“Y’All Way Too Hard” on Paula Deen - Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan remembers when his aunt stole his Game Boy and explains why people shouldn’t be surprised that Paula Deen said the N-word. (Contains strong language.)
Original airdate: April 20, 2014
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    Matthew SavoyMatthew Savoy6 godzin temu
  • Tracy Morgan looking like a pair of Jordan 1 High PHANTOM'S 😂👟

    Mosh Media Inc.Mosh Media Inc.9 godzin temu
  • U were funniest on Martin. Stand up is average

    CPM MusicCPM MusicDzień temu
  • Whole tour for 225 dollars 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    imserious2187imserious2187Dzień temu
  • can,t stand this guy!!!!!

    1blessedbrotha1blessedbrothaDzień temu
  • He is not funny at all maybe white people funny but this didn't make me laugh at all

    StaxxLyfe HundoStaxxLyfe HundoDzień temu
    • @Anthony Ricci ima flame yo Ricky Martin lookin ass boi 😂😁

      StaxxLyfe HundoStaxxLyfe Hundo2 godzin temu
    • @Anthony Ricci is that your boy friend ?😂😂 stop ridein his dick you don't know him Bra

      StaxxLyfe HundoStaxxLyfe Hundo2 godzin temu
    • Is that your boy friend guy ?

      StaxxLyfe HundoStaxxLyfe Hundo2 godzin temu
    • @Anthony Ricci your face is funny 😁😂

      StaxxLyfe HundoStaxxLyfe Hundo2 godzin temu
    • He funny in some movies but his stand up suck

      StaxxLyfe HundoStaxxLyfe Hundo2 godzin temu
  • PrincessXDevonnyPrincessXDevonny3 dni temu
  • We love you Tracy! Just wanna be sure you know that.🤣👏

    Michael SimmonsMichael Simmons7 dni temu
  • Tracy reminds me of a modern day Flip Wilson.

    Mt. Theodore AlanMt. Theodore Alan8 dni temu
  • Substitute the word “darkie” sometimes LMAO

    Lake EndLake End10 dni temu
  • Funny!!!

    Poodle DaddlesPoodle Daddles10 dni temu
  • "She gon' ask me to bust a chiffarobe next?" XD

    King KagleKing Kagle10 dni temu
  • Wtf has he got on?

    Brenda TaylorBrenda Taylor12 dni temu
  • Hes not even funny,,hes a punk niger who thinks hes intitled, just like the rest of them

    Dave lykamDave lykam13 dni temu
    • @Matthew Savoy thats because blacks forget it was a white man that set your black ass free,,and dont forget it

      Dave lykamDave lykam6 godzin temu

      Matthew SavoyMatthew Savoy6 godzin temu
  • Credit for coleslaw and that's it classic!!!!!!

    Jon AlarconJon Alarcon13 dni temu
  • Tracy is going to spend doomsday in his Bugatti...

    ffjsbffjsb13 dni temu
  • I don't be caring!....

    RandomNestRandomNest14 dni temu
  • Came here after hearing he had his new Bugatti in a minor accident 2 minutes after purchasing it. Dude funny as fuck.

  • Paula Deen is a southern racist old Cunt

    Will O'NeilWill O'Neil14 dni temu
  • Would love to see TraMorgan T P Chapelle CTE Harvey G O and so many more put it together for some skreems

    Ande BjrAnde Bjr15 dni temu
  • Man I’m dead

    Nehemiah MooreNehemiah Moore15 dni temu
  • Classic stand up

    arabion knightsarabion knights16 dni temu
  • This bit is 20 years old

    Lee HaynesworthLee Haynesworth16 dni temu
  • 😂😂😂😂

    tHEe KENny GtHEe KENny G16 dni temu
  • Tracy is still @it. 😂 Glad to see ya doing well.

    Southern SassSouthern Sass16 dni temu
  • Im mexican american, We called eachother nigga all the time, it took us sometime to get it out of our system . Now we need Nigga free !

    intersting chatterintersting chatter16 dni temu
  • he is so funny

    Gary HarrisGary Harris16 dni temu
  • YOU a real RACE TRADER

  • This is my first time watching him he is good much love for you Tracy Morgan ❤

    Carmelita StiversCarmelita Stivers17 dni temu
  • Alla Dat...love his New York accent

    MaThuliza GobaMaThuliza Goba17 dni temu
    • He was from Philadelphia

      Jaime MuleroJaime Mulero13 dni temu
  • F**k paula for real😔

    T WilliamsT Williams18 dni temu
  • "Gayle King got one!!". I hollard.

    Wally Smith IIWally Smith II18 dni temu
  • Coolio said he'll do the whole tour for $225 💀💀💀lol Tracey I love you

    Lady LionessLady Lioness18 dni temu
  • Square White people, Dont get it twisted, crackheads sell crack. If you sell and don't use, the judgement is worse. Tracy perpetrating to the squares.

    Mickey JaymzMickey Jaymz18 dni temu
  • Coolio said he'll do the whole tour fuh 225$

    CliffHuxtableSweaterCliffHuxtableSweater19 dni temu
  • the day before 🤣

    Santa CollinsSanta Collins19 dni temu
  • He's on point about that SPAM Key tho! 😂🤣

    Anthony West JrAnthony West Jr19 dni temu

    omar grissomomar grissom19 dni temu
  • 2019..😂

    Santa CollinsSanta Collins19 dni temu
  • O.G. is in the house....he's come a long way. Glad he's going strong

    Viki DemosViki Demos19 dni temu
  • hes funny i liked his zoo keeper gig! 👍

    jão Mariajão Maria19 dni temu
  • That was fucking great! 😄👍

    Flying Lap ProductionsFlying Lap Productions19 dni temu
  • Paule Deen was my favorite show on Food Network! I haven't really watched it since

    radio girlradio girl19 dni temu
    • Waaaaay done with Paula Deen. I can get her recipes from any soul food book and they’ll be better because we all know where southern cooking started; FROM SOUL FOOD, and we know who cooks soul food!!!!!

      Teresa MackTeresa Mack18 dni temu
  • Nigga free patch 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Ebony WhiteEbony White20 dni temu
  • Tracy still got it !!!!

    Daimon Mario PerezDaimon Mario Perez20 dni temu
  • Dam Tre is still funny asf yo😂😂😂😂😂😂. I luv him to pieces

    Michelle FergusonMichelle Ferguson21 dzień temu
  • *You just can't wake up and be nigga free!! You have to wean off that word!! lol*

    Mo Black MoneyMo Black Money21 dzień temu
  • You are the best Hands down

    Frank RodriguezFrank Rodriguez21 dzień temu
  • Lovely E. Hilarious. I remember seeing Tracy so many times on burnside ave.

    Elene BarnhillElene Barnhill21 dzień temu
  • This dude ain't never been funny. Its just shows how desperate people are to settle for crumbs

    Law suxLaw sux21 dzień temu
  • I got my spam key

    Stacy LargeStacy Large22 dni temu
  • Why Tracy stealing Kat's joke? Kat did that joke in "Let a Playa Play" stand up. What a shame. Smh

    Do The MostDo The Most23 dni temu
    • @jtheobbles86 Not even a truth.

      Do The MostDo The MostDzień temu
    • Do The Most you ever thought he wrote for kat

      jtheobbles86jtheobbles86Dzień temu
  • This guy is NOT FUNNY!

    Sam CoyoteSam Coyote23 dni temu
  • Tracy still got it. #BringTheFunny

    Teddy SwaggerTeddy Swagger25 dni temu
  • pl-vision.com/detail/wideo-H88CnTL9qP4.html

  • Better save that SPAM key!!!

    Chauncey JuliusChauncey Julius25 dni temu
  • You don’t just wake up nigga free! You gotta ween yourself off dat!!!

    Marlon Hurd The ValuenaireMarlon Hurd The Valuenaire25 dni temu
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Robin GardnerRobin Gardner25 dni temu
  • Spam key,a toothbrush and a plastic spoon. Oh wait,that was another place.

    Kenneth HeddenKenneth Hedden25 dni temu
  • He stole the Paula Deen get from Lavell Crawford! This is not going to go over well! Literally stole Lavell Crawford bit

    Richard harrisRichard harris26 dni temu
    • Richard harris he did it first in the movie “death at a funeral “

      Corey PurvisCorey Purvis20 dni temu
  • He hit the whole Paula Deen situation right on the head ! Why the fuck I'm gonna get mad at her considering her background, AND some shit from years ago ?

    Da WolfDa Wolf26 dni temu
  • Ah, the Stedman joke landed for me, but only after I looked him up. So he is, as Morgan notes, the "spiritual union" partner of Oprah (one wonders if that's a prenup thing), most noted for a self-help book series always beginning with the title "How to Make It Happen" and then various subheadings, like "A Nine Step Plan for Success." What he should write, of course, is the book "How to Make It Happen: Marrying a Rich Woman So You Can Kick Back." I'd buy that.

    Karl StriepeKarl Striepe26 dni temu
  • SPAM KEY😂😂😂

    Just SuzieJust Suzie26 dni temu
  • We have to Stop cutting one another down black people. That's why we are always behind the 8 BALL on the pool table. Until the MOST HIGH return to take us home so many of our people have devalued themselves for FAME.

    Soul 4RealSoul 4Real26 dni temu
  • Black Humor

    H WH W26 dni temu
  • Me too..they used to call me a Crack Dealer with a Conscious

    Silver Gorilla Apparel Media MusicSilver Gorilla Apparel Media Music27 dni temu
  • Can’t go wrong with a Paula Deen recipe. For real tho 😏

    JenjeJenje27 dni temu
  • It's funny but its not...

    SuperQdaddySuperQdaddy27 dni temu
  • He ripped off LEVELL CRAWFORD with that Paula dean joke

    Benny StanleyBenny Stanley27 dni temu
  • Same 😂😂😂 got a bike with the basket and the streamers and the horn. Then they stole it back to get high 😣

    ButtahscotchKissesButtahscotchKisses28 dni temu
  • I Love Tracy Morgan...but his mannerisms....are like a Gay man in stand up...😆🤣 LOL " where u get 200 pennies from?" Shaking his head...🤗😊

    Fran C.Fran C.28 dni temu
  • I adore Tracy Morgan he's fucking hilarious but I'm a lil disappointed his bitch is a half mixed breed

    Ether JonesEther Jones28 dni temu
  • Coolio hustlin 😂😂😂

    waddup 1274waddup 127428 dni temu
  • Had to watch this twice in a row - so funny

    K. BurtK. Burt29 dni temu
  • It blows my mind that people would take issue with the stand your ground law. Only reason to object is if you're siding with the aggressor.

    Shawn SissonShawn Sisson29 dni temu
  • Comics need to learn from this man. Genius.

    Jason CuellarJason Cuellar29 dni temu
  • Black white blah blah blah thumbs down

    Dustin TacohandsDustin Tacohands29 dni temu
  • What is a shifferrobe anyway?

    anders daminanders damin29 dni temu
  • doo doo pamper

    sugarkangsugarkang29 dni temu
  • This material is beyond weak. Oprah bit got me though.

    Marshall StricklandMarshall Strickland29 dni temu
  • Perfection

    Michael ScottMichael Scott29 dni temu
  • Well I'm a chef and yeah.....

    El AlacránEl Alacrán29 dni temu
  • Paula Deen joke starts at 2:30

    Jason JosephJason Joseph29 dni temu
  • When is the funny part? Ok I guess there aren't any.

    acr500rideracr500rider29 dni temu
  • Back when I was using I wish I would’ve known Tracy as a dealer lmao Sober life!!!!!!!!!! One day at a time

    shaolin1200shaolin120029 dni temu
    • None Ya- business Thanks!

      shaolin1200shaolin120023 dni temu
    • congratulations on your sobriety! I'm so proud of you!! keep it up

      None Ya- businessNone Ya- business23 dni temu
  • you are a fucking saint!

    Bumble WeaverBumble Weaver29 dni temu
  • Lmao

    Always TrustAlways Trust29 dni temu
  • used to be funny

    cliff luebkecliff luebke29 dni temu
  • Your so funny cute!

    Lolly AlwazxmasLolly Alwazxmas29 dni temu
  • Someone tell Tracy that 200 Pennies is not $3.00

    cer spencecer spence29 dni temu
    • Listen again

      Paul TylerPaul Tyler19 dni temu
  • 😂😂😂The way she cook she can call me nigga any day

    bloxxhitz bhbloxxhitz bh29 dni temu
  • Jubiliiiiiiii!!! Shout out TO the original colonel LOL

    Sheri RobinsonSheri Robinson29 dni temu
  • That spam key universal lmao I'm dead

    Mal wdMal wd29 dni temu
  • LMBO!!

    planopadams1planopadams1Miesiąc temu
  • When’s he going to say something funny this garbage is weak

    Jeffrose662000Jeffrose662000Miesiąc temu
  • He seems angry.

    Corner Garage ProductionsCorner Garage ProductionsMiesiąc temu
  • 3:57 I see you doboy 🤣

    NIc KNIc KMiesiąc temu
  • "Doomsday come, you gonna be up shit's creek without a spam key" Me: deceased

    Javier DomJavier DomMiesiąc temu
  • “Coolio would do the whole tour for $225” 😂 😆 daaaaaaamn!

    Zoe ChapinZoe ChapinMiesiąc temu
  • Houston Artist check me out im very talented 🤘🏾💧

    King KashtonKing KashtonMiesiąc temu
“Y’All Way Too Hard” on Paula Deen - Tracy Morgan