full tutorial in our video and share the results with us.
Check out a creative way to draw animals from letters. This is the easiest way to draw cute animals and entertain your kids and friends. Moreover, this is an effective way to involve your child in learning Alphabet. It’s is a really cool way to spend time with your child and this method is not difficult at all. Have fun!
One more easy drawing technique is to draw animals and other things using coins. This is the easiest way to start drawing if you are a beginner. You will find step by step tutorial. Use coins to draw circles and continue creating. You will learn how to draw a dinosaur, Peppa Pig, penguins and even a bicycle. This is a perfect way to express your creativity.
00:09 Calligraphy trick
00:37 Draw animals from letters
01:38 Doodle art
03:40 Use coin to draw a dinosaur
15:01 Spirograph art

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