Spend your evening with family and create cool gadgets and toys together. Needless to repeat that all these crafts will cost you a penny and require only basic craft skills. Most of the supplies you may already have at home or can buy in the nearest store. Be crafty and create awesome things you will totally love
Every girl loves to play with Barbie as it is the best doll ever! Do you spend hours to decorate the dollhouse? We are ready to help you to create a fairy world for your Queen. Watch this video up to the end and see how to make a cool swimming pool for your dolls. You will need 1 big plastic box, 1 small and sand. Put small box inside the large one and cover the rest surface with sand. Pour water into a small box and add blue food coloring. Ready! Also, watch our tutorial and create cool pool furniture!
Check out a ton of ideas on how to make beauty accessories, home decoration, and clothes for Barbie. Create a collection of swimsuits for your Barbie. This easy craft will take just a few minutes, you will need a balloon and scissors. Watch full tutorial and get ready for the beach party with your doll. No need to buy or sew a new ball dress, you can create a perfect dress using play-do. Turn an old sock into a dress. If you need new shoes for your doll, use a hot glue gun to create brand new heels! Make your Barbie doll the queen of the runway!
Reuse old toys that you wanted to throw away and create a soap with a plastic dinosaur inside or decorate jar lids. Moreover, you can reuse old plastic toys as cute jewelry, clothes hooks and more!
00:17 Jewelry made from old toys
04:56 DIY Dragon egg
05:26 Soap with a dinosaur inside
10:59 DIY Barbie swimsuit
12:53 Play-doh Barbie dress
20:41 Pool party for your Barbie

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