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  • 10:28 This mf said “turn up time” and did... idk wtf he did... then bricked tf out the shot. These two are so equally asscheeks that it was a close game😂😂😂

    alex barnettalex barnett3 godzin temu
  • U could tell before this game lost was tired and played before Bc he was sweating u don’t look tired at all u probs got there warmed up and not tired when he was tired Bc he played before so that’s the only reason why u won bc there were times lost was slow when getting a rebound

    Braneon RisuenoBraneon Risueno9 godzin temu
  • That nigga bouncing the ball mad hard

    Nick DoodnauthNick Doodnauth19 godzin temu
  • Flight is so trash lost isn't even trying that hard😂😂😂

    Kxrt GxrciaKxrt GxrciaDzień temu
  • Worst 1v1🤣 I'll beat both of youse the ads were more interesting than the actual video

    Kxrt GxrciaKxrt GxrciaDzień temu
  • Lnu is like the white version of flight

    GoatifiedKevGoatifiedKevDzień temu
  • still lost to zack on the same day

    Marquise CozierMarquise CozierDzień temu
  • most boring 1v1 i ever seen, probably cuz they miss everything

    Jean EstrellaJean Estrella2 dni temu
  • I think in getting worse just watching this video

    Tylan LindsayTylan Lindsay2 dni temu
  • I can beat u

    rin juniorrin junior2 dni temu
  • Ur doodooo

    rin juniorrin junior2 dni temu
  • Can u please stop making bball videos u suck

    rin juniorrin junior2 dni temu
  • Flight just cheated another player, because before he had 3 and then all of a sudden he has 5, yeah ok, he is soo bad

    xDeplaxDepla2 dni temu
  • It’s almost like Flight tries too hard to be trash...

    etmonster45etmonster453 dni temu
  • No cap flight got a little better👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Kanell SaultersKanell Saulters3 dni temu
  • Foh they both lost.

    Chris VasquezChris Vasquez3 dni temu
  • Looks like they playing in the mirror

    Dee DeeDee Dee3 dni temu
  • He said he mad his jump shot off. Ain’t tht shit off everyday😂😂

    SayGo 2kSayGo 2k3 dni temu
  • You miss 100% of the shots you dnt take. In their case they miss 100% of the shots they take

    SayGo 2kSayGo 2k3 dni temu
  • I mean it’s a fair game

    Tango TypicalVidsTango TypicalVids3 dni temu
  • Both y’all niggas fuckin ass bruh

    just giojust gio4 dni temu
  • You both suck

    Daniel ArellanoDaniel Arellano4 dni temu
  • 6:43 he tried it 🤣🤣🤣 but fr flight needs to quit playing basketball like if u agree

    David StuartDavid Stuart4 dni temu
  • Why does flight dribble with his head down and why does Lost use only his dominant hand to dribble.

    ツDrowsyツDrowsy4 dni temu
  • Flight wait till u play real basketball youtubers then you’d get killed bro 😂😂😂

    Chris OliveriChris Oliveri4 dni temu
  • “I’m gonna use all my stamina to attack the paint d rose style” Not even 2 seconds after flight pulls up for 3

    Jimmy KimJimmy Kim4 dni temu
  • No cap flight is kinda tuff at basketball

    wes dogg13wes dogg135 dni temu
  • this was the most painful 1 on 1 i’ve ever seen

    supremenicsupremenic5 dni temu
  • You said 9-5 when LNU made that last 3 and didn’t score again until u made the lay up and you said u won 11-5 smh🤦🏽‍♂️

    Eduardo JimenezEduardo Jimenez5 dni temu
  • This game legit hurt to watch

    Logan WoodLogan Wood6 dni temu
  • I wont lie Flight is absolute shit but hes getting better ik that lnu is ass I see see flight getting better he just needs to stop pulling up from soo far when he doesn't have to cmon u saw how cheese did u

    Bmw9 YTBmw9 YT6 dni temu
  • O brother these guys stinks

    big chungas fungasbig chungas fungas6 dni temu
  • Man I’m 2:23 an if flight win this still an L for him lol. Like how are you so bad g 😂

    Omb_jaoOmb_jao6 dni temu
  • Let me correct myself “Did flight just miss wide open LAYUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dolores VazquezDolores Vazquez6 dni temu
  • Stop playing BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dolores VazquezDolores Vazquez6 dni temu
  • Is it just me or did flight just mist a wide open layup

    Dolores VazquezDolores Vazquez6 dni temu
  • This is just sad 😞

    Dolores VazquezDolores Vazquez6 dni temu
  • LNU is trash

    Eduardo GonzalezEduardo Gonzalez7 dni temu

    Daego VontelDaego Vontel8 dni temu
  • You boys is buns! 😂

    Camron WashingtonCamron Washington8 dni temu
  • Y’all are both ass asf

    Cheo AriasCheo Arias8 dni temu
  • LNU was way better back in the day

    GOTEE GGOTEE G8 dni temu
  • 😂😂😂😂 he a human trash 🗑

    Austin HawkinsAustin Hawkins9 dni temu
  • 2:31 you can see zack getting shots up from 2hype

    Official_ XIOfficial_ XI9 dni temu
  • At this point bruh you need to cut that shit out mane..It’s like you’re playing yourself in a mirror..🗑🗑🗑🚮🚮🚮

    Eric TurnerEric Turner9 dni temu
  • I will bake u flight come to dmv

    wavy alza the gamerwavy alza the gamer10 dni temu
  • Bruh he skipped a point he went from 9 to 11 with a layup!!!!!!

    Bob the GoatBob the Goat10 dni temu
  • This is literally 2 pure Slashers on da same court.

    PureHorse BitchPureHorse Bitch10 dni temu

    TooChill ColbyTooChill Colby10 dni temu
  • 10:54 who flight thought he was 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 hell nah😂😂😭 my guy thought he was Kyrie 😂

    Emperor EVEEmperor EVE11 dni temu
  • Flight ur not good it’s just lnu is garbage

    Jonathan TranJonathan Tran11 dni temu
  • Every time I see this nigga play ball, it just seems so fkn disrespectful I swear to god. I literally cringe on how bad these two are right now.

    KaG DeltaKaG Delta11 dni temu
  • Your trash flight 1v1 me

    TyGoHardTyGoHard11 dni temu
  • This is one of the worst 1v1s I have ever seen lol

    Jay2kJay2k11 dni temu
  • How you get worse over the years

    flights sclapflights sclap12 dni temu
  • Flight shoots and immediately runs for the ball cause he knows its a brick LOL😄

    Charles JohnsonCharles Johnson12 dni temu
  • Any of you guys feel like flight might really be the goat. Might be just me. 😂😂😂

    Lil Baby AshLil Baby Ash12 dni temu
  • how are yall this trash

    Trey PruittTrey Pruitt12 dni temu
  • If I was flightreacts I would start playing tennis or golf or anything but basketball

    Drw4thacrew 1Drw4thacrew 112 dni temu
  • Can you please just get a trainer for basketball? I hate seeing ya ass get dropped off by every youtuber... fuckkkk it’s sad. It really comes to a point when i see a PL-vision title “me(any youtuber) vs flight 1v1 basketball” I know you gonna lose. I just want these videos to be interesting, you getting dropped off every time is not . ( get better) (higher basketball trainer!!!!)

    IC NYCIC NYC12 dni temu
  • For every air ball there was I lost a brain cell

    Vinny PVinny P12 dni temu
  • God damn y’all niggas suck😂 Imma football player and I bet I’d win in a 2v1

    Dale GilbertDale Gilbert12 dni temu
  • This Nigga Wins 1 time and hes the best hes fucking Ass he lost to him first LNU is better 🤦🏽‍♂️ Flight is the only black guy who Cant shoot dribble Nor jump Hes Terrible stick to smoking Dick U Trash bitch nigga

    SneakerKiiDJSneakerKiiDJ12 dni temu
  • So yall hooping hooping

    Hxncho 2kHxncho 2k12 dni temu
  • Aye yo utube developers, if you watching this, make a setting were I can turn off all irl basketball notifications from flightreacts. Much appreciated. Who else agree

    Darion KnoxDarion Knox13 dni temu
  • Anything to get a dub🤦🏽‍♂️

    Tdog gameingTdog gameing13 dni temu
  • Looking back on this why yall still be hating on him when he win. Y’all subscribe to him jus to be on his dick 25/8

    Davie MooreDavie Moore13 dni temu
  • 3 of the grossest things in the world: zit popping, flight's handles and lostnunbound's handles

    ItsJebItsJeb13 dni temu
  • Bro I can beat u both in a 2v1with literally closed eyes and I'm 12 yr u guys truly suck find another sport (sr for being toxic)

    Theo AthanasTheo Athanas13 dni temu
  • U garbage flight I want all smoke in one game of basketball and u ain’t scoring not one time

    J2 TvJ2 Tv13 dni temu